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Which type of guidance system is also known as television guided?
Which tracking energy gives the pilot a greater stand-off distance?
Global Positioning System (GPS).
State the purpose of the ADU-548/B and the ADG-769 adapter group.
The hardback assembly and lug sleeves provide more distance between the bomb and the bomb rack, and the aft fairing assembly provides an aerodynamic interface.
Name the three major component groups of a LGB.
-GP bomb -CCG -AFG
In which type of guidance system does the weapon send out the tracking energy?
Against what type of targets do we use the AGM-65?
Armored vehicles, air defenses, ships, transportation equipment, and fuel storage facilities.
Name the four types of tracking energy used in modern missiles. 
Light energy, electro-optical, radar, and GPS.
Which guidance system is nothing more than very high frequency radio waves?
Name the three sources that produce the tracking energy used in the guidance systems of precision-guided munitions.
Active, passive, and semi-active. 
What guidance system allows for a "fire and forget" capability of that particular weapon?  
In what guidance system does the target produce the tracking energy?
Which type of guidance system homes in on energy reflected off the target by another outside source?
What is the control system designed to do?
It does the actual steering of the PGM.
What section of a guided bomb do we refer to as the AFG?
The control section.
Name the two types of control surfaces on a guided munition and their purpose.
  • Fixed - stabilizes the weapon.
  • Movable - steers the weapon.
Name the three different mechanical forces that PGMs utilize to move control surfaces.
  • Hydraulic.
  • Pneumatic.
  • Electro-servo actuators.
What is the science or art of directing PGMs from one place to another? 
Impact and proximity describe the functioning of what part of an air-to-air missile?
The fuze.
What must take place for an air-to=ground missile to arm?
Sudden acceleration from rocket motor ignition.
The fragmenting missile case is one way missiles score a kill. What is the other?
The continuous rod construction.
What is the purpose of the S&A device?
It keeps the weapon in a safe condition during handling / transportation.
What are the minimum component requirements of a propulsion system?
A rocket motor and a rocket motor igniter.
Air Force PGM R/Ms are constructed with what type of propellant?
Single-stage, solid propellant.
What are the three types of R/M used in Air Force PGMs?
Medium thrust, dual thrust, and high thrust.
What allows the AGM-130 to incorporate the best features of a guided missile and a guided bomb?
The functional capability of the AGM-130 R/M to shut itself off and separate from the warhead.
What is the difference between the GBU-10 and the GBU-12?
The warhead and the AFG.
Which CCG is used by the GBU-10 and -12?
Either the MAU-169 or the MAU-209 series.
What does the CCG do?
It detects laser energy reflected from the target, processes the signal, and guides the weapon to the target.
Which warheads are used by the GBU-10?
The MK84 or BLU-109.
What warhead is used by the GBU-12?
The MK-82.
Describe the functions of the WGU-12/WGU-39 series GCU.
Autopilot control target detection and weapon guidance.
What fuzes are used in the GBU-24 series bombs?
FMU-81/B, FMU-139 A/B, FMU-143/B, B/B, J/B, and FMU-152 A/B.
What does the BSU-84 AFG provide for the LLLGB?
Lift and stability during flight.
Which tester is used for field testing all laser guided CCGs and LGB GCUs?
What does the TTU-373 tester do?
It function checks the CCG or GCU.
How many modes of operation does the TTU-373 have and what do they do?
13 modes. 6 test / troubleshoot, CCG/GCU, 2 test/troubleshoot the DTS, 1 isolates GCU/DTS problems, 2 to imput or display CCG/GCU parameters, 1 programs a PRF code plug, and 1 determines the GCU mission configuration.
What are the major components of a GBU-15?
Bomb body, TDD/Guidance section, control section, AFG, and guidance adapter.
Which warheads does the GBU-15 use?
MK84, BLU-109, BLU-118.
Which fuze is authorized for use in the GBU-15?
FMU-124 A/B, FMU-143/B.
Name the three AFGs utilized by the GBU-15.
MXUs: -724/B, -724 A/B, and -787/B.
What are the warheads of the AGM-130?
MK 84 2,000 pound GP bomb, BLU-109 2,000 pound penetrator.
For what purpose is the AGM-130 designed?
For indirect atack standoff missions using the remote control capability provided by the data link system.
Name the two types of guidance systems used by the AGM-130.
TV and IR.
Name the five major sections of the AGM-130.
