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Infratemporal Fossa


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secretion via the parotid gland is controlled by what?
parasympathetic innervation from the glossopharyngeal N
auriculotemporal N
carries post-synaptic, parasympathetic fibers to the parotid gland for secretomotor innervation
chart the nerve path between the glossopharyngeal in the skull and the auriculotemporal N to the parotid gland?
(1) glossopharygeal N exits the skull via the jugular foramen

(2) gives rise to a small tympanic branch that gives rise to the lesser petrosal N

(3) the lesser petrosal N passes through the hiatus of the lesser petrosal and synapses in the otic ganglion

(4) the post-ganglionic fibers form the auriculotemporal N which provides post-gangionic parasympathetic innervation of the parotid
what cushions the articulation between the condylar process and the mandibular fossa?
articular disc
articular tubercle
critical for wide opening of the jaw
what 4 structures stabilize the TMJ?
fibrous joint capsule
temporal mandibular L (lateral L)
stylomandibular L
sphenomandibular L
temporomandibular L
provides lateral strength to the TMJ
sphenomandibular L
attaches at the spine of the sphenoid bone and extends to the lingula on the medial aspect of the mandible; serves as a "swinging hinge" for the mandible
stylomandibular L
a thickening of the fibrous capsule of the parotid gland and does not significantly add to the strength of the joint
dislocation of the TMJ
head of the condylar process passes anteriorly beyond the articular tubercle
what is the mnemonic for the muscles of mastication?
"these muscles love mastication"
muscles of mastication
temporalis M, masseter M, lateral pterygoid M, medial pterygoid M
what are the two terminal branches of the external carotid A?
maxillary A & the superficial temporal A
otic ganglion
presynaptic parasympathetic fibers from the Glossopharyngeal N synapse here and then become the auriculotemporal N (postsynpaptic parasymp) that causes secretions of the parotid gland
what goes through the loop of nerve that is the formation of the auriculotemporal N?
middle meningeal A (which enters the skull through the foramen spinosum and innervates the dura of the brain)
what type / location of innervation does the lingual N supply to the tongue?
sensory to anterior 2/3rds
what are the 4 large visible branches of the mandibular division of the trigeminal N (V3)?
most anterior: buccal N
across medial pterygoid M: lingual N
inferior alveolar

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