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How do we measure ethnic demographics?
A Census
Political knowledge
indiv knowledge of issues and politics
how the world aught to be
Greek net gain
look to human nature for relationships between indivual and state
wanted more human rights
petition that the people can create that goes directly on the ballot in the states that has to go through congress
Civil disobedience
break the laws to bring social political change
gov involvement in everything
Bible belt
strip of land that is known for moralistic, religion-conservatism
Texas 3 waves
1 party state. Intolerance of diversity. Business dominance
Mayflower compact
created laws/constitution. 1st time the king didn’t matter
Henry gates issue
“broke into”his own home, prolice officer used racial profiling and arrested him
Public goods
something you need (ex roads, water)
having no ruler. Absence of ruler. No gov.
how the world is. Looks at what we have
negative vie on life said gov wants and should have power and that people live a short and nasty life
more economic and less social
Equality of opporturnities
everyone has the same opp. To get the same thing
gov should be active in promoting the common good
Social contract
contract w the gov, if the gov doesn’t hold up their end of the deal, then the ppl have the right to rebel
Magna carta 1215
1st attempt to limit kings power
Joseph schumpter
as new things come about, old things are out (cotton>oil>technology)
Political science
figure out how ppl react due to their identity
few ppl rule in the own interest
Political efficacy
idea that ppl can influence gov
Classical liberalism
locke said: indiv. Have worth and dignity
petition that the people can create that can go directly on a ballot in the states without
gov should be run by the elite and preserve existing ideas
Ultility maximization
get the most for less
Articles of confederation
doesn’t provide for exec judiciary. Makes congressional power under a of c difficult
Unit of analysis
examinies political behavior
rule by the ppl for the common good
Rwanda 1994
political violence. Lasted 100 days. 500,000 dead due to their ethnic identity
thought elite should rule (aristocracy) rule for the betterment of the ppl
the people rule
Representative dem
US has this kind of democracy
more social and less economic
Social capital
social networking, less personal today because of technology
limit gov role
Annapolis convention
in Philadelphia to amend the ariticles of confederation
Bowling alone
we don’t got out to meet people-we stay with the same people
Shay’s rebellion
daniel shay. Economy was a mess and shay’s farm was going to be taken away if he didn’t pa
Equality of outcomes
regardless of how much effort you put in everyone has the same outcomes
no gov involvement
African American immigration
forced to come to the US and Asians & Spanish came over freely
Bell curve
debating intelligence among the races level of intelliegence per race
Samuel Huntington
the Spanish were not assimulating to the American society
Michael savage
white males created everything in the world and says theya re the best. Creates racial and international issues
White Americans
now becoming a minority in all major regiaons of Texas
What is government
institution to provide laws⬦
federalists-too much state power
What is government?
Formal institutions through which a land and its people are ruled
What is the difference between an autocracy and an oligarchy?
Autocracy rule is by a single individual ( king/queen/dictator) while an oligarchy is ruled by a small group ( landowners/ military officers/ merchants)
What is a constitutional government?
System of rule where formal and effective limits are placed on the powers of government.
What is an authoritarian government?
A system of rule where a government recognizes no formal limits on its power but may be restrained by the power of social institutions.
What is a tyrannical government?
System of rule where the government recognizes no formal limits on its power.
Who came up with the first real definition of politics?
What is his definition described as?
Who gets What, When , and How
The pattern of struggles among interests groups is called group politics or:
What is political culture?
Broadly shared values, beliefs and attitudes about how a government should function.
Americans are generally trusting of their government
Political Efficacy is :
The public’s belief that they can influence government.
Political Knowledge is:
The accumulation of information and experience about political processes.
Political Science is:
The study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions; politics.
The two political science types are
Normative and Empirical
What is Unit of Analysis?
The primary component being used to examine political behavior.
Empirical thinking is:
How the world is, measure problem and figure out how to reduce problem/enhance quality of life.
Normative thinking is :
How we would like the world to be, about values/beliefs, tends to be more theoretical/ideological views of politics.
What is the world population?
6.7 billion
What is the greatest problem that we have with this vehicle?
The uncertainty of identity
What is the most extreme form of political participation?
U.S. Democracy
Majority Rule + Minority Rights
A Republic is where
Rule of law is paramount over majority rule
What is majoritorian?
To protect majority always
To protect minority view always
The U.S is founded on
Majority Rule
Hobbes’ views on politics were
Pessimistic- life is “ nasty, brutish and short” and there is a need for a strong government leader to preserve order and liberty
Locke’s views on politics were
Optimistic- there is no divine right to rule (monarchy) and government should derive its power from and protect the rights of its people.
What class structure during the 16th and 17th centuries transformed then aristocratic institutions into institutions of more political participation?
The Bourgeois advocated democracy for all.
There are two types of democracy (representative and direct) and the U.S. has a representative democracy⬦ what is that?
