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galvanize v
To imbue with life or animation
gamble v
To risk money or other possession on an event, chance, or contingency
gambol n
Playful leaping or frisking
gamester n
A gambler
gamut n
The whole range or sequence
garnish v
In cookery, to surround with additions for embellishment
garrison n
The military force stationed in a fort, town, or other place for its defense
garrote v
To execute by strangling
garrulous adj
Given to constant trivial talking
gaseous adj
Light and unsubstantial
gastric adj
Of, pertaining to, or near the stomach
gastritis n
Inflammation of the stomach
gastronomy n
The art of preparing and serving appetizing food
gendarme n
In continental Europe, particularly in France, a uniformed and armed police officer
genealogy n
A list, in the order of succession, of ancestors and their descendants
genealogist n
A tracer of pedigrees
generality n
The principal portion
generalize v
To draw general inferences
generally adv
generate v
To produce or cause to be
generic adj
Noting a genus or kind; opposed to specific
generosity n
A disposition to give liberally or to bestow favors heartily
genesis n
geniality n
Warmth and kindliness of disposition
genital adj
Of or pertaining to the animal reproductive organs
genitive adj
Indicating source, origin, possession, or the like
genteel adj
Well-bred or refined
gentile adj
Belonging to a people not Jewish
geology n
The department of natural science that treats of the constitution and structure of the earth
germane adj
germinate v
To begin to develop into an embryo or higher form
gestation n
gesticulate v
To make gestures or motions, as in speaking, or in place of speech
gesture n
A movement or action of the hands or face, expressive of some idea or emotion
ghastly adj
gibe v
To utter taunts or reproaches
giddy adj
Affected with a whirling or swimming sensation in the head
gigantic adj
giver n
One who gives, in any sense
glacial adj
Icy, or icily cold
glacier n
A field or stream of ice
gladden v
To make joyous
glazier n
One who cuts and fits panes of glass, as for windows
glimmer n
A faint, wavering, unsteady light
glimpse n
A momentary look
globose adj
globular adj
glorious adj
Of excellence and splendor
glutinous adj
gluttonous adj
Given to excess in eating
gnash v
To grind or strike the teeth together, as from rage
Gordian knot n
Any difficulty the only issue out of which is by bold or unusual manners
gourmand n
A connoisseur in the delicacies of the table
gosling n
A young goose
gossamer adj
gourd n
A melon, pumpkin, squash, or some similar fruit having a hard rind
graceless adj
gradation n
A step, degree, rank, or relative position in an order or series
gradient adj
Moving or advancing by steps
granary n
A storehouse for grain after it is thrashed or husked
grandeur n
The quality of being grand or admirably great
grandiloquent adj
Speaking in or characterized by a pompous or bombastic style
grandiose adj
Having an imposing style or effect
grantee n
The person to whom property is transferred by deed
grantor n
The maker of a deed
granular adj
Composed of small grains or particles
granulate v
To form into grains or small particles
granule n
A small grain or particle
grapple v
To take hold of
gratification n
gratify v
To please, as by satisfying a physical or mental desire or need
gratuitous adj
gratuity n
That which is given without demand or claim
gravity n
gregarious adj
Not habitually solitary or living alone
grenadier n
A member of a regiment composed of men of great stature
grief n
grievance n
That which oppresses, injures, or causes grief and at the same time a sense of wrong
grievous adj
Creating affliction
grimace n
A distortion of the features, occasioned by some feeling of pain, disgust, etc
grindstone n
A flat circular stone, used for sharpening tools
grisly adj
grotesque adj
Incongruously composed or ill-proportioned
grotto n
A small cavern
ground n
A pavement or floor or any supporting surface on which one may walk
guess n
guile n
guileless adj
guinea n
An English monetary unit
guise n
The external appearance as produced by garb or costume
gullible adj
gumption n
Common sense
gusto n
Keen enjoyment
guy n
guzzle v
To swallow greedily or hastily; gulp
gynecocracy n
Female supremacy
gynecology n
The science that treats of the functions and diseases peculiar to women
gyrate v
To revolve
gyroscope n
An instrument for illustrating the laws of rotation
habitable adj
Fit to be dwelt in
habitant n
habitual adj
According to usual practice
habitude n
Customary relation or association
hackney v
To make stale or trite by repetition
haggard adj
Worn and gaunt in appearance
halcyon adj
hale adj
Of sound and vigorous health
handwriting n
hanger-on n
A parasite
happy-go-lucky adj
harangue n
A tirade
harass v
