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Chapter 13- Disorders


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Chlorpromazine (thorazine)
developed to help allergies, but effected people w/ psychotic diseases(schizophrenia).. 20% prognosis to 70% (1950's)
Electroconvulsive therapy
electrical current is passed thru brain; "reset mechanism" like a seizure. no memory of hospitalization for patients still used for depression (treatment)
Manic depression
mental illness where patient suffers from severe mood swings of extreme highs (super achievement) and extreme lows (depression, suicide)
neurotransmitter that is deficient during 'depressive episode'
amyloid plaques
accumulation of protein aggregates (alzheimer's)
first region affected by amyloid plaques (alzheimer's)
protein fibrils
prevents neural transmission and eventually cell death
insulin shock therapy
massive doses of insulin to induce hypoglycemia (treatment)
prefrontal lobotomy
remove parts of frontal lobe (treatment)
release mentally ill from institutions, became homeless. communities couldn't deal. life was often worse.
begins in hippocampus, caused by accumulation amyloid plaques in brain around nerve cells. blocks communication between nerve cells. cell death.

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