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physical science ch. 7


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what is a fluid?
any material that can flow and take the shape of its container.
what is pressure?
amount of force exerted on a given area
what is the SI unit for pressure?
pascal (Pa)
pressure= ?/?
pressure= force/area
what is atmosphere?
layer of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases that surrounds the Earth.
what is atmospheric pressure?
pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere
what is density?
amount of matter in a certain volume
pressure _________ as you descend through the atmosphere.
pressuer depends on the _________ of the fluid
water exerts _________ pressure than air.

(greater or lesser)
what is pascal's principle?
a change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid will be transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid
what is a hydraulic device?
a device that uses liquids to transmit pressure from on point to another
what are three things that allow objects to fly?
angle of attack, air pressure, diff in air pressure
what is buoyant force?
the upward force that fluids exert on all matter
what is the principle that states the faster a fluid moves, the lower the pressure?
bernoulli's principle
what controls roll?
the side to side motion is known as...
what are the two factors for lift?
wingshape and thrust
what does displace mean?
to take place of
buoyant force(upward force) opposes _________(downward force)
if an object is more dense than water, it will _______.
what is a swim bladder?
keeps a fish, submarine, boat, etc., from sinking
the fish's nervous system controls amount of gas in the blader according to a fish's __________
what is lift?
upward force
what is thrust?
forward force produced by a plane's engine
what is drag?
force that opposes or restricts motion in a fluid
what is turbulence?
an irregular or unpredictable flow o fluids
how do moving particles of matter create pressure?
they collide with one another an with the walls of their container
fluid pressure increases as _______ increases
if an object that has less density than the surrounding fluid will ________
the hydraulic brakes of a car transmit pressure through fluid. this is an example of ___________?
pascal's principle
the curve on top of a wing...
causes air to travel farther in the same amount of time as the air below the wing, helps create lift, an creates a low-pressure zone above the wing
which principle determines if an object will float or sink in water?
archimedes' principle
what principle determines how birds fly?
bernoulli's principle
What will happen if the buoyant force on an object is greater than the weight of the object?
The object will be pushed out of the fluid (buoyed up).

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