To trouble with importunities, cares, or annoyances
harbinger n
One who or that which foreruns and announces the coming of any person or thing
hard-hearted adj
Lacking pity or sympathy
hardihood n
Foolish daring
harmonious adj
Concordant in sound
havoc n
hawthorn n
A thorny shrub much used in England for hedges
hazard n
head first adv
Precipitately, as in diving
head foremost adv
Precipitately, as in diving
heartrending adj
Very depressing
heathenish adj
heedless adj
heifer n
A young cow
heinous adj
Odiously sinful
hemorrhage n
Discharge of blood from a ruptured or wounded blood-vessel
hemorrhoids n
Pl Tumors composed of enlarged and thickened blood-vessels, at the lower end of the rectum
henchman n
A servile assistant and subordinate
henpeck v
To worry or harass by ill temper and petty annoyances
heptagon n
A figure having seven sides and seven angles
heptarchy n
A group of seven governments
herbaceous adj
Having the character of a herb
herbarium n
A collection of dried plants scientifically arranged for study
herbivorous adj
Feeding on herbs or other vegetable matter, as animals
hereditary adj
Passing naturally from parent to child
heredity n
Transmission of physical or mental qualities, diseases, etc
heresy n
An opinion or doctrine subversive of settled beliefs or accepted principles
heretic n
One who holds opinions contrary to the recognized standards or tenets of any philosophy
heritage n
hernia n
Protrusion of any internal organ in whole or in part from its normal position
hesitancy n
A pausing to consider
hesitant adj
hesitation n
heterodox adj
At variance with any commonly accepted doctrine or opinion
heterogeneity n
Unlikeness of constituent parts
heterogeneous adj
Consisting of dissimilar elements or ingredients of different kinds
heteromorphic adj
Deviating from the normal form or standard type
hexangular adj
Having six angles
hexapod adj
Having six feet
hexagon n
A figure with six angles
hiatus n
A break or vacancy where something necessary to supply the connection is wanting
hibernal adj
Pertaining to winter
Hibernian adj
Pertaining to Ireland, or its people
hideous adj
hilarious adj
Boisterously merry
hillock n
A small hill or mound
hinder v
To obstruct
hindmost adj
Farthest from the front
hindrance n
An obstacle
hirsute adj
Having a hairy covering
hoard v
To gather and store away for the sake of accumulation
hoarse adj
Having the voice harsh or rough, as from a cold or fatigue
homage n
Reverential regard or worship
homogeneity n
Congruity of the members or elements or parts
homogeneous adj
Made up of similar parts or elements
homologous adj
Identical in nature, make-up, or relation
homonym n
A word agreeing in sound with but different in meaning from another
homophone n
A word agreeing in sound with but different in meaning from another
honorarium n
A token fee or payment to a professional man for services
hoodwink v
To deceive
horde n
A gathered multitude of human beings
hosiery n
A stocking
hospitable adj
Disposed to treat strangers or guests with generous kindness
hospitality n
The practice of receiving and entertaining strangers and guests with kindness
hostility n
huckster n
One who retails small wares
humane adj
humanitarian n
A philanthropist
humanize v
To make gentle or refined
humbug n
Anything intended or calculated to deceive or mislead
humiliate v
To put to shame
hussar n
A light-horse trooper armed with saber and carbine
hustle v
To move with haste and promptness
hybrid adj
hydra n
The seven- or nine-headed water-serpent slain by Hercules
hydraulic adj
Involving the moving of water, of the force exerted by water in motion
hydrodynamics n
The branch of mechanics that treats of the dynamics of fluids
hydroelectric adj
Pertaining to electricity developed water or steam
hydromechanics n
The mechanics of fluids
hydrometer n
An instrument for determining the density of solids and liquids by flotation
hydrostatics n
The branch of science that treats of the pressure and equilibrium of fluids
hydrous adj
hygiene n
The branch of medical science that relates to improving health
hypercritical adj
hypnosis n
An artificial trance-sleep
hypnotic adj
Tending to produce sleep
hypnotism n
An artificially induced somnambulistic state in which the mind readily acts on suggestion
hypnotize v
To produce a somnambulistic state in which the mind readily acts on suggestions
hypocrisy n
Extreme insincerity
hypocrite n
One who makes false professions of his views or beliefs
hypodermic adj
Pertaining to the area under the skin
hypotenuse n
The side of a right-angled triangle opposite the right angle
hypothesis n
A proposition taken for granted as a premise from which to reach a conclusion
hysteria n
A nervous affection occurring typically in paroxysms of laughing and crying

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