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Verbal Session 1


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verb [ trans. ] 1 adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life) : she ~ed communism. 2 archaic marry : Edward had ~ed the Lady Grey. • ( be ~ed to) (of a woman) be engaged to (a particular man).
noun ( pl. -ties) a short simple song : a lovely little music-hall ~.
{DEF 1}noun a broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, esp. on a wall near the ceiling. • a horizontal paper strip mounted on a wall to give a similar effect. • Architecture the part of an entablature between the architrave and the cornice. {DEF 2} noun heavy, coarse woolen cloth with a nap, usually on one side only.
1 (of a person, manner, or gesture) displaying or having a disinclination for physical exertion or effort; slow and relaxed : they turned with ~ movements from back to front so as to tan evenly. • (of an occasion or period of time) pleasantly lazy and peaceful : the terrace was perfect for ~ days in the Italian sun. 2 weak or faint from illness or fatigue : she was pale, ~, and weak, as if she had delivered a child.
noun ( pl. -leys) a varied mixture of people or things; a miscellany : an interesting ~ of flavors. • a collection of songs or other musical items performed as a continuous piece : a ~ of Beatles songs. • a swimming race in which contestants swim sections in different strokes, either individually or in relay teams. adjective archaic mixed; motley : a ~ range of vague and variable impressions. verb ( past and past part. -leyed or -lied) [ trans. ] archaic make a medley of; intermix.
adjective 1 likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing : patients with liver disease may be ~ to infection. • (of a person) easily influenced by feelings or emotions; sensitive : they only do it to tease him—he's too ~. 2 [ predic. ] ( ~ of) capable or admitting of : the problem is not ~ of a simple solution. noun -bility
adjective ( -dier, -diest) recklessly bold or rash : it would be ~ to go into the scheme without support.
adjective dark or dull in color or tone; gloomy : the night skies were ~ and starless. • oppressively solemn or sober in mood; grave : he looked at her with a ~ expression.
noun 1 a tall upright post, spar, or other structure on a ship or boat, in sailing vessels generally carrying a sail or sails. mast1 1 • a similar structure on land, esp. a flagpole or a television or radio transmitter. 2 (in full captain's mast) (in the U.S. Navy) a session of court presided over by the captain of a ship, esp. to hear cases of minor offenses.
adjective ( -creeter, -creetest |dəˌskrid1st|) careful and circumspect in one's speech or actions, esp. in order to avoid causing offense or to gain an advantage : we made some ~ inquiries. • intentionally unobtrusive : a discreet cough.
adjective in its original condition; unspoiled : ~ copies of an early magazine. • clean and fresh as if new; spotless : a ~ white shirt.
verb [ trans. ] make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better : the reform did much to ~ living standards.
noun a remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone. verb [ trans. ] provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks : students began ~ing her about her weight. • reproach (someone) with something in a contemptuous way : she had ~ed him with going to another man.
adjective (of a person, esp. a man) suave, courteous, and refined in manner.
noun an instrument for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle.
noun 1 an unfounded rumor or story : the old ~ that LA is a cultural wasteland. 2 a small winglike projection attached to an aircraft forward of the main wing to provide extra stability or control, sometimes replacing the tail.
noun 1 an excellent or astonishing person or thing : it was the season's first goal, and a ~. 2 a device that places a cork into a bottle : it's a great wine ~.
noun creative skill or ability : the ~ of the pianist.
noun 1 a slight objection or criticism : the only ~ about this book is the price. 2 archaic a play on words; a pun. verb [ intrans. ] argue or raise objections about a trivial matter : they are always ~ing about the amount they are prepared to pay.
noun a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a storefront, window, doorway, or deck.
noun formal a building, esp. a large, imposing one. • figurative a complex system of beliefs : the concepts on which the ~ of capitalism was built.
noun an instance of a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn (whether validly or not) from two given or assumed propositions (premises), each of which shares a term with the conclusion, and shares a common or middle term not present in the conclusion (e.g., all dogs are animals; all animals have four legs; therefore all dogs have four legs). • deductive reasoning as distinct from induction : logic is rules or ~.
