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what is the advantage of using transformers and transformer rectifiers vice inverters and dynamotors for suppling electircal power on aircraft
light weight, more reliable and simple to maintain.
what are the power requirments for naval aircraft?
120/208 volt ac, 3 phase and 400 hz
what determines the voltage frequency of an ac generator?
the numberr of magnetic poles and the rotor rpm
what are the two different types of ac generators?
the stator
what supplies the output power off a generator
who many phases is an ac generator?
brush and brushless
what are the advantages of a brushless generator over a brush type?
increased reliability
what is a prime mover?
a device that provides the driving force for the generator
what is the purpose of the CSD?
converts variable engine speed to a constant speed output.
in an inverter what converts electrical engery to mechnical engery?
the dc motor
on what does the rating of an aircraft inverter depend on?
the equiptment that it supplies
what is the purpose of the transformer
to convert an ac voltage into a usable ac output by either steping up or down that voltage
what is the function of a transformer rectifier
to convert acv input to dc output
what is the only moving part in the T/R
the cooling fan
what is the difference between an autotransformer and an ordinary one?
an autotransformer has one winding that is common to both primary and secondary windings.
Autotransformers offer both savings in size and const over ordinay transformers when are these savings greatest?
when the turns ratio is less then 2:1
what the two types of insturment transformers?
current annd potential
What components suppliue starting power for naval aircraft?
aircraft storage batteries, auxiliary power units and hydraulic motor driver generators
what components maintain aircraft batteries in a charge state?
ac genertors and transformer rectifiers
what are the two most common types of batteries?
lead acid which have a red case and nicle-cadmiuim which hae a blue case.
what is the battery manual?
on a VLAB what are the two nozzles used for?
the upper nozzle is conncected to a tube that supplies definite pressure on the battery in flight. the lower nozzle is connected to a negative pressure tube allowing the battery to drain without damaging the aircraft.
the sum jar is premoistened with what?
sodium bicacrrbonate
what is the battery sump jar used for?
to neutralize the gasses and excess battery solution
in a SLAB how is the eletrolyte immobilization accomplised
by using a gel or special mats to absorb electrolight
what is the fundamental unit of a nicad battery?
the cell
what are the two types of cells utilizedin nicad batteries?
vented and sealed
what it he nominal value of a nicad cell?
1.26 vdc
why can the hydralic driven emg generator only maintain smaller circuits?
the KVA rating is too low
what causes the rotor to turn in the generator?
the Hydraulic motor
what helps to maintian generator output freq?
the motor converts 3000 pounds per square inch of fluide to a constant speed rotation
how is a generator cooled?
hydraulic fluid
what is the purpose of the motor genertor control?
it provides voltage regulation and fault detection of the generator output
what isd the function of the solenoid control valve?
it is deenergized when the primary electrical power is lost and allows hydraulic/
on the gtpc-95 what drives the generator?
Shaft power at the main output pad
what are the two main sections of the generator?
accessory assembly and compressiojn/turbine section
the electrical system of the APU consist of what components?
5 different things
*hour meter
*wire harness
*holding relays
*Oil pressure switch
APU ingnition cuts out at what RPM?
what is the purpose of the C-switch?
it controls the sequence of operation during start up, of various electrical components
how are C-switched adjusted?
by appling spring tensionto the lever arm
what are the functions of these switched
35% shuts the starter iff
95% shuts off ingition, arms load circuit
106% overspeed protection
changing the effect at 35% also changes what?
the settings of 95 and 106
how does the 106% switch shut down the APU
when actuated it cuts off the fuel supply to the apu
at what RPM does the starter cut out at?
what couldd happen to the starter if the drop out realy fails?
the starter may fail internally
why do we use external power on naval aircraft?
It provides ground crew with electrical power for servicing, fueling, and performing maintenance actions.
what is the most common method of voltage regulation?
Varing the current to the fiield windings?
why would we use a permanet magent on the generator rotor in place exciter windings
It helps to maintian a constant load on the generator and simplifies generator construction
what hapens when magnetic fields of alternating polartiy pass accross the armature windings?
AC voltage induction occurs
what controls the voltage induced to the armature windings.
the numbers of turns of conductor per windings
Generator RPM
Magnetic field strengh
What must ac generator control systems protect against?
over/under voltage
over/under freq
improper Phase seq.
what is the purpose of the rotating 3 phase rectifer in the brushless generator?
changes the rotating ac output voltages of the exciter to dcx voltages
What is the chief advantage in haveing DC exciter intergrated into ac generators?
each generator has its own source of dc exciation voltage so no external source of electrical power is necessary.
What is the only mechnical moving part in a solid state voltage regulator?
exciter control relay
What happens if the output of the control amp section of a voltage regulator is too low?
regulator circuity increases the field strengh of the ac exciter
why is the controlling the rotor RPM the only means of fine tuning the output freq for a generator?
