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csci exam 2


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As – Is System is also called?
Current system
To – Be system is also called?
New system
 Goals of System analysis
o Understand requirements for new system
o Develop a system concept
what type of task is the System analysis
business task and information technology task
What is the System concept
product of system analysis phase
What is the deliverable of the system analyis phase?
system proposal
what are the 4 parts of the system proposal?
 Detailed requirements definition
 Functional models
 Structural models
 Behavioral models
what are some examples of Non-Functional requirements?
Performance, Usability
What is the Requirement Definition Report?
Report, that lists functional and nonfunctional requirements in an outline format
What are the three steps of the analysis phase?
 Understanding As-Is system
 Identifying improvements
 Develop concept for To-Be system
What are the three business process analysis techniques?
Business process Automation
Business process Improvement
Business process Refinement
What does this define? Making major changes to take advantage of new ideas and new technology.
 Throws away every thing about the current business
 Greatest potential to improve profits and reduce costs but, risky.
 Brings abo
What are the benifits of BPA,BPI, and BPR?
o Benefits from BPA are tactical and small in nature
o BPI offers moderate potential benefits
o BPR brings large potential benefits
What are the reletive costs of BPA,BPI, and BPR?
o BPA requires the least cost since, narrow focus and seeks least changes
o BPI can be moderately expensive
o BPR is always very expensive
What is the breadth of analysis BPA,BPI, and BPR?
o BPA has very narrow focus
o BPI concentrates on only one part of a business process
o BPR takes a broad perspective across several business process
What are the risks of BPA,BPI, and BPR?
o Risk of failure due to inability to design and build system or due to the system’s not providing business value
o BPA and BPI have low to moderate risk
o BPR has very high risk and about 70% of BPR projects fail
Which model describes the interaction of a system with it’s environment?
 Use Case model
What is a behaviorally related sequence of steps (a scenario), both automated and manual, for the purpose of completing a single business task?
What are the two Logical models?
 Use Case models & Activity diagrams
What are paths through a use case called?
Use-cases are defined as a what followed by a what?
Verb followed by a noun like:
⬢ Create Account
⬢ Make Appointment
⬢ Withdraw Money
⬢ Register Courses
Who is a person or a thing that begins the execution of a use case.
 Primary Actor
Who are persons who have interest in the use case?
What is an event that begins the execution of use case?
What is when the event that triggers the use case execution is time?
⬢ Temporal trigger
What are the four types of use-case relationships?
⬢ Association
⬢ Extend
⬢ Include
⬢ Generalization
What represents the relationship between actors and use cases?
 Association
What are UML representations of roles that users play when they interact with the system?
What represents extension of the functionality of the use case to incorporate optional behavior?
 Extend
What represents mandatory inclusion of another use case?
What allows use cases to support inheritance?
 Generalization
What are the three types of relationships in structural modeling?
o Generalization
o Aggregation
o Association
o It is called “Has A” or “A Part Of” type of relationship in structural modeling
• Car has an engine
• Patient has a medical history
⬢ Aggregation
o It is called “Is A” or “Kind Of A” type of relationship in structural modeling
• A Employee is a person
• A Car is a vehicle
⬢ Generalization
o It is considered to be a “weaker form of” aggregation
⬢ Association
What is a index card annotated in group setting to represent a class of objects, its behavior and its interactions
Class – Responsibility – Collaboration Cards (CRC Cards)
What are the two types of responsibilities that classes have?
knowing and doing
What is Anthropomorphism?
pretending that classes have human characteristics
What are the three types of operations in a class diagram?
o Construct operations – used to create new instances of the class
o Query operations – used to simplify access the attributes of the class
o Update operations – used to modify the values of the attributes in the objects

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