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3E451 B1


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1. (001) What term describes the temperature at which a liquid actively starts to vaporize?
a. Boiling point.
b. Flash point.
c. Fire point.
d. Volatility

A. Boiling Point
2. (001) Which properties make JP–4 the most dangerous of all the fuels?
a. High density and low vaporization.
b. Low density and high specific gravity.
c. High vapor pressure and low volatility.
d. Low vapor pressure and high volatility.
D. Low Vapor Pressure & High Volatility
3. (001) What is the flash point of JP–8 jet fuel?
a. –20F.
b. –40F.
c. 100F.
d. 140F

C. 100 F

4. (002) What is the human response to fuel vapor exposure at 10,000 pounds per minute (ppm) for
10 minutes?

5. (003) How many feet per second (fps) is considered normal flow through a pipeline?
7-12 fps
6. (003) What type of outer garments are preferred when working around fueling operations to reduce the risk of static charges?
Combination blends of 50% cotton, 50% polyester
7. (004) What single element of the fire triangle must we try to eliminate?
8. (004) After use, fuel-soaked rags should be placed in
self-closing metal containers
9. (005) Fuel pipeline markings will be color coded in accordance with
10. (005) What North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) symbol is used on a automotive gasoline (MOGAS) pipeline?
11. (005) What should you do first if you get soaked with fuel?
Find the nearest emergency shower and drench yourself with your clothes on
12. (006) What should you do if a conscious co-worker has swallowed JP–8?
Give the person four or five glasses of water
13. (006) With a second-degree burn, the skin is best described as
14. (006) What should you do for a person suffering from heat cramps?
Give the victim large amounts of water.
15. (007) What Air Force publication governs the wear of respirators?
AFOSH STD 48–137
16. (007) Who approves respirators worn by Air Force employees?
Bioenvironmental engineer (BE).
17. (008) What type respirator will water and fuel system maintenance (WFM) personnel use for
immediate danger to life and health (IDLH) conditions?

Supplied-air respirator.
18. (009) Where can you find most standard and some technical Air Force publications?
b. On the Air Force publishing website.
19. (010) American Petroleum Institute (API) publications are useful when determining what type of
fuels-related requirements?

Construction, inspections and repair
20. (010) The National Electrical Code® (NEC) (National Fire Protection Association publication 70)is an example of what type of publication?
21. (011) What type of publication gives you specific guidance to organize, prepare, execute and
document particular programs and actions?

22. (011) Which of the following is an example of a technical publication?
Manufacturer’s Manual
23. (011) Which publication lists the recurring maintenance actions and frequencies for petroleum

Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 3–460–03
24. (012) Most Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) emergency projects involve an actual or
threatening fuel spill and are of what nature?

25. (013) Who manages the Petroleum Resource Automated Management (PETRO RAM) program?
Air Force Petroleum Office
26. (014) Who do you notify if you see contract workers performing work safely but incorrectly?
The contract monitor
27. (014) What is performed after a contractor has completed work?
Acceptance inspection.
28. (015) Into how many titles is the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) divided?
29. (015) What area is Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) concerned with?
Protection of the Environment.
30. (016) Which one of the following is not considered a hazardous substance?
Stagnant ditch water.
31. (016) How often does a review of each section’s waste producing process need to be performed?

32. (017) When disposing of waste water from a fuel tank bottom, where do you put it?
Oil/water separator.
33. (018) When pressure is no longer applied to open an automatic valve, which of the following
unbalanced forces closes it?

Gravity and spring tension.
34. (018) Which law is used to help determine the size pump required to move liquid?
35. (018) Which of the following statements defines the third law of motion?
Action is equal and opposite to reaction
36. (019) How many different classes of levers are there?

37. (019) Which of the following is the correct formula for determining the mechanical advantage of
the wheel and axle?

Radius of crank/radius of axle
38. (019) A single pulley with a radius of 2 inches has what kind of mechanical advantage?
1 to 1
39. (019) What would the mechanical advantage be if you used a block and tackle with seven
supporting ropes, counting the rope you use to pull on?

6 to 1.
40. (019) How much power would be used to move a 15-pound valve housing 10 feet in 5 minutes?
30 foot pounds per minute
41. (019) The formula used to determine power is
42. (019) What does a direct drive pump generally use to absorb vibration?
Flexible coupling.
43. (019) What type of drive would use two turbine fans that face each other?
Fluid drive
44. (020) What are the four main properties that affect liquids?
Weight, pressure, viscosity and temperature.
45. (020) An increase in temperature causes viscous liquids to flow
faster and increase in weight.
46. (020) Using Pascal’s principle, determine the pressure exerted in an enclosed 10-inch cylinder when a connected 1-inch cylinder has 15 pounds per square inch (psi) applied to it?
150 psi.
47. (021) What is the formula for finding the static pressure exerted on the bottom of a fuel tank?
Depth × .433 × specific gravity.
48. (022) Which of the following units of measurement would indicate volume of flow?
Barrels per hour
49. (022) Which of the following units of measurement would indicate velocity of flow?
Feet per second.
50. (022) Laminar flow usually occurs in what size pipelines and at what type velocities?
Large diameter and low velocities.
51. (022) What type of liquid flow would be found close to the wall of a pipeline, and why?
Laminar, very little velocity.
52. (022) Fuel systems are designed so that normal operating fuel flow will not exceed

12 fps.
53. (022) Which of the following physical factors affects the behavior of liquids in both rest and motion?

