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34 Foot Boat Study Guide


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Characteristics of the HULL are?
1. Planing type.
2. Paint is valspar Urethane. It is not Anti Foul CAUTION Do not use Mercury or Copper based paints on this hull as severe corrosion will result.
Length-37Ft. 11 in. (Overall)
Height-13Ft. 7 in. (Mast all the way down.)
Beam-Beam 11 Ft. 11 1/2 in.
Weight-17,000 (W/out trailer) 20,000 (W/trailer)
Tactical Diameter 55 Ft. (Approx).
Engine Type, and HorsePower?
What type of shutdown?
What type of fuel?
1. 6BTA M2 Cummins, B-Series, 6 cylinder aftercooled, Turbocharged, Marine/Seawater cooled.
2. 370 HP. 5.9 liter.
3. Manual fuel shutdown.
4.#2 Diesel or better.
What is the operating temp?
What is the Max temp?
Max- 205 degs.
How many gallons of fuel is used per hour at cruise speed?
17 gallons per hour
What is the firing order?
what is the idle speed?
750 rpm.
What is the Direction of rotation?
Clockwise from the front of the Engine.
Does it have a Heater?
Yes-Has engine heater.
Out Drives
Konrad 520 (opposite rotation)
No shifting of gears
What is the quart capacity of the Out Drives?
7 Quart capacity. Note: (Must use synthetic 75-90W in water cooler than 60 degs.
How can you fill?
Can fill from top or drain hole.
Has site glass for level mounted on transom.
Where are the warning lights for the Out Drives located?
Warning lights by tilt and trim switches to show unsafe angle or low oil (Max 8 Degs)
Transmission Type?
1. Twin disc model MG 5075
2. 1.32 Gal of 40W.
How can you drain and change trans and engine oil?
You can change trans and eng oil thru pump system.
Transmission characteristics.
Clutch disc hydraulic pressure (dash guard should be between 40 psi (idle in gear) and 350 psi (Cruising).
Max shift rpm?
1000 rpm. CAUTION Severe damage to Trans/Outdrive may result with speed shifting.
When will the Trans high oil temp go off?
Switch goes off at 205 Degs. (+/-2 degs.)
After Cooler?
1. Increases the density of the hot compressed air by cooling it down.
2. Finned shell and tube type.
Air/Turbo System?
1. Turbo is pressured lubricated by lube oil system.
2. Turbine is driven by exhaust gasses.
3. Compressor side compresses air to increase air flow.

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