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Introduction to Information Technology 2nd edition


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disseminating organizational knowledge
Experts workers are people who create information and knowledge and integrate it into business.
The role of the ISD has been changing from more managerial and strategic to purely technical.
A TPS supports all of the following except the ____________.
the business strategy of the organizations business transactions
Mechanisms that provide the required cooperation between the ISD and the end user include all of the following except __________.
ISD has no representation on the top corporation executive committee
A high-level map or plan of the information requirements in an organization is called an ____________.
information architecture
Mainframe computers refer to the fastest computing engines available at one time
The most common input device is the keyboard.
Secondary storage is nonvolatile and can take place on a variety of media
Primary storage stores information for a very brief period of time.
There are many different potential career paths for the IT professional that may lead to a career in information systems management at the CIO level.
Information architecture consists of the physical facilities, services, and management that support all computing resources in an organization
Information technology provides support in three major areas: communication, collaboration, and data processing
Knowledge workers include all of the following except __________.
At minimum, most organizations have all of the following except __________.
Career paths that can lead to the CIO position include all of the following except _________.
web crawler
The preset speed of the clock on the CPU is measured in gigahertz (GHz)
Primary storage stores three types of information: data to be processed by the CPU, instructions for the CPU, and operating system programs.
PC memory cards are credit card sized devices that can be installed in an adapter or slot in many PCs
Which of the following are common types of source data automation __________?
All of the following are types of primary storages except __________.
Optical Storage
Hardware refers to the physical equipment of a computer system and includes all of the following except ____________.
operating system
Comparing LCD monitors to CRT monitors: LCD monitors _________.
are used in portable computers
The hierarchy or byte memory from smallest to largest is ____________.
kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte
Hypertext Markup Language is the standard language used on the World Wide Web.
The software crisis refers to the fact that organizations are not able to develop new software applications fast enough to keep up with rapidly changing business conditions.
Hardware comprises a larger percentage of the total cost of modern computer systems than it did in the 1950s.
Examples of non-procedural languages include FORTRAN and COBOL.
The management of two or more tasks or programs running on the computer system at the same time is called multi-tasking.
The __________ allows users to have direct control over visible objects and actions that replace complex command syntax
All of the following are types of application software except __________.
surveillance software
Examples of application software include all of the following except ____________.
operating system program
__________ supports the operations, management, and users of a computer system by providing a variety of support services
system support programs
Factors that should be included in software evaluation and selection include all of the following except __________.
previous system capabilities
System analysts are information systems professionals who modify existing computer programs.
Programmers typically can specialize in one or more programming languages.
Systems that support routine decision making in functional areas of organizations are called __________.
management information systems
The major categories of the information infrastructure do not include __________.
Programmers __________.
1. are information systems professionals who modify existing computer programs
2. are information systems professionals who write computer programs to satisfy user requirements
Secondary storage stores small amounts of information for a brief period of time.
Multi-function devices can include technologies to fax, print, scan, and copy
A PDA is a hand-held computer that uses a pen rather than a keyboard input.
Portable PCs have several tradeoffs when compared to desktop PCs, which include all of the following except __________.
Easier to use mouse
Secondary storage includes which of the following __________?
Magnetic Tape
Successful hardware exploitation comes from thoughtful consideration of all of the following except __________.
decreased technology revenues
Multimedia output is the computer-based integration of all of the following except _________.
System software is the class of programs that control and support the computer system and its information processing activities.
Off-the-shelf application software addresses a specific or unique business need for a company.
Application programs primarily manipulate computer hardware resources.
Open source software is software made available in source code for a cost to developers.
The Software Publisher's Association (SPA) enforces software copy write laws in corporations through a set of guidelines.
_________ is the lowest level of computer language.
machine language
The standard language the World Wide Web uses for creating and recognizing hypertext documents is __________.
The _________ are common in database applications as query languages, report generators, and data-manipulation languages.
4 GL
____________ control the use of the hardware, software, and data resource of a computer system.
system control programs
Personal application software includes all of the following except __________.
OS programs
The most widely used organizational structure is a matrix structure.

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