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S.S. Study Guide Chapter 6


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Sutter's Mill was important to the gold miners because?
That was were people first discovered gold.
Why was it that when California became a state ranchos were being broken up and sold when ?
It was because they couldn't prove the land was theres.
How did most of the forty-niners reach California?
Most traveled overland or ship.
Why was life so hard in the mining camps?
It was hard because little food and medicine.
What was the issue that confronted California becoming a state?
The issue was slavery.
How does a free enterprise economy help entrepreneurs?
It help entrepreneurs start and run there own business.
What did the delegates at the Monterey Convention decide on doing?
They decided to make California a registered state.
Why di some of the miners have to pay high prices?
They had to pay high prices because the demand for something was higher than the supply of it.
Why did California's population grow quickly?
The Gold Rush started.
What groups of peole faced discrimination.
Californio's, Native Californians, Mexicans,Africans, and Chinese.
Who wrote the constition of 1848?
The delegates of the Monterey Convention.
Why was The Compromise of 1850 reached for?
To keep the power of the free states and slave states equal.
Did the value of gold mined between 1849 and 1850 increse or decrese?
Waht year was the most gold mined?
The value of gold mined in 1849 about?
$25 million.
The compromise that helped California become a state was that....?
California could become a free sate , but anyone helping slaves run away from their owners would be punished.
Hydraulic mining helped miners find more gold but it caused what?
Rivers and streams to flood, washed away tons of soil into the rivers and streams, and huge amounts of water.
The value of gold mined in 1849, 1850,1851 was about
125 million.

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