adjective (esp. of a liquid) only slightly warm; lukewarm. • figurative showing little enthusiasm : the applause was ~.
verb 1. (often be ~ed) envelop in shadow; cast a shadow over : the market is shadowed by St. Margaret's church | a hood ~ed her face. 2. 2 follow and observe (someone) closely and typically secretly : he had been up all night ~ing a team of poachers.
a knife with a small, sharp, sometimes detachable blade, as used by a surgeon.
noun 1 a person, esp. a man, who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility, esp. in sexual matters. 2 a person who rejects accepted opinions in matters of religion; a freethinker. adjective 1 characterized by a disregard of morality, esp. in sexual matters : his more ~ impulses. 2 freethinking in matters of religion.
noun a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
noun 1 a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin. • figurative something that has a comforting, soothing, or restorative effect : the murmur of the water can provide ~ for troubled spirits. 2 a tree that yields a fragrant resinous substance, typically one used in medicine. • Species in several families, in particular those of the genus Commiphora (family Burseraceae). • such a substance. 3 (also lemon ~ or sweet ~) a bushy herb of the mint family, with leaves smelling and tasting of lemon. • Melissa officinalis, family Labiatae. • used in names of other aromatic herbs of the mint family, e.g., bee ~.
a quiet, gentle song sung to send a child to sleep. verb ~
1. a small hand-held tool with a flat, pointed blade, used to apply and spread mortar or plaster. 2. 2 a small hand-held tool with a curved scoop for lifting plants or earth.
a person (often used to express their significance, importance, or elevated status) : it was no less a ~ than the bishop. • a character in a play or other work.
noun a group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour to different venues.
4 a group of growing plants of a specified kind, esp. trees : a ~ of poplars.
verb [ intrans. ] 1 archaic (of a wound or sore) continue to be painful; fester. 2 (of a comment, event, or fact) cause annoyance or resentment that persists : the casual manner of his dismissal still ~s. • [ trans. ] annoy or irritate (someone) : Lisa was ~ed by his assertion.
cause (someone) to lose determination or confidence : the farmer was ~ed by the damage to his crops.
an implement with a broad, flat, blunt blade, used for mixing and spreading things, esp. in cooking and painting.
adjective derogatory (of a person or their behavior) primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics : she's nothing but a ~ little gold digger. noun ( pl. -naries) a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army. • a person primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of ethics : the sport's most infamous ~.
{DEFINITION I} noun 1 a disorderly retreat of defeated troops : the retreat degenerated into a ~ | the army was in a state of demoralization verging on ~. • a decisive defeat : the party lost more than half their seats in the ~. 2 dated Law an assembly of people who have made a move toward committing an illegal act that would constitute an offense of riot. • archaic a disorderly or tumultuous crowd of people : a ~ of strangers ought not to be admitted. 3 Brit., archaic a large evening party or reception. verb [ trans. ] defeat and cause to retreat in disorder : in a matter of minutes the attackers were ~ed. PHRASES put to ~ put to flight; defeat utterly : I once put a gang to ~. {DEFINITION II} verb 1 [ trans. ] cut a groove, or any pattern not extending to the edges, in (a wooden or metal surface) : you ~ed each plank all along its length. 2 another term for root 2 . • find (someone or something), or force them from a place : Simon ~ed him from the stable.
adjective having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. See note at creative .
up noun a roughly built hut or cabin. verb [ intrans. ] ( ~ up) informal move in or live with someone as a lover.
noun dated a female prostitute or a promiscuous woman.
noun 1 a feeling of intense distaste or disgust : people talk about the case with a mixture of fascination and ~. 2 Physics a force under the influence of which objects tend to move away from each other, e.g., through having the same magnetic polarity or electric charge.
the action or art of imitating someone or something, typically in order to entertain or ridicule : the word was spoken with gently teasing ~ | a playful ~ of the techniques of realist writers. See note at caricature .