TDD/Guidance Section, Adapter group, warhead, control section, and propulsion section.
What types of tests can the AN/GJM-64 perform?
A functional test and teh go/nogo test on the GBU-15 / AGM-130.
How many portable units does the AN-GJM-65 test set consist of?
In what type of conditions was the JDAM designed to fly?
In adverse weather and from very high altitudes to very low altitudes.
What type of guidance system does the JDAM use?
Where can yo ufind the three moveable control surrfaces on the JDAM?
On the tail assembly.
What role do the aerosurfacese ("strakes") perform for the JDAM?
Lift, maneuverability, and other flight characteristics.
What warheads can be used on the JDAM?
MK82, -83, -84, and BLU-109.
What components make up the GBU-24 low-level laser guided bomb unit (LLLGB)?
MK84 GP bomb or BLU-109 bomb, BSU-84/B AFG, and WGU-12 or WGU-39 GCU.
For what are the CNU-659/E and CNU-660/E containers designed?
All transportation environments.
What does the GPS for the GBU-39/B provide? 
Accurate conventional strike capability, from very low to very high altitudes.
From where is all targeting data automatically downloaded?
The cockpit.
What type of warhead does the GBU-39 use?
An advanced penetrator.
What test set performs the AIM-9X BIT test?
The AN/GYQ-79 (CMBRE).
List the major sections of the AIM-120.
Guidance, warhead, propulsion, and control.
What does the AIM-120 guidance section do?
It provides mid course guidance control, target acquisition, terminal guidance and control, and target encounter timing for warhead detonation.
Describe the FAU.
It's a thrust vector control system, consisting of four movable aerodynamic lifts, each moving independently through electro-servo actuators.
How many different JSOW variants are there and what are their differences?
Two, the AGM-154/A and AGM-154/B. Payloads being the difference.
What type of guidance system does the AGM-65D missile employ? 
Imaging infrared (IIR).
Against what type of target is the BLU-108 submunition designed to be used?
On hardened-armor targets.
Where is the GPS antenna located on the AGM-154?
On the nose cone.
How many AGM-154s is the CNU-575/E container capable of storing?
Which munitions is the AN/GYQ-79 capable of testing?
AGM-154(JSOW), AGM-158(JASSM), GBU-31, GBU-32(JDAM), and AIM-9X(Sidewinder).
Which test set component do we use to initiate BIT and get systems and munitions status,to reprogram munitions OFPs, and to load mission planning and GPS crypto keys?
What are the standard contents in the accessory kit (box 3)?
Power extension  cable assembly W4, Power adapter cable assembly W5, an AC-DC converter, dummy connector plug, computer hood, disk drive unit and interface cable assembly, and 3.5-inch floppy disk.
Which type of guidance system is so successful it is used on air-to-ground missiles and general-purpose (GP) guided bombs?
Which type of precision-guided munitions (PGM) homes in on energy reflected off the target by another source?
The purpose of the fixed control surfaces used on guided munitions is to -
Steer the weapon to the target.
What is required before an air-to-ground guided munitions fuze will detonate?
Sudden acceleration.
What type of rocket motor propellant is used in air-to-ground missiles?
Which air-to-ground guided munitions has the capability to shut off the rocket motor (R/M) and separate it from the warhead?
What components make up the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-12 laser guided bomb (LGB)?
MK82 GP bomb, MXU-650, AFG, and the MAU-169 or MAU-209 CCG.
What components make up the guided bomb unit (GBU)-10 laser guided bomb (LGB)?
MK84 GP bomb or BLU-109 bomb, MXU-651 airfoil groups (AFG), and the MAU-169 or MAU-209 CCG.
The MAU-169 series CCG consists of a detector, -
Computer, and control section.
What does the seeker platform assembly do in the WGU-12/WGU-39 series GCU?
It "looks" for the reflected laser light signal.
Which tester do we use for field testing all laser guided bomb (LGB) computer control group (CCG)?
Digital test set TTU-373.
What work package (WP) contains procedures for testing a laser guided bomb (LGB) computer control group (CCG)?
WP 080 00.
For what do we use the wing actuating tool?
Opening/closing the wings.
What fuze is used with the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-15(V)33/B and GBU-15(V)34/B?
What warhead is used with the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-15(V)1/B and GBU-15(V)2/B?
M84 2,000 - pound bomb.
What type of guidance system does the air-to-ground missiles (AGM)-130A-1 use?
