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What is the test load of a slavage platform?
With the boom adapter attached to the forklift what is the load center at 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 feet?
3 ft-13332 lbs
4 feet- 10,000lbs
5 ft- 8,000lbs
6 ft.- 6,666lbs
7 ft- 5,714
What is a load center?
A point load that acts downward because of gravitational force and passes through either the center of gravity of the object being lifted
How long does the boom adapter have to be load tested?
10 min
What is the rated capacity of a tailhook dolly? What is it tested to?
400lbs ; 600lbs
How big are universal salvage harnesses?
9 ft long and 5 inches wide
What is the vertical hitch rated at? What is the basket hitch rated at? What is the choker hitch rated to?
31,000lbs; 62,000lbs; 24,800lbs
What would be the main mount load of a F-14 with the gross weight of 74,350?
A 51,800lb F-14A has made a landing with the NLG in the up position. What is the minimum lift neccesary to raise the nose allowing the NLG to be lowered?
The minimum lift is appr. 7,700lbs. (15% of 51,800)
A 33,000lb F-18 has blown the nosewheel tire and requires jacking to replace the tire. If the jack is placed on the NLG strut, what is the minimum lift?
6,600lbs (20% of 33,000lbs)
During a landing the left MLG of a 44,000 lb C-2 has collapsed. If an airbag is placed under the left wing just outboard of the nacelle, it must have the lifting capacity of how much?
19,800lbs (455 of 44,000lbs)
How many crash dollies and adapters are provided on all carriers how how much weight can they support?
4 crash dollies with 2 adapters, they are rated to 32,000lbs each
How many tiedown assemblies should the crash crew maintain?
12 TD-1A/B
Name 3 hydraulic jacks that are provided for maintenance support of carrier based a/c?
Variable height tripod, fixed height tripod the hand carried axle
Of the 3 basic types of tackles what has the highes mechanical advantage and which has the lowest?
two fold purchase has the highest and the gun tackle has the lowest
Name 2 types of tackles that could be used to lift a 425 lb object with a pull force of 150lbs.
single luff or two fold purchase
What tackle is rerquired to lift a 659lb object with a pull force of 150lbs.?
invert two fold purchase
What is a snatch block used for?
Anytime the direction of pull needs to be changed
An OLD frquently used 3/4 inch diameter line is being used as a line tag. What is its estimated safe working load?
625 lbs
What is the safe working load of NEW line of 3/4 inch line?
1250 lbs
Selection of a wire rope with a safety factor of "six" to lift an object weighing 15,000lb requires a line with a diameter of what?
1 1/4 inches
If a safety factor of "eight" is more desirable what minimum diameter would you need?
1 1/2 inches
How should forklifts be positioned in relation to the a/c with NLG damaged or collapse?
At right angles
Where should you position the bellyband with the aircraft inverted?
Around the tail of the a/c
How many tiedowns should you use if the a/c is in the catwalk?
Max # of tiedowns
How far from the boat will the coxswain cease towing a helo?
50 yards
The cargo hook on the B&A crane is the righing line. What is the reaching capability under the surface of the water?
25 ft
What is the max lifting capacity weight of the AACC?
What is the max trap weight of the F-14?
What are the pitch and roll limits while hoisting the T-45?
+or- 15 degrees pitch + or - 10 degrees for roll
What is the max hoisting weight for the H-46E?
What is the maximum hoisting weight of an H-53E?
The most common jacks used for lifting/raising a/c are what?
axle jacks tripod jacks cantilever jacks
What is the capablity of teh diabled wheel dolly?
What is the percentage of weight on each MLG for a H-60?
When 2 or more tow lines or ropes are used for towing they should be connected with manila lines every ____ to prevent whipping if a tow line breaks?
15 ft
What wheel diameters can the disabled wheel dolly?
What type of tackle should be used with a pull of the person of 100 lbs?
can lift 200 lbs using a gun tackle
What is the max towing speed loaded of the disabled wheel dolly?
Fires involving hypergolic mixtures can be best be handled by what?
Diluting the fuel oxidizer with large quanities of water.
Approzimately what temperature will cause epoxy binder to ignite or decompose?
725 degrees
Which reference manual refers to mishaps involving nuclear weapons?
How many hot suits should be on the flight deck with how many back up suits?
12 complete sets with 4 back up stock at all times
How many alumiminized fire protection suits should be maintained in hangar deck?
6 complete sets
How many SCBAs with how many spare cylinders will be prepositioned in the Hangar bay?
Minimum of 2 SCBAs with 4 spare cylinders for each bay
You are planning a budget. What is the first thing which you should plan?
Of the following which one is a fixed expense?
Clothes, Rent, Savings Food
Expenses that are the same every month are called what?
According to the US Dept of Labor appr. what percentage of your income should be budgeted for housing costs?
You are getting a SRB. What type of pay is that?
What form should you use to request either regular or emergency leave?
NAVCOMPT form 3065
You are entitled to an annual clothing maintenance allowance after you have been on active duty for what length of time?
6 months
There are how many types of allotments?
How many types of pay may you receive? What are they?
3; Basic, incentive, special
Pay you get for cetain types of duty that are usually considered hazardous?
What actions must our country take tp rotect our national security and sustain our economy?
Import raw materials manufacture goods and export goods to world market places and keep sea lanes open
During WWII the US built and manned more thatn how many merchant ships?
What is use of Naval forces to achieve naval objectives?
Naval strategy
What amount of minerals does the united states produce?
11 minerals
There are a total of how many US territories?
What objective would fall under the term "national objective?"
Political, security, and economic
Today, sea power involves which industries?
Marine science, and marine industry
The US coast guard was established as the US Revenue marine in what year?
In what yar did Congress enact the Merchant Marine Act?
A broad course of action designed to achieve national objectives?
National strategy
What are the principles of parts of sea power?
Naval power, ocean science, ocean industry, ocean commerce
Conditions that are to the advantage of our nation to pursue or protect?
National interests
What qualities should Navy leadership exibit?
Admin ability, moral principles and personal example
What is the primary goal of the Continous Improvement Program?
Increased productivity and to produce better quality through leadership
The law of armed conflict prohibits what?
rape, Pillage, Plunder
In what year did the Geneva convention establish certain rights for POWs?
The status of Forces Agreement covers what?
Taxes criminal jurisdiction, passport requirements
In what SECNAV instruction can you find out info on transmitting classified material?
SECNAV 5510.36
What does FOUO stand for?
For official use only
What does the letter in parentheses such as(S) after a pub title tell you?
The classification of that publication
What form is used to record bomb threats received over the phone?
Telephonic threat complaint OPNAV form 5527/8
What is the purpose of SOFA?
Define the status of military personnel of one country staioned ina territory of another

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