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Zero Fuel weight is the
Maximum fuel
The empty weight of an airplane is determined by
Subtracting Point
When dealing with weight and balance of an aircraft, the term “maxium weight” is interpreted to mean the maximum
authorized contents
The maximum weight of an aircraft is the
Empty load
What should be clearly indicated on the on the aircraft weighing form?
Weighing points
What determines wheter the value of the moment is preceded by a plus (+) or (-) sign in an aircraft weight and balance?
Location of reference and weight
1)Private aircraft are required by regulations to be weighed periodically.
2)Private aircraft are required to be weighed after making any alteration Regarding the above.
To obtain useful weight data for the pupose of dtermining the CG, it is necessary that an aircraft be weighed
in attitude
When computing weight and balance, an airplane is considered to be inbalance when
the its CG range
What tasks are completed prior to weighing an aircraft to dtermine its empty weight?
Remove Resivoir
The useful load of an aircraft consists of the
The useful load of an aircraft is the
Difference gross weight
The maximum weight as used in weight and balance control of a given aircraft can normally be found
In Sheet
As weighed the total empty weight of an aircraft is 5,862 pounds with a moment of 885,957. Howeverm when the aircraft was weighed, 20 pounds of potable was were on board at +84 and 23 pounds of hydraulic fluid were in a tank located at +101. What is the
Two boxes which weigh 10 pounds and 5 pounds are placed in an airplane so that their distance aft from the CG are 4-feet and 2 feet respectively. How far forward of the Cgshould a third box, weighing 20 pounds, be placed so that the CG will not be change
25 feet
If a 40 pounds generator applies + 1400 inch pounds to a reference axis.
+ 35
In a balance computation of an aircraft from which an item located aft of the datum was removed use
Datum is forward of the main gear center points 30.24 in. Actual distance between tail gear and main gear center points –

1. Lavatory water tank full
2. 2. Hydraulic fluid
3. Removable ballast (146 pounds at +300

When an empty aircraft is weighed, the ombined net weight at the main gears is 3,450 pounds with an arm of 195.5 inches. At the nose gear, the net weight is 2,322 pounds with an arm of 83.5 inches. The datum line is forward of the nose of the aircraft. W
Find The empty weight CG location for the following tricylce gear aircraft. Each main wheel weighs 753 pounds, nosewheel weighs 22 pounds, distance between nosewheel and main wheels is 87.5 inches noosewheel location is +9.875 inches from datum , with 1
An aircraft with an empty weight of 2,100 pouns and an empty weight CG + 32.5 was altered as follows:
(1) two 18-pound passenger seats located +73 were removed;
(2) structural modifications were made at +77 increasing weight by 17 pounds.
An aircraft as loaded weighs 4,954 pounds at a CG of +30.5 inches to +42.1 +30.5 inches. Find the minimum weight of the ballast necessary to bring the CG within the CG range. The ballast arm is +162 inches.
When making a rearward weight and balnace check to determine that the CG will not exceed the rearward limit during extreme conditions, the items of useful load which should be computed at their minimum weights are those located forward of the
Rearward limit
The following alteration was performed on an aircraft: A model B
Engine weighing 175 pounds was replaced by a model D engine weighing 185 pounds at a -62.00 –inch station. The aircraft weight and balance records show the previous empty weight to b
When computing the maximum forward loaded CG of an aircraft, minimum weights, arms, and moments should be used for items of useful load that are located aft of the
forward limit.
If the empty weight CG of an airplane lies within the empty weight CG limits,
It Not Extremes
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