the state of being in someone's power or having great power over someone : she was in ~ to her abusive husband. • historical a slave, servant, or captive.
adjective showing deference; respectful : people were always ~ to him.
noun a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba, popularized by Edward Lear.
adjective easily bent; flexible : quality leather is ~ and will not crack. See note at flexible . • figurative easily influenced : ~ teenage minds.
adjective curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement : his unique brand of ~ self-mockery. noun archaic a jester or entertainer; a buffoon.
noun untruthfulness : people publicly castigated for past ~.
adjective unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated : an ~ lead.
noun 1 ( ~s) an instrument for measuring external or internal dimensions, having two hinged legs resembling a pair of compasses and in-turned or out-turned points. ~ 1 • (also ~ rule) an instrument performing a similar function but having one linear component sliding along another, with two parallel jaws and a vernier scale. • (also brake ~) a motor-vehicle or bicycle brake consisting of two or more hinged components. 2 (also ~ splint) a metal support for a person's leg.
adjective having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge : the criticism was both ~ and personalized.
adjective ( -dier |ˌrədiər|, -diest |ˌrədi1st|) 1 (of a person's face) having a healthy red color : a cheerful pipe-smoking man of ~ complexion. • having a reddish color : the ~ evening light. 2 Brit., informal dated used as a euphemism for "bloody."
noun 1 a railroad car with accommodations for the train crew, typically attached to the end of the train. • informal (typically referring to a woman) buttocks: : she got a sexy caboose. 2 archaic a kitchen on a ship's deck.
extremely hungry
verb [ trans. ] 1 quench or satisfy (one's thirst) : ~ your thirst with some lemonade. • figurative satisfy (desires) : restaurants worked to ~ the Italian obsession with food. 2 combine (quicklime) with water to produce calcium hydroxide.
adjective respected and impressive : she was in ~ company.
verb 1 [ trans. ] provide or enclose (a space or place) with a rail or rails : the altar is ~ed off from the nave. 2 [ intrans. ] (in windsurfing) sail the board on its edge, so that it is at a sharp angle to the surface of the water.; verb [ intrans. ] ( ~ against/at/about) omplain or protest strongly and persistently about : he ~ed at human fickleness.
noun 1 a builder and worker in stone. 2 ( M-) a Free-. verb [ trans. ] build from or strengthen with stone. • cut, hew, or dress (stone).
noun a rude, unmannerly person : at last the big obnoxious ~ had been dealt a stunning blow for his uncouth and belligerent manner. • a clumsy person. • a peasant; a yokel.
a detachable lock hanging by a pivoted hook on the object fastened.
a large group of people or things of a particular kind : he was surrounded by a ~ of beautiful girls. • a group of birds, particularly when closely gathered on the ground : a ~ of quail stayed through winter, feeding on our locust beans.
noun the beak of a bird, esp. when it is slender, flattened, or weak, or belongs to a web-footed bird or a bird of the pigeon family. • the muzzle of a platypus. • the point of an anchor fluke. • Brit. a stiff brim at the front of a cap. verb [ intrans. ] (of birds, esp. doves) stroke bill with bill during courtship.
adjective hostile and aggressive : a bull-necked, ~ old man. See note at hostile . • engaged in a war or conflict, as recognized by international law. noun a nation or person engaged in war or conflict, as recognized by international law.
noun ( pl. -pies) an ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something, esp. a throne or bed. • figurative something hanging or perceived as hanging over a person or scene : the ~ of twinkling stars. • Architecture a rooflike projection or shelter : they mounted the station steps under the concrete ~. • the transparent plastic or glass cover of an aircraft's cockpit. • the expanding, umbrellalike part of a parachute, made of silk or nylon. • [in sing. ] the uppermost trees or branches of the trees in a forest, forming a more or less continuous layer of foliage : monkeys spend hours every day sitting high in the ~. verb ( -pies, -pied) [ trans. ] [usu. as adj. ] ( canopied) cover or provide with a ~ : a -ied bed | the river was -ied by overhanging trees.
noun a large building with extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraft. verb [ trans. ] (usu. be hangared) place or store in a ~ : the army choppers that were ~ed out at Springs.
adjective fond of meddling; interfering : a gaggle of ~ politicians. See note at impertinent .
