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FFOD Before start


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Auto Transfer
Checked CP or FO
L or R gen on
After 2 second delay observe
Batt off Bus light on
central Bus off light on
Gen 1 and 2 off bus lights on
Aux GEN 1 and 2 off bus lights on
Transfer fail light on
Emerg bus off light out indication that the battery is powering the embergency buses
Electrical emergecy switch
L or R GEN off
Check that the system stays locked in Emergency transfer and annuciator lights remained unchanged
Electrical emergency switch
check all lights are out except the following
GEN 1 and GEN 2 off bus light on
Aux Gen 1 and 2 off bus lights on
Back up battery test
white on light on
standy horizon instrument back lighting on
back up batt switch arm
Flight IDLE STOP cb
checked by captain
check the captains left side console viewing window that the flight idle stop Circuit Breakers are not open
Crew oxygen masks
checked by cp and fo
on audio control panel
SPKR press
Mask/boom switch mask
adjust volume for oxygen flow test
on control wheel
Hot mic/ptt switch hot mic
Quick donning oxygen mask stowage box
Regulator flow selector 100%
reset/test lever press and hold
listen for oxygen flow through the speaker, and check that the flow indicator shows a yellow cross then turns black
Emergency rotary knob Press the release
Listen for oxygen flow through the speaker, and check that the flow indicator shows a yellow cross
reset/test lever release
mask/boom switch boom
audio control panel as required
minimum oil temperature required to unfeather
0 celcius
Minimum oil temperature to feather
10 celcius
ice detector
ice detector system test button press
single chime alert
caution lights flash
ice detection system inop light on
ice condition light map on
Deice light on MAP on
This test will take 3 seconds. All lights going out at the end of the test sequence indicates a successful test
Rudder test
checked by FO
This test must be completed with APU power and bleed air source for the hydraulic system reservoir. If APU is not available start the right engine as outlined in the Engine start check
Flap Bit
Checked by first officer
BIT psush-button press
single-chime alert
on the suplementary flap
panel, check the Control
Fault caption comes on
Flap and Advanced Sws
legends flashing
All light bars on the
annuciator panel come on
Flap position indicates
below 0 degrees on flap
Bit push-button release and press
The Asymmetry caption
illuminates on the
suplementary flap panel
RST push-butto press
This restores automatic
Ice protection monitor
check Fo
Ice protection monitor switch test
with 2 seconds
single-chime alert
panel on
Deice light in map on
Within 3 seconds
All lights on the DE ICING
pane on
Within the next 2 seconds
All lights on the DE-ICING
panel OUT

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