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Information Warfare


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What is the mission of information warfare
Information Warfare involves actions taken to achieve information superiority by affecting adversary information, information-based processes, information systems, and computer based networks while defending one's own similar resources
What does IW focus on
the vunerablities and opportunities presented by an increasing dependence on informaion and information systems
What does IW protect and target
-information transfer links
-information gathering and processing nodes
-hman decision interaction with info systems
What are the five pillars of C4I
-Operations security
-Military deception
-psychological operations
-physical destruction
-electronic warfare
What is operations security
the process of denying adversaries information about friendly capabilities and intentions
What is military deception
actions executed to mislead foreign decision makers causing them to accept or derive desired perceptions of military capablities, intentions, operations, or other activities
What are psychological operations
planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences that influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign government
Physical destruction
the hard kill destruction of the enemy's command and control infrastructure throught the use of weapons
What is C4I
Command, control, communications, computers, information, warfare
Counter C4I
to prevent effective C4I of adversary forces by denying information to, influencing, degrading, or destroying the adversary C4I system
What are the three divisions of EW
-Electronic Attack(EA)
-Electronic Support(ES)
-Electronic Protection
What is electronic attack
involves actions taken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum
What are the two most common forms of EA
What is jamming
involves the deliberate radiation, re-radiation, or reflection of electromagnetic energy with the object of impairing the use of electronic devices, equipment, or systems being used by the enemy
What the types of electromagnetic deception
-manipulative deception
-simulative deception
-imitative deception
manipulative deception
actions to prevent revealing electromagnetic telltail indicators or convey misleading indicators that may be used by hostile forces
Simulative deception
actions to simulate friendly, national, or actual capabilities to mislead hostile forces
Imitative deception
introduction of electromagnetic energy into enemy systems that imitates enemy emissions
What factors are used to determine which contacts pose a threat
-PRR(Pulse repetition rate
-pulse width
-scan type and rate
Electronic protection(EP)
actions that ensure friendly use of the electronmagnetic spectrum despite the enemy's EW
What the the Anti-EA measures
the ablility of a fire control radar to operate at various frequencies to prevent jamming of a single effective frequency
What are the anti-ES measures
-tactical evasion
-EMCON-emissions control
tactical evasions
routing of forces so that the enemy is unable to use his EW equipment effectively
Emissions Control
applying total or partial EMCON to your unit/units so as to deny the enemy the use of his equipment
Communications intelligence
intelligence collected by the interception of any communications methods
What are three types of communications intelligence
-radio telephones
-data links
What is electronics intelligence
intelligence collected through the incerception of any noncommunications electronics systems
what are three types of electronics intelligence
-Electronic Support(ES)
What is deception
deliberate alteration of electromagnetic energy in a manner intended to mislead the enemy and neutalize it combat capability
What is electronic support
action taken to search for, intercept, and analyze radiated electromagnetic energy, for the purpose of exploiting such radiations in support of military operations
what is electronic Warfare
military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum
C4I protection
negating adversary efforts to deny information to friendly C4I systems
What is signals intelligence
the collection of electromagnetic intelligence directed towards a specific plan of operation
What is the major function of the RC-135
Signals intellegence collection
What is the crew of the rivet joint
flight crew plus 4
Max speed of the RC-135
.84 mach
What is the ceiling of the E-6 mercury
40,000 ft
what is the max speed of the E-6
522 kts or 600mph
who makes the E-6
what is the range of the E-6
6600 nm
What is the crew of the RQ-4A Global Hawk
it is unmanned
what is the range of the RQ-4A
3000 mi
what is the ceiling of the Rq-4A
60,000 ft
Who makes the EP-3E Aries II
what is the mission of the EP-3E
land-based signals intelligence reconaissence aircraft
What is the speed of the EP-3E
max- 411 kts
what is the ceiling of the EP-3E
28,300 ft
What is the crew of the Ep-3E
What is the speed of the RQ-1 predetor
70-90 kts
what is the range of the RQ-1 predetor
24 hours at 400 nm

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