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ACIS #1-3


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interorganizational system
info systems that automate the glow of info across organizational bounderies
compteer hardware
Physical equipment used for input, processing, and output in a information system
communication technolodgy
physical devices that link hardware compentents and transfer data from one physical location to another
Standard operating procedures
Formal rules for accomplishing tasks that have been developed to cope with expected situations
information architecture
disign information takes in a particular organization
computer literact
knowledge of info technology
management information sustems
The study of information systems forcusing on their use in business and mangement
the distribution or processed info to the people who will use it or to the activities for whicj it will be used
electronic commerce
the process of buying and selling goods electronically
Streams of raw facts that have not been organized into useful, meaningful forms
info technology
portfolio of shared information technology resources fo rthe organization
production or service workers
People who actually produce the product
private intranet that is accessible to authorized outsiders
computer based info systems
info systems taht rely on computer hardware and software for processing and disseminaton info
Computer software
detailed program instuctions that control and coordinate the components in an info system.
Conversion, manipulation, and analysis of raw input into aform that is more meaningful to humans
mass customization
capacity to offer individually tailored products or services on a large scale
operational managers
people who manage the day to day activities
storage technology
physical media the stores and organizes the data for use in an information system
Knowledge workers
People who design products or sevices and create knowledge for the organization
internal network based on the internet
Senior managers
Top managment
Responsible for making long range decisions
linking two or more computers to share data
Data that have been shaped into a foram tah is meaningful and useful to human beings
electonic business
the use of internet and other digital technology for organizational communication
data workers
people who process the organiztions paperwork
World wide web
system of universally accepted standards for information in a network environment
middle managers
responsible for carrying out the plans of the senior managers
electronic market
marketplace created by computer and like producers to consumers
Out that is returned to the memebers of the organization to help them evaluate or correct input
international network that is a collection of public and private networks
formal system
System resting on accepted and ficed defination of data and procedures operating with predefined rules
Web Site
pages either maintained by an organization or individual
info systems literacy
includes a behavioral as well as a technical approach to studying info systems
management level systems
supports monitaring, controlling, decision making, and administration activities of middle managers
business functions
tasks perfomed by businesses organizations
strategic level systems
support long range planning activities of senior management
digital firm
Organization where nearly all business processes and realationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled and corporate assets are managed by a digital means.
transaction processing system
performs and records the daily routine transactions necessary to conduct the business; operational level
Knowledge and information intense products
Products that require a great deal of informaion and knowledge to produce
operational level systems
information systems that monitar the actvities and transactions of the organization
business processes
The ways in which organizations coordinate and organize work activities,information, and knowledge to produce a product or service
knowledge level system
information system that supports knowledge and data workers in an organization
Information system
Interrelated components working together to collect, process, store, adn disseminate infomration to support decision making
The capture of collection of raw data from within the organization for processing in an information system

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