1 an introduction to something more substantial : the talks were no more than an ~ to a long debate. • (usu. ~s) an approach or proposal made to someone with the aim of opening negotiations or establishing a relationship : Coleen listened to his ~s of love. 2 Music an orchestral piece at the beginning of an opera, suite, play, oratorio, or other extended composition. • an independent orchestral composition in one movement.
adjective sullen and ill-tempered.
1 (of a bad, difficult, or unwelcome situation or phenomenon) present or experienced to a severe or intense degree : an ~ housing shortage | the problem is ~ and getting worse. See note at crucial . • (of a disease or its symptoms) of short duration but typically severe : ~ appendicitis. Often contrasted with chronic . • denoting or designed for patients with such conditions : ~ hospital services | ~ patients. 2 having or showing a perceptive understanding or insight: shrewd : an ~ awareness of changing fashions. • (of a physical sense or faculty) highly developed; keen : an ~ sense of smell. See note at keen . 3 (of an angle) less than 90°. • having a sharp end; pointed. • (of a sound) high; shrill.
adjective difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior : her ~, difficult sister | figurative his ~ emotions.
noun 1 the action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission : the ~ of parish funds. • often derogatory the artistic practice or technique of reworking images from well-known paintings, photographs, etc., in one's own work. 2 a sum of money or total of assets devoted to a special purpose.
noun ( pl. -ties) physical or mental weakness : old age and ~ come to men and women alike | the -ies of old age.
noun the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form. • a figure intended to represent an abstract quality : the design on the franc shows Marianne, the ~ of the French republic. • [in sing. ] a person, animal, or object regarded as representing or embodying a quality, concept, or thing : he was the very ~ of British pluck and diplomacy.
noun 1 a long projecting hair or bristle growing from the face or snout of many mammals. • ( ~s) the hair growing on a man's face, esp. on his cheeks. • a single crystal of a material in the form of a filament with no dislocations. 2 (a ~) informal a very small amount : they won the election by a ~. 3 a spar for extending the clews of a sail so that it can catch more wind. PHRASES within a ~ of informal extremely close or near to doing, achieving, or suffering something.
noun a preliminary or preparatory statement; an introduction : what she said was by way of a ~ | I gave him the bad news without ~. • Law the introductory part of a statute or deed, stating its purpose, aims, and justification.
adjective (of a person's expression or behavior) indicating mild or amused puzzlement : she gave me a ~ look. • rare causing mild amusement because of its oddness or strangeness.
adjective not part of the essential nature of someone or something; coming or operating from outside : ~ factors that might affect time budgets | the idea that power is ~ to production and profits. • (of a muscle, such as any of the eye muscles) having its origin some distance from the part that it moves.
noun a cat-sized American mammal of the weasel family, with distinctive black-and-white-striped fur. When threatened it squirts a fine spray of foul-smelling irritant liquid from its anal glands toward its attacker. • Mephitis and other genera, family Mustelidae: several species, in particular the striped ~ ( M. mephitis). • the fur of the ~. • informal a contemptible person. verb [ trans. ] informal 1 (often be ~ed) defeat (someone) overwhelmingly in a game or contest, esp. by preventing them from scoring at all. 2 dated fail to pay (a bill or creditor).
noun a stiff, flat, thin material made from the prepared skin of an animal and used as a durable writing surface in ancient and medieval times. • a manuscript written on this material : a large collection of ancient ~. • (also ~ paper) a type of stiff translucent paper treated to resemble parchment and used for lampshades, as a writing surface, and in baking. • informal a diploma or other formal document.
adjective deserving praise : ~ restraint.
noun a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief : four-day cooking classes are offered to ~ and experts. See note at novice . • a new convert to a religion. • a novice in a religious order, or a newly ordained priest.
adjective having or showing good judgment : the restaurant attracts ~ customers.