The people vote for a representative who then votes on their behalf
Circle all that are conservative views
-A. There should be a limited government -C. Want the government to get involved in social issues -D. Distrust the government’s involvement in economic domains
Circle all of the liberal views
-A. More government involvement in economic domains -C. Higher taxes, more programs
Populist want government intervention on both economic and social domains
For this reason, Populist support is sought after by both conservatives and liberals
Libertarians want no government intervention on both economic and social domains.
What is the Texas population?
24.3 million
What is the U.S. population?
307 million
A majority of Texans live in urban areas
T 86%
There are 3 categories of political culture, which identified them?
What is the name of the area where moralistic culture can be found?
“Bible Belt”
Moralist culture was really founded by the Puritans who wanted to create :
The “ Good Society”
According to individualistic culture, government should limit its power only to establishing order.
Individualistic culture has its roots in
Middle States
According to a traditionalistic culture, the government should not be dominated by political elites.
Traditionalistic culture finds its roots in
The South
Texas has what is called “rugged individualism” this is classified as what blending of cultures?
Traditionalistic individualism
Texas is characterized in three ways: It is a one party state, it is dominated by big business, and it steers toward provincial thinking.
Name the 4 physical regions of Texas :
1. Gulf Coast Plains 2. The Interior Lowlands 3. The Great Plains 4. The Basin and Range Province
Who wrote “Theory of Creative Destruction” and also classified the 3 waves of economic transformation in the U.S?
What is the model?
Cotton to Oil to Technology
What industry paralleled that of the cotton industry?
How did the Texas Railroad commission contribute to the 1980 recession?
They allowed oil companies to output less and charge more
What group provided for America a free-trade zone?
We generally associate social capital with Schumpeter, what is social capital?
The sum of all social connections
Who wrote “Bowling Alone” and claims that there is a heavy decline to social capital due in part to technology?
In Texas, the demographics have been rapidly changing. The population has grown due to: 1. Birth and death rates. 2. Immigration 3. Migrations
What is scapegoating?
Blaming a particular person or group for your current problems
Texas is heavily responsible for the extermination of what group of people?
Native Americans
What is the number one social problem on Native American reservations?
Racial profiling is always illegitimate
What group is the fastest growing in America, and is referred to as the “ model minority”
How does Samuel Huntington view Hispanic culture?
They have not assimilated well
Texas has a very old population in comparison to other states
Most of the population in Texas live in urban areas
The Texas population tends to be poorer than those living in other states.
The Magna Carta was :
1st real attempt to limit a kings power
What was the first agreement for self- government in the U.S. called?
Mayflower Compact
The first pilgrims were:
French Colonists
The 1st religious bloodbath in the United States was carried out by the Spanish. What protestant group did they slaughter and at what place?
French/ Florida
Pilgrims are considered religious :
Puritans are not considered separatists but did want to
purify the Anglican Church
The surge of taxing on the colonies can be closely linked to
The British debt concerning the French and Indian wars.
The Stamp Act required that British “revenue” stamps be affixed to all legal and printed documents.
Who led the Boston Tea Party?
Samuel Adams
The 1st Continental Congress
-C. Aimed to have the British king acknowledge the grievances of the colonists -D. Challenged the British authority over colonial affairs
The 2nd Continental Congress was a direct result of
The Battle at Lexington and Concord
The Battle at Lexington and Concord started because
The British tried to take away the military weapons of the colonists
What important document was adopted at the 2nd Continental Congress and who was the father of this document?
Thomas Jefferson/ Declaration of Independence
What philosopher is this article based on? What was the name of his work?
Locke/ The Social Contract
What is the name of America’s 1st written constitution
Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation were sufficient in unifying the nation, enforcing laws, and deterring radical factions from forming
The Annapolis Convention was at George Washington’s home and set up to discuss problems within the states… but how many states actually showed up?
How did the government of Massachusetts finally catch Daniel Shay?
A volunteer army arrested him
The 3/5ths Compromise stated that
Slaves would be counted as 3/5 of a person for the sake of state representation
The Virginia Plan called for
state representation to be based on population
The New Jersey Plan called for
State representation to be equal regardless of population
We currently, thanks to the Connecticut Compromise, have a
Bicameral Congress
The concept of Popular Sovereignty is that
Government power comes from the people ( general)
The 3 branches of government coincide with what articles? (L.E.J.)
Judicial Review, established by Marbury v. Madison, means that the Supreme Court can decide whether acts of law of other branches violate the constitution
What group promoted the Bill of Rights?
Anti- Federalists
John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison anonymously wrote 85 articles that are named the Federalists Papers.
Article 2 of the constitution establishes a presidency. The President serves 4 year terms. What amendment limits the presidency to only 2 terms?
Supreme Justices
A. Have lifetime terms B. Are appointed by the president C. Have to be approved by 51% of the senate
. The clause that says that states must accept official of law administered by other states is called
Full Faith and Credit Clause
Who holds the “ supreme law of the land” according to the Supremacy Clause
National Law
How many amendments are there to the constitution?

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