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com 280 final


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american photographers
Walker Evan, Robert Frank
civil war (the after math of war in charleston)
Mathew Brady
private family (air force plane)
William Eggleston
color photography, topography (the falls)
Steven Shore
washroom in the dog run
flag covering woman
parents with baby in kitchen
bill owens
the rag picker
eugene atget
street musicians
the critic
execution of Ruth Snyder
Tom Howard
migrant mother
dorthea lange
american way of life (irony)
margaret bourke-white
the hindenburg disaster
sam shere
photographed young workers and factory workers
Lewis Hine
lovers in a bistro
political reportage
Erich Salomon
italian rag picker (woman and baby)
jacob riis
fork peck dam
mahatma gandhi
the terminal
mans back
dorthea lange
babe ruth retirement
nat fein
poisoned asian child
eugene smith
black man crying at funeral, playing accordian
Ed Clark
man hopping over water
general mcarthur walking through water
carl mydans
three spanish policemen
eugene smith
gee's bend, dust storm
vj day in times square (kissing)
alfred eisenstadt
death of a loyalist soldier
robert capa
first pic of dead shown to americans during the war, dead men on shore
george strock
iwo jima
joe rosenthal
normandy invasion (blurry man in water)
robert capa
man with dog (dog facing camera, man looking away)
Robert Doisneau
man and woman drinking wine at a bar, three kids on a corner (one little girl two older teens)
Robert Doisneau
popular art, lots of pics
andy warhol
black harlem
bruce davidson
girl fixing hair in the mirror at ellis island
bruce davidson
revolver (gun pointed at camera)
William Klein
Marilyn Monroe with skirt flying
Mathew Zimmerman
segregated water fountains, first black girl at high school
Eliot Erwitt
animal feet and little dog
Eliot Erwitt
death of segregation
Charles Moore
buddist monk in flames
malcom browne
oswald assasination
robert jackson
man putting flowers into guns
diane arbus
twins in black dresses with white collars
diane arbus
dead vietcong with his bad spilled out
Don McCullin
shooting vietcong suspect in head
eddie adams
Robert F. Kennedy Shot
Bill Eppridge
kent state massacre
john paul filo
black man reaching for fallen white man
larry burrows
three upper-class black women walking through hollywood
gary winnogrand
a couple with chimps
gary winnogrand
angled pics (woman in phone booth, cutting in front of bus)
gary winnogrand
child standing in garage in new mexico
gary winnogrand
soldier statue with rifle pointed same direction as mother with baby carriage
lee friedlander
two kids on the street (one with a gun), homeless kid on dope with stuffed animal
mary ellen mark
motor cycle gangs
danny lyon
mexican mother with two chlldren and messed up teeth
danny lyon
using flag to stab a man
stanley forman
tiennamen square
stuart franklin
the potato farmer
stuart franklin
young boy at his fathers funeral with his grandfather
christopher morris
in helicopter (man on left crying over loss of comrade in body bag at right)
david turnly
white man holding hand of tiny mutilated black child
mike wells
vulture waiting for child to die
kevin carter
fireman holding hurt baby
carles porter
kid playing on rusty tank
james nachtwey
croat soldier shooting out window of thrashed room
james nachtwey
olympic swimmer in the water
co rentmeester
fiber optic showing embryo
leonard nilsson
william anders
photographed his dream
alex gotfryd
photographed life in harlem,heavy shadows, musicians
roy decarava
man clinging to briefcase
roy decarava
red rose with water drops
ernst haas
abstracts with color
ernst haas
not afraid to make pics and colors blurr
ernst haas
optical parabole
alvarez bravo
assasinated worker
black cloth with breast
girl looking in window
nude sleeping in ace bandages
captures light
flor garduno
used digital
pedro meyer
three carts (woman and child to left)
mario algaze
man sleeping with a pic of a woman above
raul corrales
pics of crowds
mud pits
sebastiao salgado
refugees (walking with heads covered)
child crying leaning up mother looking away
chair with sideways shadows
paul strand
mobil homes
robert adams
home slide show
joel meyerowitts
frank gehry
colorful architecture
ricardo legoretta
glass pyramid
i.m. pei
switzerland high school
santiago calatrava
airport, bridge
concret church
le corbusier
pan pacific auditorium (the one professor photographed)
Welton Beckett
Paul Outerbridge
nude woman wearing meat packer gloves
shadows from cut papaer
williamsburg bridge
alvin langdon coburn
ezra pound
shot pic of berlin straigh down
little boy by big pillar
the chelist
anton bragaglia
anton bragaglia
the constructor
El Lissitzky
at the telephone, shot downward
alexander rodchenko
portrait of mother with twisted glasses
alexander rodchenko
floating tree
jerry uelsmann
painting with light
gjon mili
margaret graham (movement)
gjoh mili
dancer leaning over
barbara morgan
spring on new york
barbara morgan
Hearst over the people
barbara morgan
lots of pics put together to make hwy
david hockney
million pics put together to make one pic
ryszard horowitz
used pinhole camera to photograph venice
gunther derleth

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