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xDachille: Middle East Economics (Agriculture & Industry)


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Aswan Dam
Controvertial Nasser project, generated electricity, but was eco disaster.
Egypt’s Declined Productivity
Pattern of land ownership.
Dependence on single crop.
Olives, oranges, dates, tobacco, cotton.
Lack of Water
Makes less than 10% of land farmable. Scant available land is then overcrowded.
Sheep, goats. Problems with deforestation.
Main Crops
Wheat & grains. Much food imported.
President of Egypt.
Nasser’s Reforms
Land redistribution.
Crop diversification.
Obstacles to progress
Rapid Population growth.
Political conflicts.
Etatism (Statism)
Gov program: Combines gov & private development. Found in Turkey
Major Industries
Oil; Food & tobacco processing; Textile & footwear;
Construction materials.
Obstacle to Industry
Low literacy rate.
Low investment, land is prefered instead.
Gov program: Gov owns key industries, controls prices on certain products. Found in Egypt; Iraq; Syria

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