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raw figures and facts reflecting a single aspect of reality
data presented in a way or form that has meaning
information technology
refers to the resources used by an organization to manage information that it needs in order to carry out its mission
accurate information
provides a valid and reliable relection of reality
complete information
provides the manager with all the information he or she needs
relevant information
information that is useful to managers in their particular circumstances for their particular needs
timely information
available in time for appropriate managerial action
knowledge workers
specialists usually professionally trained and certified - engineers, scientists, information technology specialists, psychologists- who rely on information technology to design new products or create new business processes
transaction processing system
application of information processing for basic day to day business transactions
management information system
supports an organization's managers by providing daily reports, schedules, plans, and budgets
decision support system
an interactive system that locates and presents information needed to support the decision making process
executive support system
a quick reference easy access application of information systems specially designed for instant access by upperlevel managers
artifical intelligence
the construction of computer systems both hardware and software to imitate human behavior that is to perform physical tasks use thought processes and learn
a gigantic network of networks serving millions of computers offering information on business, science, and government and providing communications flows among more than 170,000 seperate networks around the world
internet service provider
a commerical firm that maintains a permanaet connection to the net and sells temporary connections to subscribers
world wide web
a system with universally accepted standards for storing, retrieving, formatting and displaying information
web browser
the software that enables the user to access information on the web
a communications network similar to the internet but operating within the boundaries of a single organization
a communication network that allows selected outsider's limited access to an organization's internal information system or intranet
software and hardware system that allows employees access to both the internet and the company's internal computer network while barring access by outsiders

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