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EAWS Temp study


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Acronym- OPTAR
Operational Target Funding
Acronym- ICRL
Individual Component Repair List
Acronym- CRIPL
Consolidated Remain-In-Place List
Acronym- NMCS
Not Mission Capable Supply
Acronym- PMCS
Partial Mission Capable Supply
How many digits in an NSN?
How many digits in an NIIN?
Acronym- ADVLR
Aviation Depot Level Repair
Acronym- IMRL
Individual Material readiness List
Acronym- EXREP
Expedious Repair
What form is used when a part is lost, damaged, or destroyed?
DD 200
Acronym- MSDS
Material safety Data Sheet
How many catagories of HM are there?
Acronym- AUL
Authorized User List
What are trim tabs used for?
Pilot can use to neutralize unbalanced condition
Acronym- EDC
Engine Driven Compressor
What temperature does the APU shut down?
400 degrees F
What is the nominal hydraulic pressure?
What is the hydrualic pressure operating range?
2960 - 3200 psi
What is the P3's fuel capacity?
9,200 gallons
What is VHF Frequency range?
Acronym- INS
Inertial Navigation system
What are the 4 types of casualty agents?
Blood, Choking, Nerve, Blister
Acronym- MOPP
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
Acronym- NATOPS
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
What means mandatory in NATOPS?
What means recommended in NATOPS?
Naval Flight Records Subsystem
How do you identify planes from COMNAVAIRPAC?
N-Z then A-Z
How do you identify planes from COMNAVAIRLANT?
A-M then A-Z
Acronym- SSIC
Subject Standard Identification Code
How many characters in a SSIC?
4 or 5
What page is used for awards and qualifications?
Page 4
Acronym- EDVR
Enlisted Distrobution Verification Report
What does the EDVR contain?
Name, Rate, Date assigned, NeC, billet, date reported, rotation, etc.
Who is responsible for overall production and material support of the department?
MMCO, maint material control officer
How long is a turnaround good for?
24 hours
Acronym- ASPA
Aircraft service period adjustment
How many flights are contained in the ADB?
10 flights
Acronym- MtIP
Maintenance Training Improvement Program
Acronym- MMP
Monthly Maintenance Plan
When is an MMP distributed?
25th of each month
Naval Aviation Command Managed Information System
What is a 7 character code for tracking MAFs
MCN Maintenance Control Number
What is the shaft HP of the P-3s Engines?
4,600 SHP
What stage of the engine does Bleed air come from?
14th Stage
Who is responsible for all stages of a mission except flight?
MC Mission commander
Acronym- TACCO
Tactical Coordinator
What does a TACCO do?
Employ appropriate tactics to most effectively carry out the mission
Whose function is it to maintain an accurate record of present and past positions, transmit position reports, etc?
Acronym- TACAN
Tactical Air Navigation
Acronym- ESM
Electronic Search Measures
Acronym- ISAR
Inverse Synthetic Aperature Radar
What are the missions of the P3?
What NATOPS Condition is high altitude ASW?
Condition 2
NATOPS Condition for low altitude ASW, mining, attack, or rigging?
Condition 1
NATOPS Condition for Takeoff/Landing?
Condition 5
NATOPS Condition for Operational Check?
Condition 3
NATOPS Condition for aircraft inspection?
Condition 4
Acronym- AGM
Air launched, surface attack, guided missiles
What is the nomenclature for a Harpoon?
What is the nomenclature for a Maverick?
What is the nomeclature for a SLAM?
Acronym- SLAM
Stand-off Land Attack Missile
What are the 2 types of torpedos used by the P3?
MK-46 and MK-50
What are the 3 types of bouys used by the P3?
Passive, Active, Special
What are 3 deployable countermeasures?
Chaff, flares, jammers
Acronym- ACT
Aircrew Training
Acronym- WST
Weapon Systems Trainer
Acronym- PBFT
Squadron planning board for training
What are the highest/lowest levels of crew training?
R-1 high through R-4 lowest
What are the highest/lowest levels of squadron readiness?
C-1 high through C-4 lowest
Acronym- AFCS
Automatic Flight Control System
What is the purpose of a constant speed propeller?
