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EAWS Common Core 115:Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Fundamentals(NAMP)


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Who is in charge of the NAMP?
The CNO.
State the objective of the NAMP.
To standardize operations and administration of any naval aviation command.
What is in Vol. I of the NAMP?
Concepts, policies, organizations, maintenance support procedures, & "O" Level & "I" Level Maintenance.
What is in Vol. II of the NAMP?
Depot Level Maintenance.
What is in Vol. III of the NAMP?
Maintenance Data Systems(MDS).
What is in Vol. IV of the NAMP?
Aviation 3M data processing requirements.
What is in Vol. V of the NAMP?
Standard Operating Procedures.
Describe the Organizationl Level of maintenance.
Squadron/operating unit day-to-day maint. in support of its own operations. Servicing, inspecions, handling, on-equip corrective and preventive maint., record keeping, report preparations, etc.
What is the Mission of O Level Maintenance?
To maintain assigned aircraft & aeronautical equipment in a full mission capable status while continually improving the local maintenance process.
Describe the Intermediate Level of maintenance.
Maintenance which is the responsibility of, and performed by, designated maint. activities in support of using organizations.
What is the Mission of I Level Maintenance?
To enhance and sustain the combat readiness and mission capabitlity of supported activities by providing quality & timely material support at most approximate location w/ the lowest practical resource expenditure.
Describe the Depot Level of maintenance.
Perform "overhaul" maintenance. Rework & repair of engines, components, weight & balance etc.
What is the Mission of Depot Level Maintenance?
To ensure flying integrity of airframes and flight systems during subsequent operational service periods or Special Depot Level Maintenance (SDLM)
What are the responsibilities of the Maintenance Officer(MO)according to the NAMP?
Accomplishment of department mission. Administrates procedures IAW NAMP,employ sound management practices in handling of personnel, facilities & material. Defines & assigns responsibilites, functions and operations.
What are the responsibilities of the Aircraft Maintenance Officer(AMO)according to the NAMP?
Assistant head of maint. dept. Assists MOand keeps MO informed of matters conderning dept. Recieves same training and qualed under same guidelines as MO.
What are the responsibilities of the Maintenance/Material Control Officer(MMCO)according to the NAMP?
Overall production & material support of dept. Coordinates and monitors workload, liaisons between supported activites & supply, reviews MDRS, etc.
What are the responsibilities of the Material Control Officer(MCO) according to the NAMP?
Supply corps officer assigned to squadron will be the MCO. Manages Tool Control Program for MMCO. Supports and disseminates BOSS III Program and Price Challenge Hotline.
What is the BOSS Program?
A partnership in which the NAVY seeks to reduce supply support costs and improve readiness.
How does the BOSS Program reduce cost and improve readiness?
By improving reliability and maintainability of NAVICP managed items in fielded weapon or support systems.
State the basic responsibilities of the Maintenance Administration Division.
Provides administrative functions of Maint Dept including prep of messages, processing of incoming messages & reports, maintaining inst., etc.
State the basic responsibilities of the Maintenance Control.
M/C will strive to maintain full mission capable A/C. PC will strive to process items
State the basic responsibilities of the Production Control.
PC will strive to process items recieved to keep all non-mission capable & partial-mission capable parts processed & back to the respective command in at timely fashion.
What is scheduled maintenance?
Program for formally ensuring timely discovery & correction of defects. Periodic insp & servicing done on hours, cycles or landings, calendar or mileage.
What is the purpose of a daily inspection?
More in depth than turnaround/postflight insp.Valid 72hrs if no flight or maint. Can fly for 24hrs w/out another daily begining at 1st launch after daily completed.
What is the purpose of a turnaround inspection?
Conducted between flights to ensure integrity of the A/C for flight, verify proper servicing and detect degradation that may have occured during previous flight. Good for 24hrs if no flight or maint other than servicing.
What is the purpose of a Special inspection?
Perscribed interval other than daily, calender or phase. 14 day, 2000 landing, 2000 hr, etc. Specified in Periodic Maintenance Information Card deck.
What is the purpose of a conditional inspection?
Unsecheduled conditions requiring an insp. such as bird/lightening strike, hard-landing, Foreign Object Damage insp. etc.
What is the purpose of a phase inspection?
Divides total scheduled maint requirement in smaller packages/phases of the same work content.Done sequentialy at specified intervals. Repetitive for service life of A/C, not interrupted during SDLM induction.
What is the purpose of a Acceptance inspection?
Done when getting new A/C or on return from SDLM.
What does the Acceptance inspection include?
Inventory of equipment in the Aircraft Inventory Record(AIR), verification of cartridge actuated devices(CADs), escape propulsion systems, configuration verification, hyd fluid sampling, daily & complete functional flight check.
What is the purpose of a transfer inspection?
Performed when transfering an A/C. Inventory of all items on AIR, configuration verification, hyd fluid sampling & daily.
What is the purpose of a Aircraft Service Period Adjustment?
Depot level evaluation of A/C's general material condition. Performed by certified ASPA evaluators and consists of record & logbook analysis, and physical exam of A/C.
What is the purpose of a Functional flight check(FCF)?
To determine if the airframe, powerplant, accessories & equip are functioning IAW predetermined standards which subjected it to the intended operation environment.
When is a FCF done?
Completion of SDLM, acceptance, after engine drop, flight control surface replacement, attitude system component replacement/adjustment,certain phases, or if not flown for 30 days regardless of reason & if CO says so.
What is the purpose of the Weight and balance program?
Provides standard system of field weight & balance control & flight crew w/ accurate base line weight & center of gravity information.
What is included in the weight and balance program?
Gives max operating weights, center of gravity restrictions and method of loading. Modifications are utilized in updating A/C records.
