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Systems development life cycle (SDLC)
A formal method of designing and building information systems. There are five basic phases: (1) feasibility and planning, (2) systems analysis, (3) systems design, (4) implementation, and (5) maintenance and review.
System operator. Person in charge of an electronic bulletin board who organizes files and controls access and privileges.
Systems analysis and design
A refinement of the scientific method that is used to analyze and build information systems.
Structured walkthrough
A review process in which the objective is to reveal problems, inaccuracies, ambiguities, and omissions in the systems design before the program code is finalized. The users are presented with a prototype or mockup of the proposed system.
Switching costs
The costs incurred in creating a similar information system when a customer switches to a rival firm. Information technology creates switching costs because customers would have to convert data, re-create reports, and retrain users.
T1, T3
An older communication link provided by phone companies. Used to carry digitized analog signals, it is being replaced with ISDN links. T1 refers to a group of 24 voice-grade lines and can carry 1.544 megabits per second (Mbps). A T2 trunk line is equivalent to 96 voice circuits providing 6.312 Mbps. T3 provides 44.736 Mbps, and T4 can carry 139,264 Mbps. Services can be leased at any of these levels, where greater bandwidth carries higher costs.
Systems analyst
A common job in MIS. The analyst is responsible for designing new systems. Analysts must understand the business application and be able to communicate with users. Analysts must also understand technical specifications and programming details.
A collection of interrelated objects that work toward some goal.
An electronic device to convert electrical signals into sound. One basic technique is FM synthesis, which generates and combines fixed waves to achieve the desired sound. A newer method combines short digitized samples of various instruments with waveforms to create more realistic sounds.
structured decision
Decisions that can be defined by a set of rules or procedures. They can be highly detailed, but they are defined without resorting to vague definitions.
A network device used to connect machines. Unlike a router, a switch creates a virtual circuit that is used by a single machine at a time.

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