To maintain a pre-seleted RPM automatically
What are the fueling methods available for the P3?
Center-point pressure and over-wing gravity
How many feet is oxygen required in an unpressurized cabin?
What max differential can the pressurization system tolerate?
13.3 Hg
How many hours can a 3 person aircrew survive on at 25,000ft?
3.5 hours
How many portable oxygen bottles are there on a P3?
How many minutes of air are there in a EEBD, according to NATOPS?
15 min
What wind speed warning is issued for cyclonic winds 34-63knots?
Tropical Storm
Acronym- AOA
Angle of Attack
How many basic parts are there to a hydraulic system?
5. Reservoir, pump, tubing, selector valve, and actuating unit
What are the main safety precautions for servicing tires?
Approach forward or aft
What is the flame spread rate and flashpoint for JP-5?
100 feet per min/140 degrees F
How is a runway numbered?
Heading divided by 10. 250 deg, equals runway 25
What is the primary navigation used by carrier based aircraft?
Aviation Community- HC
Helicopter Support (C-HH-46D Sea Knight)
Aviation Community- HCS
Helicopter Support Special Squadron (HH-60H Seahawk)
Aviation Community- HM
Helicopter Mine Countermeasures (MH-53 Sea Stallion)
Aviation Community- HS
Helicopter Antisubmarine (SH-60F Oceanhawk)
Aviation Community- HSL
Helicopter Antisubmarine Light (SH-60B Seahawk)
Aviation Community- HT
Helicopter Training (TH-57)
Aviation Community- VAQ
Tactical Electronic Warfare (EA-6B Prowler)
Aviation Community- VAW
Carrier Airborne Early Warning (E-2C Hawkeye)
Aviation Community- VC
Fleet Composite (TA-4J Sky Hawk)
Aviation Community- VF
Fighter (F-14 Tomcat)
Aviation Community- VFA
Strike Fighter (F/A-18 Hornet)
Aviation Community- VMFA
Marine Figher Attack (AV-8B Harrier)
Aviation Community- VQ
Fleet Air Recon (E-6 Mercury)
Aviation Community- VR
Aircraft Logistics Support (C-20 Gulfstream)
Aviation Community- VRC
Carrier Logistics Support (C-2 Greyhound)
Aviation Capable Ship- AE
Ammunition Ship
Aviation Capable Ship- AD
Destroyer Tender
Aviation Capable Ship- AFS
Combat Stores Ship
Aviation Capable Ship- AS
Submarine Tender
Aviation Capable Ship- AOE/AO
Ammunition Oiler/Oiler Ship
Aviation Capable Ship- CG
Guided Missile Cruiser
Aviation Capable Ship- CV/CVN
Carrier/Nuclear Powered Carrier
Aviation Capable Ship- DD/DDG
Destroyer/Guided Missile Destroyer
Aviation Capable Ship- FFG
Guided Missile Frigate
Aviation Capable Ship- LCC
Amphibious Command Ship
Aviation Capable Ship- LHA/LHD/LPA
Amphibious Assualt Ship
Aviation Capable Ship- LPD/LSD
Amphibious Docking Ship
Aviation Capable Ship- MCS
Mine Countermeasures Support
3 methods of controlling bleeding?
Direct pressure, Elevation, and pressure points
Classification of burn that is blistering?
Second Degree
Principle advisor to CO on all matters of aviation safety?
Aviation Safety Officer
Define Class C Mishap
$10,000-$200,000 dollars of damage or nonfatal injury with >1 day lost time
Acronym- AVGFE
Aviation Gas Free Engineering
CINCLANFLT commands which fleet?
How many personnel are required before a CMC is needed?
What are the 3 levels of war?
Tactical, Strategic, Operational
First jet powered naval aircraft?
FJ1 Fury
First Jet ship landing?
USS Boxer
Rate- ABH
Aviation Boatswains Mate Aircraft Handling
Rate- AC
Airtraffic Controller
Rate- AG
Aerographers Mate
Rate- AS
Aviation Support Equipment Technician
Rate- PR
Aircrew Survival Equipmentman
What is newtons 3rd law?
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
What is the rate of motion in a given amount of time?
What wind warning is for winds of 34-47 knots?

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