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7-Level Study Cards Vol 1


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What type of documents are required to be preserved adequately and properly throughout its life cycle in accordance with Title 44 U.S.C., Chapter 31, Section 3101 – Records Management by Federal Agencies?
The organization’s functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions.
Which act was designed to reduce the burden of Federal collections of information?
c. Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980.
Of the following, which is considered an unauthorized disclosure?
b. For Official Use Only (FOUO) information released to the general public.
Which communication and information award allows you to submit up to 10 pages of optional documentation?
c. Information Assurance Organization of the Year Award.
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is not applicable to which federal group?
d. Elected officials of the Federal Government.
What act established the Federal Records Management Program’s basic policies and required all government agencies to establish a records management program?
b. Federal Records Act, Public Law 81-745.
Which act established a Chief Information Officer of the United States and positioned that individual in the OMB?
c. Clinger-Cohen Act of 1966.
Which act emphasizes the use of information to improve agency mission and increase access to information by the public through effective use of technology?
b. Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
Air Force programs look increasingly to information management and information technology to make impacts upon what?
d. Cost, productivity, customer service, and war-fighting decisions only.
Which award selects a winner of the Communications and Information Professional of the Year Award?
d. General Billy Mitchell Award for Communications and Information Excellence.
Which act recognized that the public has a right to information concerning the activities of its government?
c. Freedom of Information Act of 1966.
What was the first act to define information resources as personnel, equipment, funds, and information technology?
b. Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
Under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption categories, what are the two sub-categories for internal personnel rules and practices?
b. High and low.
What publication establishes policies that aim to ensure accurate and consistent information is available to decision-makers?
b. DODD 8000.1, Defense Information Management Program.
Before FOIA information can be released, what requirements must it meet?
d. Fits FOIA exemptions and serves a legitimate purpose.
What do you do to a record when it is no longer considered For Official Use Only (FOUO)?
d. Note on the front cover that it is no longer FOUO.
Which FOIA exemption category number covers classified records?
a. 1.
What is a cost effective way of destroying For Official Use Only (FOUO)?
d. Recycle diskettes.
Official records are public records and are the property of the:
a. office.
What is the most economical way to send bulky shipments of For Official Use Only (FOUO) material?
d. Standard “B” mail.
What is the first step in nominating an individual for an award?
c. Keep accurate records of the individual’s accomplishments.
Which award recognizes one communications and information organization (300 or fewer members) for excellent support of the Air Force mission?
b. Lieutenant General Harold W. Grant Award.
What is one thing the Air Force can do to economically and efficiently manage records?
b. Provide prompt and systematic disposal of records of temporary value.
Information managers have the responsibility of ensuring our information management programs conform to what?
a. IRM mission.
What term is given to material that an individual brings into or creates in the office, but which is not related to government business?
b. Personal records.
For an emergency retirement of records, an agreement would be made to retire records with what retention period to Federal Records Center?
c. 2 years or more.
When, if ever, would For Official Use Only (FOUO) status change?
c. When no longer protected by a FOIA exemption.
If Air Force records are lost, damaged, or destroyed before the approved disposition schedule, what must you do?
c. Make a reasonable effort to find records.
When reviewing decision logic tables, how should you apply a disposition schedule change that increases the retention period? Apply the change to all:
d. Records regardless of where they are maintained, including the staging area.
What is the maximum penalty for willfully and unlawfully destroying Air Force records?
c. $2,000 fine, 3 years in prison, loss of office, disqualification from holding any United States office.
What is the goal of the Air Force Records Management Program?
d. To ensure Air Force information is properly managed, throughout its life cycle, in support of decision makers.
Which records management objective is the reason we have a file plan?
d. Records are properly arranged to serve current and future management needs.
Which type of records document the organization and function of the Air Force?
c. Permanent records.
What two factors are considered when deciding how to destroy For Official Use Only (FOUO) material located at an overseas base on foreign soil?
a. The expense of disposition and material sensitivity.
Who can authorize a temporary extension to disposal standards?
d. Command records manager.
Which records management objective lets you get more work done faster?
c. Records enhance effectiveness and economy of operations.
Based on the publication series number and comprehensive record groups, what is used to prescribe the creation, maintenance or disposition of records?
b. Disposition logic tables.
Which records management objective deals with keeping the most current and up-to-date information available?
b. Only complete records are filed.
What Air Force organizational level must document their organizations, functions, and activities, as well as preserve records by implementing life-cycle management procedures?
d. All levels.
As a minimum, how often should offices of records receive a staff assistance visit from the base records manager? At least every:
a. 2 years.
When looking at past events, what do managers use to develop an organizations memory and is used by leadership to base their decisions for future actions?
b. Records.
Who does the command records manager coordinate with concerning the disposition of records that might have primary or joint interest to others?
b. Other MAJCOMs.
Under the Administrative Communications Program, what schemes were developed and maintained as an integrated address system?
d. Air Force Address Directory and Air Force Standard Functional Address System.
What article under the Uniform Code of Military Justice is used to discipline military personnel who willfully destroy, dispose of, or mutilate official records?
a. Article 92.
What types of records are placed in a staging area?
b. Temporary.
What type of recommendation for disposition must be completely justified?
a. Legal and financial rights of personnel.
Within how many months should the base records manager train individuals whose duties include filing and maintaining official records?
b. 3.
Which administrative communications program objective expects you to know your target audience?
c. Effective.
What structure provides a uniform system for making available to the public regulations and legal notices issued by Federal agencies?
a. Federal Register.
When the OPR decides that a rule concerning the exemption to publications has a substantial and direct impact on the general public, in what format should the new rule be submitted on a diskette for publication in the Federal Register?
c. ASCII format.
Which administrative communications program objective recommends a short note reply instead of a three-page document?
b. Efficient.
When is government email authorized for personal use?
c. When it serves a legitimate public interest.
Handling document security distribution for accountable containers is a responsibility under the administrative communications program. What operation can be included in this responsibility?
b. Defense Courier Service.
What grants users the ability to subscribe to a variety of list servers, mailing lists, and discussion groups?
b. Internet email.
What is the worst thing that could happen if you send digital images in mass distribution over email?
d. Crash the email system.
What is information concerning friendly force’s (US allied, and coalition) activities, intentions, capabilities, and limitations called?
d. Critical information.
Why was the Air Force Forms Management Program created?
d. Manage the collection, storage, retrieval, and display of standardized data.
Who may authorize foreign nationals’ access to US Government-owned or US Government-managed automated information systems?
d. DOD component head.
How often does the Forms Manager require the office of primary responsibility (OPR) to review their forms?
c. Every 2 years.
Under the Forms Management Program, which of the following is not a responsibility of the Forms Manager?
a. Forms classification.

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