The generator has a fixed number of poles
What two components are connected by the CSD?
Engine and Generator
List the components of the CSD?
7 components
HYd pump, hyd motor, governeing system, gear pump, charge pump, replenishing pump, and scavange pump
when the input engine RPM is too low, what happens to the CSD hydraulic pump
The pump supplies more fluid to the motor causing the RPM to increase
How is the CSD generator system protected during underspeed connditions?
an under pressure switch is used to break the electriical circuit
what component provides circuit protection for an ac generator
Supervisor panel
aa sup panel will dissconnect the gen from the load under what conditions?
feeder fault
what is the required output freq of the PMG
howw many amps are required throught the exciter coil to generate a 120/208 load?
1.7 amps
what is the cutoff voltage of a supervisor panel?
when one or more phases drops to 90 volts or less
what is a the overvoltage limit of a sup panel
when one or more phases is 129 volts or greater
what is a feeder fault
a condition where the current leaving the generator does not pass through the load.
what is a bus
a primary power dist point that is connected to the main power source ussually holds system of like priority
how are busses identifyed?
by the priority of the eq it powers
what type of protection do busses utilized?
Cb, fuses, or current limiters
what are the two different types of power contacts?
single coil and double coil
what are the four power sources available to the F-14 aircraft?
left main generator, right main generator, emg power, and external power.
what are the 3 pahse busses of an f-14 aircraft
left and right main ac buss number one and number 2 ac essential busses and the ac monitor bus
what dc buss will not be powered in the even of one of the TR failing?
DC monitor bus
on an f-14 what is the purpose of the GPM?
it prevents external power from being applied if it is not within specified tolerances.
how will the pilot of an f-14 know if external power is applied to or dissconnected from his airrcraft
plane captain hand signals
what is the purpose of pins F and E on the external power cord?
it energized the external power contactor
in an F-14 aircraft with both main generators online, which buses does the left generator power?
3 things
all 115 essentail and instrumnet buses and the 26vac insturment/nav bus
with both generators online 115 vac essential bus number 2 fails to be powered what component failed?
power contactor k3
external power is applied to the aircraft, the right gen comes online, and only the main ac bus losses power what component could have failed?
powr contactor k2
it the right TR fails which buses if any will be dropped off line?
What will cause the monitor buss to lose power
if both TR fail
what ac bus does the emg generator supply power to?
essentail buss
what is the main advantage of a grounded system
it alleviates an extra conductor
what are the dissadvantages of an ungrounded system?
added weight, cost, and space.
when does the navys budget year start and end
oct 1 through 30 sept
what are some of the factors you should consider when planning for a budget?
number of personnel assigned
unit operating schedule
can your division complete the work, or should it be contracted maintenance
availability of OPTAR funding
Incremental budgeting is defined as what?
it is the primary budgeting used by the navy, you have a certain amount of money at the beginning of the year, and it increases each year with inflation
what is zero based budgeting?
this type of budgeting is utilized for one time expenses. In general zero based budgeting is starting from zero each year and figuring out the total amount of money needed for the year.
what does COSAL stand for
Coordinated shipboard allowance list
what supply department divison is identified as S-1?
Stores division
what are some materials not controlled by the supply department.
Nuclear weapons
Medical Stores
Marine Corps stores
How would you compute a 3 month endurance rate by ships experenice for fast moving items and then slow moving items>
multiply the past months usage by 3
divide the past 6 months usage by 2
Who heads the supply department on small vessals that do not have a Supplys Corps officer?
A line officer
what does FAD stand for?
Force activity designator
what does UND stand for
urgency of need designator
what does UND "A" refer to ?
The acitivity or unit cannot completes its mission. The part is needed immeddiatly
what does UND "b" refer to?
repair parts or eq is needed immediately, ships operation is impaired with out it.
what does UND "C" refer to?
Stock replinsihment and normal supply reuirements are routine material required to meet schedduled deployments
who has the baility ot waive minnor defects in cases of emergencies.
The commanding officer
What is the CEIL ?
Controlled equiptment item list, it is an item listing that fleet commanders developed jointly for special purpose inventory controlling
when shall all controlled itmes be inventoried?
all controlled items shall be inventoried between feb 15th and march 15th annually.
how far prior to the 15th feburay shall the supply officer prepare the offical notice advising of the annuall inspection?
30 days
what is direct counseling
is the process of listening to a members probleems, deciding with the member what should be done, and encouraging and motivating them to do it.
what is nondirect counseling?
client-centered, counseling is the process of skillfully listening to a counselee, encouraging the person to explain bothersome problems, and helping him/her to understand those problems and determine course of action.
what are the three major objectives of interviewing
estabilish leadership postion
discover special characteristics or apltitudes
show personnal interest.

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