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Who said that aggression was 1) an intention to harm 2) victim must be a living thing 3) victim must be motivated to avoid being injured?
Baron, 1977
Who criticised Baron, saying that intention to harm implied purposeness?
Buss, 1961
Who criticised Baron, saying that intention to harm implied anger, when it could be to get a reward?
Buss, 1961
Who said that aggression is because of a dual instinct theory?
Who said it aggression is a hydraulic model, and it is for natural selection?
Who criticised Lorenz saying we should let out this aggression in sport, saying that football creates violence?
Gabler et al, 1982
Who criticised Lorenz, saying that he is confusing psychological energy with physical energy?
Who said the closer you are to your goal the more aggressive you'll be?
Harris, 1974
Who showed children a room of toys and let some go in straight away but made some wait?
Barker, 1941
Whose was the excitation-transfer model?
Zillman, 1979
Who said there is high arousal after a football match?
Kerr, 1994
Who did an experiment on cue arousal?
Berkowitz and Lepage, 1967
Who said there are 3 causes of aggression: 1) disputes over external source 2) resentment of intrusion of stranger 3) frustration?
Durbin and Bowlby
Who found that many Psychologists thought that TV violence would lead to catharsis?
Who found that more frustrated teenagers watch more TV?
Who did a study with the Bobo doll, where the Bobo doll dispensed sweets?
Who found that male mice who had strong habits of fighting continued, even without the male hormone?
Who said that the quality of adult-child relationship didn't affect the Bobo study?
Berkowitz, 1962
Whose was the 2 factor model that influenced Zillman's excitation-transfew model? It said that first you have arousal then you make a cognitive interpretation
Schachter and Singer, 1962
Who criticised Bandura, and said it only measured short term effects?
Berkowitz, 1962

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