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COMM180 - Chapter Bonus B


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software that is copyrighted but distributed to potential customers free of charge.
private inernet system that links government supercomputer centers and a select group of universities: it runs more than 22,000 times faster than today's public infrastrcture and support heavy-duty applications.
a companywide network, close to public access that uses internet-type technology.
a piece of programming code inserted into other programming to cause some unepected and, for the victim, usually undeseriable event.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
a private date network that creates secure connection, or "tunnels", over regular internet lines.
public domain software (freeware)
software that is free in the public domain.
business intelligence
any of a variety of software applications that analyze an organization's raw data and take out useful insights from it.
information systems
technology that helps companies do business; inclues such tools as ATMs and voice mail.
broadband technology
technology that offers users a quick, continous connection to the internet.
network computing system (client/server)
computer systems that allow personal computers (clients) to obtain information from huge databases ina central computer (the server).
data processing
name for business technology in the 1970s; included technology that supported an existing business and was primarily used to improve the flow of financial information.
pieces of information, such as registration data or user preferences, sent by a web site over the internet to a web browser that the browser software is expected to save and send back to the server whenever the user returns to that web site.
Information technology
technology that helps companies change business by allowing them to use new methods.
a semiprivate network that uses internet technology and allows more than one company to access the same information or allows people on different servers to collaborate.
accessibility through technology that allows business to be conducted independent of location.

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