Of the following, which munitions item does the air-to-ground missile (AGM)-130A series use as a warhead?
MK84 GP bomb.
How is the propulsion section attached to the air-to-ground missile (AGM)-130 missile?
Through a breakaway umbilical connector and cable.
What test system do we use to check out the guided=bomb unit (GBU)-15 and the air-to-ground missile (AGM)-130?
Which test set comes in six portable containers and is used on the flightline to check out laser-guided bombs (LGB)?
What general purpose (GP) bomb does the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-31(V)1/B use as its warhead?
What guided-bomb unit (GBU)-31 component(s) provide lift and maneuverability.
What type of warhead does the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-39 use?
Advanced penetrator.
How many small diameter bombs (SDB) can the CNU-660/E container hold?
When you receive the guided-bomb unit (GBU)-39 back from the flightline unopened, what must you perform?
Returned munitions inspection (RMI).
Which air-to-ground weapon comes from the manufacturer as an all-up-round?
Air-to-ground missile (AGM)-154.
Which version of the joint standoff weapon (JSOW) carries the BLU-108 submunitions and against what type of target is this version used?
AGM-154B, for use against hardened-armor targets.
Which test set is sometimes called the commons munitions built-in test/reprogramming equipment (CMBRE)?
Which commons munitions built-in test/reprogramming equipment (CMBRE) component initiates the built-in test (BIT) and get systems and munitions status, reprograms munitions operational flight programs (OFP), and loads mission planning and global position
Test adapter unit (TAU).
Explain the difference between the AGM-65A and B.
The AGM-65A is TV guided and the AGM-65B is the same but it magnifies the target scene.
Which launcher do we use to launch the AGM-65G?
Explain the purose of the photodiode in the seeker unit.
It senses the sunlight if the camera is pointed toward the sun. If exposed to direct sunlight, the shutter closes for protection.
What type of warhead does the AGM-65 have?
A 125 pound cone shaped and a 300 pound delayed fuze penetrator.
Explain what the AN/DSM-129 test set does.
It projects an optical image into the guidance section to test its operational readiness.
Which target simulator provides simulated targets for checking out the AGM-65D?
The SM-787/DSM IR.
Name the four sections of the AGM-88 (HARM).
Guidance, warhead, control, and rocket motor.
Which type of guidance system does the AGM-88 use?
Passive broadband RF tracker.
Name the four sections of the AGM-88 (HARM) warhead section.
Main explosive charge, booster, fuze, and wiring harness.
Name the two major functions of the warhead fuze.
It prevents the warhead from arming until rocket motor acceleration. After arming, the fuze detonates the warhead.
Which test set do we use to test all configurations of the AGM-88 (HARM)?
The AN/GSM-396 guided missile-launcher test set (GM-LTS).
This test performs a serviceability test on the HARM umbilical cable with it removed from the control section.
Umbilical cable test.
This test is performed on repaired AURs, missile failing in-flight BIT, AURs failing inspection, and as part of the 10 percent annual inspection of assigned missile inventory.
All-function test.
This test is performed when reconfiguring a CATM to a tactical missile or whenever control section gyro failure is suspected.
Missile gyro exercise test.
An optional test used by the operator when trying to confirm the results of an aircraft missile BIT test.
Missile BIT test.
What aircraft is the delivery system for the AGM-114?
The Predator.
Against what targets do we use Hellfire missiles?
Tanks, structures, bunkers and slow moving fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters.
Name the five major sections for the AGM-114.
Seeker, warhead, guidance, propulsion, and control.
What type of seeker does the AGM-114 use?
A semi-active laser or active MMW radar.
Name the five major sections of an AIM-7.
Radome, guidance, flight control, warhead, and rocket motor.
Which part of the AIM-7 produces steering signals to direct the missile to intercept the target?
The guidance section.
What is the effective range of the AIM-7M missile?
62 miles.
How does the WAU-10/B warhead accomplish target kill?
With continuous rod destruction.
Explain the function of the MK33 Mod 0 S&A assembly.
It stays safe until a safe distance from the launching aircraft is obtained.
What does the flight control section do?
It processes information from the guidance section and steers it.
What are the major subassemblies of the MK58 -series rocket motor?
Case with propellant grain, arm-fire relock, safe/arm ignition assembly, and a nozzle weather seal.
Name the five components hat make up the AN/DSM-162 test set.
Test-set electronic component (TS-4073/DSM-162), DC power unit, test set adapter group, guided missile cradle.