What is the purpose of the Aircraft Logbook?
It is a hard cover, loose-leaf binder containing the history of the aircraft. Non-aging record.
What are some sections of the Aircraft logbook?
FLight time, insp records, repair & rework, TD's, pres & depres, installed explosive devices, inventory, assembly service record, equip history, SRC's, aviation life support, seat survival kit, & Aeronautical Equip Service records(AESR's)
What are Aeronautical Equipment Service Records kept on?
Items that have their own inspections, such as engines, APU's, prop assy, etc.
Who is authorized to sigh Aircraft Logbook entries.
Anyone designated in writing by the CO. CO, O-Level, I-Level, D-Level Director of Operations, OMD, &or anyone designated in writing by those listed. If NAVAVNDEPOT can't the reporting custodian shall verify work and sign.
Who is authorized to release Aircraft safe for flight?
The signature and rank rate of the MO, MMCO or MCO. Designees of the CO.
What is safe for flight?
Condition which considering mission requirement & environmental conditions, permits A/C to be launched, flown, and safely landed & aircrew has operable equipment for safe flight requirements.
What are Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRC's) used for?
Inst. required for efficient performance of scheduled maintenance tasks.
What information is on a MRC?
Each card has tasks for specific system and tells rating req'd, time needed, lists SE needed, consumables, replacement parts & assistance requirements.
What is not on a MRC?
Instructions for repair, adjustment, calibration, or procedures for correcting defects.
What are Periodic Maintenance Cards(PMIC's) used for?
To identify scheduled or forced reomval of items and their replacement intervals.
What information is on a PMIC?
Component or assy removal and replacement, airframe structural life limits, maintenance requirement system indexes, conditional inspections, phase change implementations cards, etc
What is an Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB)?
Contains illustrations and part #'s for all parts of the A/C or equipment used to order & identify parts and their arrangement within an assy.
What is the Maintenance Instruction Manual (MIMS)?
Contains inst. for "O" & "I" level maintenance and servicing of a specific model A/C. Identifies each maintenance task to the responsible maintenance level.
What is the responsibility of the Work Center Supervisor?
The hour to hour maintenance situation. Req's constant communication between W/C & Maintenance Control. Always Keep them notified.
What is the concept of Quality Assurance?
That of the prevention of the occurance of defects. The achievement depends on prevention, knowledge, and special skills.
What are the responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Representative (QAR)?
Direct representative of CO when inspecting and ensure safe for flight of item concerned. Certify that work was inspected and done properly IAW all inst. & directives.
What are the responsibilities of a Collateral Duty QAR(CDQAR)?
Temporary or permanent, fill in as QAR's. May be permanent for Aircrew Personal Protective or Survival Equipment or Armament billet, Egress/Environmental Systems.
What are the responsibilities of a Collateral Duty Inspector?
Assigned to W/C's to inspect all work and comply with QA insp., spotcheck all work in progress, Monitored by QA, QA sets minimum quals, given written test, oral test may be used.
What is the purpose of a special audit?
Evaluate specific tasks, processses, procedures & programs. W/C may request any time or when new W/C Sup assigned. Copies held for one year.
What is the pupose of a Quarterly Work Center Audit?
To evaluate the overall quality performance of W/C to include personnel, monitored and managed programs, logs & records, licenses, etc.
Who manages the CTPL program?
What are the two functions of the Central Technical Publications Library(CTPL)?
Determining what manuals are needed to support maintenance, receipt & distribution, and ensuring manuals are up to date. Also control and distrubution of NAMP.
Discuss the Foreign Object Damage(FOD) Program.
Identifies, corrects, & eliminates casual factors which are a command responsibility and part of maintenance program.QA monitored, all W/C's will institute procedures for compliance.
What is the primary objective of the Tool Control Program?
Provides a means to rapidly account for all tools after completing a maintenance task, reducinng potential FOD. Reduced tool loss.
What is the purpose of the Fuel Surveillance Program?
Record of when and which tanks were samples are kept. QA monitored. Free water and foreign contaminants are hazard. Erratic or incorrect quantity indications, icing of filter, valves & other components.
What is the pupose of the Navy Oil Analysis Program?
Diagnostic technique to monitor aeronautical equip w/out removal or disassembly. QA ensure samples taken at correct intervals IAW MRC's $ MIMs. Results maintained and trends highlighted.
What is the pupose of the Aviators Breathing Oxygen (ABO) Surveillance Program?
2 or more qualified(thoroughly trained & monitored)persons familiar with the characteristics of ABO, LOX, gaseous hazards & need for quality standards.
What is the pupose of the Hydraulic Contamination Program?
Achieve & maintain a satisfactory level of fluid purity.A/C Navy Class 5, SE Navy Class 3.
What is the pupose of the Tire and Wheel Maintenance Safety Program?
To train personnel of the hazards of handling tires/wheels. Same as live ordnance. All will be familiar with applicable manuals.
What is the purpose of the Maintenance Training Improvement Program(MTIP)?
To evaluate technical knowledge of technicians. Identify where refresher training is needed.
What is the purpose of the Monthly Maintenance Plan(MMP)?
Schedule of preditible maintenance work. By 25th of month. Allow supervisors to be aware of upcoming requirements.
What minimum information is include in the MMP?
Flight hours, dates of scheduled inspections, training, qualifications, chain of command, calibration schedules, TD compliance dates, etc.
What is Electro-Static Discharge(ESD)?
The transfer of electrostatic charge between objects at different potentials caused by direct contact or induced by an electrostatic field.
What is the importance of the ESD Program?
Provides protected areas for parts & procedures to control & minimize ESD. These areas required when handling parts out of protective coverings.

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