noun a broad flat limb without fingers, used for swimming by various sea animals such as seals, whales, and turtles. • a flat rubber attachment worn on the foot for underwater swimming. • a pivoted arm in a pinball machine, controlled by the player and used for sending the ball back up the table. • informal a hand.
adjective (of a person) fond of company; sociable : he was a popular and ~ man. • (of animals) living in flocks or loosely organized communities : gregarious species forage in flocks from colonies or roosts. • (of plants) growing in open clusters or in pure associations.[from Latin gregarius (from grex, greg- 'a flock' ) + -ous .]
adjective not showing due respect for another person; impertinent : he could have strangled this ~ upstart. See note at impertinent .
adjective very vivid in color, esp. so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect : ~ food colorings | a pair of ~ shorts. • (of a description) presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms, esp. giving explicit details of crimes or sexual matters : the more ~ details of the massacre were too frightening for the children.
verb [ trans. ] 1 make (a problem, injury, or offense) worse or more serious : military action would only ~ the situation. 2 informal annoy or exasperate (someone), esp. persistently : [as adj. ] ( aggravating) she found him thoroughly ~ing and unprofessional.
a small toothed whale with a low triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout. • Family Phocoenidae: three genera and several species, in particular the common (or harbor) porpoise ( Phocoena phocoena), of the North Atlantic and North Pacific. verb. move through the water like a ~, alternately rising above it and submerging : the boat began to ~ badly.
adjective having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something : an ~ reader of science fiction | she took an ~ interest in the project. See note at eager . • ( ~ for) having an eager desire for something : she was ~ for information about the murder inquiry.
noun chiefly humorous a book, esp. a large, heavy, scholarly one : a weighty tome.
verb 1 [ trans. ] reduce (something, esp. food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a ~r : peel and roughly ~ the carrots | [as adj. ] ( ~d) ~d cheese. 2 [ intrans. ] make an unpleasant rasping sound : the hinges of the door ~d. • ( ~ against) rub against something with such a sound : his helmet ~d against the top of the door. • have an irritating effect : he had a juvenile streak that ~d on her nerves.
adjective (of a liquid) free of anything that darkens; completely clear. • (of a person's eyes) unclouded; clear. • (esp. of writing or music) clear and accessible or melodious : the ~ notes of a recorder.
adjective (of a person or movement) awkward; clumsy : an ~ walk.
noun (often ~s) 1 the paired respiratory organ of fishes and some amphibians, by which oxygen is extracted from water flowing over surfaces within or attached to the walls of the pharynx. • an organ of similar function in an invertebrate animal. 2 the vertical plates arranged radially on the underside of mushrooms and many toadstools. 3 the wattles or dewlap of a fowl. • ( ~s) the flesh below a person's jaws and ears : we stuffed ourselves to the ~s with scrambled eggs and toast. verb [ trans. ] 1 gut or clean (a fish). 2 catch (a fish) in a ~ net.
adjective fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way : a ~ pace of activity.
adjective (of an injury or loss) impossible to rectify or repair : they were doing ~ damage to my heart and lungs.
adjective 1 making an unwelcome manifestation with disruptive or adverse effect : that was an intrusive question | tourist attractions that are environmentally intrusive. • (of a person) disturbing another by one's uninvited or unwelcome presence : giving people information about their health without being too intrusive. See note at impertinent . 2 Phonetics (of a sound) pronounced between words or syllables to facilitate pronunciation, such as an r in saw a movie, which occurs in the speech of some eastern New Englanders and metropolitan New Yorkers. 3 Geology of, relating to, or formed by intrusion.
noun a pen for livestock, esp. cattle or horses, on a farm or ranch. • historical a defensive enclosure of wagons in an encampment.
