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Isys pg 26-30


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Information overload
amount of information overpowerrs one's ability to manage and use it
computer-based information system : use of computer hardware and software, databases, telecomm, people, procedures to manage and distribute digital info.
collection of data stored on a computer, organized to meet one's need
ISYS is defense against information overload and databases meet users' needs
information system
covers a wide variety of computer applications
Computer system
used to describe multiple computers working together
information technology
defined as issues related to components of an information system
off-the shelf software
software prepackaged and sold to public
custom-designed software
software created to address the needs of an individual entity
Systems development
creating new or modifying existing systems
System analysts
information professionals responsible for designing information systems
Four information systems from most basic to the most intelligent
1. Transaction Processing System
2. Management Information System
3. Decision Support System
4.Expert System
Transaction processing system: used to support and record transactions e.g paying faculty, processing grades etc
when transaction are carried online or other network systems
Management information system : provides info to decision makers in the form of a report
1. base decision on a report
2.focus on operational efficiency
3. used on business and non-businness enviornment
4. seraches databases
e.g NASA recieved data from Mars
Decision Support system: isys used to support problem specific decision making
1.supports rather than replaces decision making
e.g online dating website
1.DSS more than a database search, it is formulas and logic to input
2. MIS does things right and DSS do the right thing
kind of DSS. this is a group decision support for groups to come to conccensus with min time and effort.
Expert systems: isys to make suggestions in a particular expertise like a human expert.
1. Uses AI techniques with probabilities
3.experience had in field for years
3. developed with extensive interview and observation.
e.g ideal schedule for student after telling all kinds of details

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