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xDachille: Latin America economics (Industry)


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Bolivia’s Foreign Investment Resentmen
Tin mines
Capital Investment
Crucial funding that makes things like industrialization possible.
Chile’s Foreign Investment Resentment
US copper mines nationalized by Allende in 1971.
Cuba’s Foreign Investment Resentment
$1.4 billion in US assets taken without compensation.
Debt Payments
Often keep small farmers in a cycle of continuous poverty.
When forest are wiped out.
Foreign Investment History
British constructed railroad in Argentina (1857-1912).
US: Oil (Venezuela & Mexico); mining, fruit. $12 billion in 1970.
Free Trade
Trade without restrictions generally only benefiting the more advanced economy (country).
Government Instability
Discourgaes capital investment.
Caudillos won’t develop infrastructure for industrialization
Industrial investment
Limited because: land ownership is more attractive;
Money more secure in US & Europe;
Wealthy Latin Americans want a quick return.
Mexico’s Foreign Investment Resentment
Oil fields.
Mineral Export Dependence
Bolivia (tin); Chile (nitrates & copper); Brazil (rubber 1900-1912); Venezuela (oil, iron ore)
North American Free Trade Agreement between US, Mexico & Canada. Often criticized as US exploiting Mexican labor.
Claiming resources and assets of country as belonging to the home country (not foreign ownership).
Population Growth
Children seen as old parent’s security.
Pop gorwing faster than industrial base.
Urbanization in 1970s & 1980s.
Tax Problems
Wealthy pay the least tax.

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