Gravity, atmospheric pressure, and applied forces.
54. (022) What happens to fuel’s kinetic energy and the pressure it will exert when it passes through a venturi?
Energy increases and pressure decreases
55. (023) A complete cycle of pressure waves and reversals of flow during hydraulic shock occupies the time required for
two round trips.
56. (024) Which shell of the valence electrons determines whether a material is a good or a poor conductor of electricity?
Outermost shell.
57. (024) A positive ion is best described as an atom that
has lost an electron and has more protons.
58. (024) A material that permits a large number of free electrons to move through it is called
a conductor.
59. (025) The uniform movement of electrons in a specific direction is called
electric current.
60. (025) Which of these is the smallest current that can be fatal under certain conditions?
One-tenth of 1 amp.
61. (025) According to Ohm’s law, how much voltage is needed to push 1 ampere of current through 1 ohm of resistance?
1 volt.
62. (026) A magnet that is magnetized by induction from an external source is called
an artificial magnet.
63. (026) When do the magnetic lines of force in a magnet cross?
Magnetic lines of force never cross each other.
64. (027) What are the two most common methods of producing voltage?
Chemical and mechanical.
65. (027) What type of current flow cannot be transformed from a higher voltage to a lower voltage?
66. (028) What type diagram is a simple drawing showing the relationship of system major parts?
67. (028) Which of the following best describes a schematic diagram?
Sometimes called a one-line diagram and is very useful in troubleshooting
68. (029) The most important safety precaution you should apply when using a multimeter is to
never touch the metal probes of either test lead while the circuit is energized.

69. (029) The reading on a voltmeter indicates
electrical pressure.
70. (029) Ohmmeters are used to check for
71. (029) Ammeters are used to check for
current draw (flow)
72. (029) The easiest and simplest meter to use for measuring current flow in a circuit is
a clamp-on ammeter
73. (029) What is the resistance of a circuit with an applied voltage of 120 volts and a current flow of 9 amperes?
13.33 ohms.
74. (030) Which of these items is not a part of a direct current (DC) motor?
75. (030) In a direct current (DC) motor, how are coil ends from the armature windings attached to a commutator (riser)?
76. (031) The component of a 3-phase motor that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy is

77. (031) The magnetic field of a three-phase motor rotor is caused by
current flow in the rotor.
78. (032) The motor that requires some starting means is the
single-phase alternating current motor.
79. (032) A centrifugal switch is used in a single-phase motor to
de-energize the start windings.
80. (033) What is the primary voltage of a transformer with a secondary voltage of 240 volts and is
rated with a 1 to 3 ratio?

80 volts.
81. (033) A step-up transformer produces a secondary voltage
higher than the primary voltage and a secondary current lower than the primary current.
82. (034) Normally, an across-the-line motor control stops and starts a motor and provides some type of
motor over-current protection.
83. (034) In a magnetic motor control, when the operating coil is energized, what component does it attract?

84. (034) Devices used in magnetic across-the-line motor controllers to prevent contact chatter are referred to as
shaded rings
85. (035) On an across-the-line magnetic starter, the methods used to open the contacts when the electromagnetic coil is de-energized are
spring tension and gravity.
86. (035) Which type of controller provides a highly accurate method of motor starting and speed control?
Solid-state starter.
87. (036) What type of motor enclosure is used in fuel systems?
88. (036) Which one of the following is not a type of shaft misalignment?
89. (036) What types of couplings do large motors normally use?
Rigid and flexible.
90. (037) When you clean a motor with compressed air, what is the maximum air pressure to use in pounds per square inch (psi)?
25 psi
91. (037) What should be your first check on a motor that seems to be overheating?
92. (038) Rotor endplay should not exceed
1/32 to 1/16 of an inch.
93. (038) A motor that operates slowly may have a
deficient voltage supply.
94. (039) Which of the following is not a circuit fault?
Closed circuit
95. (039) If a ground exists in a conductor you are testing, you will get a reading of
zero on an ohmmeter.
96. (039) What circuit fault exists if there is continuity across any two conductors?
Shorted circuit
97. (040) To which effect of current flow does a fuse react?
98. (040) Ferrule type cartridge fuses have an amperage rating between what values?
0.125 and 30.
99. (040) What is the first step in replacing a fuse?
Call an electrician.
99. (040)(the correct one) What is the first step in replacing a fuse?
De-energize the switch box.
100. (040) When a circuit breaker is in an overload condition it will
1. (001) What term describes the temperature at which a liquid actively starts to vaporize?
Boiling point.
2. (001) Which properties make JP–4 the most dangerous of all the fuels?
Low vapor pressure and high volatility.
3. (001) What is the flash point of JP–8 jet fuel?

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