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16 Career Clusters


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I deal with the process of creating intermediate and finished products beginning with raw materials; includes managing, planning, and performing the production of various items by operating machinery, as well as industrial support activities, such a prod
I plan, manage, and provide diagnostic, therapeutic, treatment, research, and information services related to the physical and mental health of humans. Who am I?
Health Science
What occupational cluster deals with the design, programming, development, management, maintenance, and operation of computer, information, communication, and technology networks, including related hardware and software?
Information Technology
What is cluster relate to planning, managing, and providing administrative support, information processing, business communication, accounting, and human resource management services and related business managment support services?
Business & Administration
What career cluster deals with planning and maging the movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail, and water; includes related professional and technical support services such as transportation planning and managment, logistics
Transporation, Distribution, & Logistics
My task is to design, produce, exhibit, perform, write, publish multimedia content(including visual, performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services; What cluster am I?
Arts, Audio, Video Technology & Communications
This occupation deals with engineering, related technologies, scientific research and application of scientific principles in all the natural sciences(biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, etc.) and social sciences (economics, sociology, geography,
Scientific Research & Engineering
I deal specifically with planning, managing, and providing banking, investment, financial planning, and insurance services. Who am I?
What occupation deals with marketing, advertising or otherwise promoting and selling merchandise; includes managing retail establishments, making merchandise-specific repair, and providing personal services (for example: cosmetics, hairstyling, funeral s
Retail/wholesale Sales, & Service
What occupational cluster deals with the design, planning, managing, building and maintenance of physical structures such as roadways, bridges, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential facilities and buildings?
Architecture & Construction
What occupational cluster deals with growing plants & harvesting crops for commercial & scientific purposes; raising and training animals; the health of plant & animals and the use of natural resources & the management & production of
Agriculture and Natural Resources
What cluster deals with planning, managing, and providing, government legislative, administrative, and regulatory services; includes government services at the federal, state, and local levels such as public finance and planning?
Government & Public Administration
I deal with promoting and providing individual, family and community relations and wellness including family and work issues, religious services, care for the elderly, and social work. Who am I?
Human Services
I'm responsible for planning, administering, managing, and providing education and traing services and related learning support services including assessment and library and information services. Who am I?
Education & Training
What cluster deals with the provision of lodging, food, recreation, convention, tourism, travel and related planning and support services?
Hospitality & Tourism
What cluster deals with police work, the law and legal services, the judicial(court) system, the study and detention of criminals, and fire protection?
Law and Public Safety

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