What is the purpose of using the AN/DSM-162 Test Set on the AIM-7E, -7F, and -7M missile?
To determine that MSGs are operating properly.
How do you determine if the test set is bad?
By performing the BIT test.
Name the five major components of an AIM-9M.
Guidance control, target detector, S&A device, warhead, and rocket motor.
What are the three major subassemblies of the AIM-9M series guidance control section?
IR seeker, electronic, hot gas servo assemblies.
What gas is used to super cool the sensors in the AIM-9M GCU?
Safes the warhead until after launch and detonates the warhead when it receives a signal from the target detector.
What is the effective range of the AIM-9L/M missile?
2-11 miles.
State the purpose of the TS-4044/D missile test set.
To determine the serviceability of GCUs.
Name the major components of the TS-4044/D missile test set.
Control panel assembly, pneumatic control, IR target simulator, target drive, multi voltage power supply, torque measurement, and forward/aft support assemblies.
Name the four major assemblies of the GCU-30/E.
Control panel assembly, chassis assembly, gas booster assembly, and case assembly.
Name the six unique components of an AIM-9X.
GU, AOTD, ESAD, Armament, Propulsion, and Control.
What eliminates the coolant pressure tank and coolant contamination?
When does ESAD arming occur?
Only after it receives an irreversible commit to launch signal, experiences the appropriate launch environment, and reaches a minimum separation distance.
What is the primary kill mechanism of the AIM-120 missile warhead?
How many pounds of explosive does the AIM-120 missile warhead contain?
15 pounds of PBX-108.
What is the effective range and speed of the AIM-120 missile?
It can travel at supersonic speeds for 60 miles.
Which test set performs a go/no-go test on the AIM-120?
The TS-4108/G.
Explain what a blinking DMA 8 status lamp on the AIM-120 MBTS indicates.
A commit to launch.
What is installed on the training guided missile (TGM)-65 missile in place of the rocket motor and hydraulic activation system (HAS) unit?
Film recorder or ballast.
What is housed in the forward section of the AGM-65D?
Guidance unit (GU).
What is the purpose of the AN/DSM-129 missile test set?
To project an optical image into the guidance section of the missile to test the operational readiness of the missile.
In the direct current (DC) (battery) mode, from what source of power does the AN/DSM-129 missile set operate?
Its own batteries.
You can use the AN/DSM-157 test set in place of -
Both the DSM-99 and DSM-100.
The type of guidance system the AGM-88 (HARM) uses is passive -
Broadband RF tracker.
The AGM-88 rocket motor consists of the solid propellant, igniter, safe and arm switch, and -
What is the effective range of the AGM-88?
30 miles.
What is the USAF's delivery platform for the Hellfire missile?

The Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
In what group would you find the electronic safe and arm (S&A) unit, thermal battery, and pneumatic accumulator?
Control interface group.
What type of missile guidance system does the air intercept missile (AIM)-7 use?
Semi-active continuous wave pulse Doppler (PD).
What is the approximate NEW of the WAU-10B warhead used in the AIM-7F missile?
26 pounds.
How many locking screws are required to secure each AIM-7 missile assembly joint?
The purpose of the AN/DSM-162 missile test set is to perform operational tests on the -
AIM-7 missile.
What unit of the AN?DSM-162 MTS furnishes pressure to operate the missile wing-positioning system and the antenna-positioning system?
Hydraulic/pneumatic unit, HD-1125/DSM-162.
The AIM-9L/M missile is compromised of the guidance control section (GCS), target detector (TD), warhead, - 
Safe and arm device, and rocket motor.
To what pressure do we recharge TMU-72/B argon coolant tanks?
5,100+/- 100 psig.
The purpose of the MK13 MOD 2, safe and arm device is to safe the -
Warhead from detonation until after launch and then detonates the warhead when it receives a signal from the target detector (TD).
Which coolant recharge unit is portable and has only one fill station?
How does the AIM-9X digitally communicate with the launching aircraft?
With a mid-body umbilical connector.
In the guidance section of the AIM-120 missile, what allows it to perform the functions of acquisition and track, navigation, data link processing, and section secondary power?
Hardware and software.
What is the explosive weight of the AIM-120 missile warhead?
15 pounds.
The effective range and speed of the AIM-120 missile is approximately -
60 miles at supersonic speeds.
What three signals of AIM-120 control section electronics are received from the guidance section?
Pitch, roll, and yaw.

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