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Navy AM ch. 16 fixed wing flight control


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what type of flight control provides additional lift during takeoff and landing?
Secondary flight control
What type of flight control system is used on high-speed jet aircraft?
Power boost flight control system
What type of pressure supplies the force necessary to operate the control surface in a full power operated system
Hydraulic pressure
On small or low speed aircraft, cockpit flight conrols are connected directly to control surfaces by what means
Cables or pushrods
On high speed aircraft, what components aid the pilot in moving the flight control surface
Hydraulic actuators
Current specifications call for what type of power source or emergenct operation of a primary fight control system
Independent hydraulic power source
In an elevator system, what component ports hydraulic pressure to the power cylinder
the control valves
With the stabilizer trimmed nose down, what action does the load feel bungee add on the elevator
Nose down attitude
Stabilizer trim deflection on an S-3 aircraft is from how many degrees down to up
-6 degrees down to +1 degree up
What is the maximum surface deflection each stabilator on an F/A-18 aircraft
10.5 degrees trailing edge down to 24 degrees trailing edge up
Full throw of a pilot's control stick raises the inboard flaperons how far
49.5 degrees
Full throw of the pilot's control stick raises the outboard flaperons how far
53 degrees
All four flaperons will automatically pop up approximately how many degrees when the aircraft has weight on wheels and the throttles are retarded
41 degrees
What combined flight control system achieves an increased roll rate about the longitudinal axis
Aileron and Spoiler deflection system
What causes the spoiler deflectors to open
Upward movement of the aileron
What control system provides a means of controlling an aircraft about its vertical axis
Directional control system
When is a backup flight control system activated
Whenever a partial or complete hydraulic failure occurs
At what pressure does the backup hydraulic system get activated
When pressure is decreased from 700 to 900 psi.
When does the backup flight control system perform as an isolated system
When the flight and combined systems fail
What must be done to a flight control hydraulic component when it is found to be contaminated
It must be removed and replaced
When an aircraft has a discrepancy with the flight controls system when is the aircraft released for further flights
When the discrepancy has beed determined and corrected
What corrective action often results in a repeat discrepancy or loss of aircraft
"could not duplicat" or "replaced suspected component"
Maintenance of the primary flight control power actuator is generally beyond the capability of what maintenance level
O level maintenance
What will ensure proper response of a flight control surface
Correct cable tension
How many control cables are there in a simple cable system
Other than periodical inspections, what else must be done to a control cable
It must be kept clean
What is the maximum number of broken wires allowed in a 1 inch length of a 7 x 7 cable
six broken wires
What is the maximum number of broken wires allowed per inch on a control cable passing over pulleys, drums, or through a fairlead
What is the purpose of a quick disconnect in a cable system
used for freAuent disconnecting
A simple rigid control system consists of what components
push pull rods and bell cranks
After installing a new push pull rod in a flight control system, what must be done to the control surface
it must be checked for correct travel
what is the purpose of a bell crank and a walking beam
to change direction of motion when the airframe does not permit a straight run
what is the purpose of a double spring bungee
to protect against both overtension and overcompression
the purpose of rigging and adjusting a primary flight control system is to regulate and limit surface deflection in both directions. what other purpose does it serve
it ensures neutral alignment of all connecting components
a tensiometer is inaccurate for measuring cable tension under how many pounds
what is the actual tension on a 3/16 inch diameter cable if a No.2 riser is used and the dial on the tensiometer reads 48
100 pounds
when the control column is in neutral, the trailing edge of the control surface should be aligned to what degree on the throwboard scale
with the aft sector rig pin in place, the elevators read 5 degrees above zero. what must you do to correct this
lengthen the push pollrod until the elevator trailing edge reads zero
a 1/8 inch flight control cable is composed of how many strands and wires
seven strands and nineteen wires each
what tools can be used to cut a small diameter cable
heavy duty diagonal cutters, side cutters, or a pair of wire nippers
what is the most satisfactory method of cutting a cable
a cable cutting machine
to achieve the most efficient operation when seating a cable end fitting, you must use a 3/8 inch air line with at least how many pounds of pressure
minimum of 90 pounds of pressure
what manual contains info on proof testing various size cables
NAVAIR 01-1A-8
what components connect the wing flaps to the main wing assembly
connected by various kinds of hingers and slides
what is the purpose of the relief valve located in the prssure line ahead of the flap normal system selector valve
relieves pressure from thermal expansion
in a leading/trailing edge flap system, what is the full down deflection of the trailing edge flap
60 +1, -2 degrees
what component provides the power source for the emergency flap system
a 300 cubic inch bottle charged to 3000 psi
what component of the wing flap system shifts rotary motion to linear motion
flap actuator
moving the flap control handle to the TAKEOFF position will move the slats to what position
27.5 degree leading edge down
the wing control system provides high lift and drag forces for takeoff and landings. what other advantages does the wing control system provide
increased lift for maneuvering and, at supersonic speeds, aerodynamic lift to reduce trim drag
when is the only time a wing sweep self test can be performed
when the wings are overswept
what flight control is used to slow down the aircraft speed by increasing the profile drag
speed brakes
what type of switch is used to control the aileron trim system
a five position, four throw, momentary ON contact switch with a center OFF position
how does an aircraft that does not have trim tabs achieve lateral trim
by repostioning the lateral control surfaces as necessary to achieve a balanced lateral flight condition.
how is lingitudinal trim achieved on an aircraft that has movable horizontal stabilizers and elevators
by changing the incidence of the stabilizer
who must supervise the removal and installation of a wing assembly
a senior petty officer
what is the first step theperson in charge must perform before installing a new wing assembly
check the identification tag to make sure it is the correct repleacement unit
many of the general precautions listed under the removal and installation of what component apply to the removal and replacement of a stabilizer
wing assembly
what tool is used for removing the piano wire of a flight control surface
a hand drill
when istalling a flight control surface what tool is used to ensure that the hinge holes are properly aligned
drift pin
why is the alignment of an airframe important
it is directly related to the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft
how are flight control surfaces balanced at the time of manufacturer
by adding weights to the inside of the leading edge of the control surface
what must be accomplished prior to performing ad alignment check on an aircraft
the aircraft must be level both laterally and longitudially
what is used to control the attitude of and aircraft during an alignment check
haw many different reference points are used during transit leveling
four, two longititudinal and two lateral
when is an aircraft level when using the plumb bob method of leveling
when the plumb bob pointer is at 0 degrees on the datum plate
in what configuration must an sircraft be before a wing twist check can be performed
the wings must be folded and the aircraft leveled laterally

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