noun 1 intricate and refined delicacy : orchestral playing of great ~. • artful subtlety, typically that needed for tactful handling of a difficulty : clients want advice and action that calls for considerable ~. • subtle or delicate manipulation : a certain amount of ~ is required to fine-tune the heat output. 2 (in bridge and whist) an attempt to win a trick with a card that is not a certain winner. verb [ trans. ] 1 do (something) in a subtle and delicate manner : his third shot, which he attempted to ~, failed by a fraction. • slyly attempt to avoid blame or censure when dealing with (a situation or action) : the administration's attempts to ~ its mishaps. 2 (in bridge and whist) play (a card that is not a certain winner) in the hope of winning a trick with it : the declarer ~s ♦J.
informal curt or sharp, esp. in a condescending way : a ~ note from our landlord.
noun a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ~s are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next as part of the folk culture. • a slow sentimental or romantic song.
noun a remark or statement, esp. one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful : she began uttering liberal ~s. • the quality of being dull, ordinary, or trite : educators willing to violate the bounds of ~.
adjective having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor. • pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.
noun a feeling of anxiety or worry : public ~ about animal testing.
adjective engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought : a ~ mood.
noun 1 the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement. • a theatrical performance or part of a performance using such a technique. • an action or set of actions intended to convey the idea of another action or an idea or feeling : he performed a brief ~ of someone fencing. • a practitioner of ~ or a performer in a ~. 2 (in ancient Greece and Rome) a simple farcical drama including mimicry.
a black disk made of hard rubber, the focus of play in ice hockey.
verb [ trans. ] publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm : the senator made himself famous as a pinch-penny watchdog of public spending, ~ing dubious federal projects. noun a speech or text criticizing someone or something in this way : does this sound like a lampoon of student life? See note at caricature .
noun a large gregarious waterbird with a long bill, an extensible throat pouch for scooping up fish, and mainly white or gray plumage. white pelican • Genus Pelecanus, family Pelecanidae: six species, including the white ~ ( P. erythrorhynchos) of western and central North America, and the brown ~ ( P. occidentalis) of northern and western South America and the southern U.S. • a heraldic or artistic representation of a ~, typically depicted pecking its own breast as a symbol of Christ. [ORIGIN: from an ancient legend that the pelican fed its young on its own blood.]
noun great courage in the face of danger, esp. in battle : the medals are awarded for acts of ~. DERIVATIVES -ous |ˌvølərəs| adjective
noun an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase : an ~ in separatist activity.
adjective poetic/literary having an extremely offensive smell : ~ vapors from the smoldering waste. • disagreeable; unpleasant : involved in ~ scandals. • harmful, noxious.
noun an expert judge in matters of taste : a ~ of music.
adjective of, relating to, or affecting horses or other members of the horse family : ~ infectious anemia. • resembling a horse : her somewhat ~ features.
noun a low house, with a broad front porch, having either no upper floor or upper rooms set in the roof, typically with dormer windows.
noun 1 an aromatic spice made from the peeled, dried, and rolled bark of a Southeast Asian tree. • flavored with ~, or having a similar flavor : ~ candy. • a reddish- or yellowish-brown color resembling that of ~. 2 (also ~ tree) the tree that yields this spice. • Genus Cinnamomum, family Lauraceae: several species, in particular C. zeylanicum, native to southern India and Sri Lanka.
noun a person who boasts about achievements or possessions : [as adj. ] ~ men.
noun a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.
noun 1 a liquid made of shellac dissolved in alcohol, or of synthetic substances, that dries to form a hard protective coating for wood, metal, etc. • (also hair ~ ~) British term for hair spray . 2 the sap of the ~ ~ tree used to varnish wood or other materials. • decorative objects made of wood coated with ~ ~ : [as adj. ] a small ~ ~ box. verb [ trans. ] [often as adj. ] ( ~ ~ed) coat with ~ ~ : the ~ ~ed Chinese table.
verb [ trans. ] refuse to accept or be associated with : she has ~ed policies associated with previous party leaders. • deny the truth or validity of : the minister ~ed allegations of human rights abuses. • chiefly Law refuse to fulfill or discharge (an agreement, obligation, or debt) : breach of a condition gives the other party the right to ~ a contract. • (esp. in the past or in non-Christian religions) divorce (one's wife).

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