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With the advanced information ______________________ today, we can get the latest ____________________ and keep in touch with the world through different ______________________ tools.
technology, information, communication
The development of IT has made our life more ______________________ and has helped the _______________ to prosper.
convenient, economy
In Hong Kong, IT products and services are widely used. Many households and commercial organizations are _______________ users.
______________ cards like Octopus Cards and Smart ID Cards are commonly used. _______________ phones are becoming more and more popular too.
Smart, Mobile
IT is now closely _____________ to our daily life.
To enhance further development in IT, the ___________________ offers professional ___________________ and _________________ training courses.
government, training, community
It also introduces the Electronic Service Delivery Scheme to provide more ______________ electronic services to the public.
Examples of smart cards:
Octopus Cards, Smart ID Cards
IT is commonly applied in daily life, e.g. ________________, ______________ and _______________.
Internet, mobile phones, smart cards
IT can help us to get the ___________ information
The SAR Government aims to help Hong Kong develop into a leading ______________ community and ___________ city.
e-business, digital
We can use Octopus cards at convenience stores. (T/F)
Smart ID Cards can be used to borrow books from the public libraries. (T/F)
The number of Internet users in Hong Kong is decreasing. (T/F)
Only commercial users have access to the Internet. (T/F)
Students receive IT training at school. (T/F)
Information Technology has made our life more convenient. (T/F)
Television, radio, newspaper, magazine and the Internet are the __________.
mass media
Mass media provide us ________ about current affairs, entertainment, education, etc. different mass media ______ on different aspects.
information, focus
We should be very _________ when we get information from the mass media.
We should think whether the information is _________ and true.
We should ___________ information from __________ sources and make our own ___________.
compare, various, judgement
The mass media in Hong Kong enjoy complete freedom of __________.
Some of the information is not ___________ for children, e.g. _________ movies or TV programmes.
suitable, indecent
Therefore the government sets up ______________ and ____________ the information provided by the media.
regulations, monitors
List 3 mass media: ___________, _____________.
newspapers, television, magazines, radio, movies, Internet
The mass media convey _______________ to the public.
List 3 kinds of programmes offered by the TV: ________________, ____________________ and ___________________.
current affairs, entertainment, education
The mass media provide us with news report, analysis of _______________, __________________ information and ____________________.
current affairs, educational, entertainment
We should avoid _______________ information from the mass media. The government has _____________ TV programmes, movies and publications into different ________ for our reference.
indecent, classified, categories
There is too little information from the mass media. (T/F)

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