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MOPP level four is the lowest state of readiness.
What was significant about the battle of midway?
The turning point of the Pacific war.
The chief engineer is also know as the damage control assistant.
What is the line throwing gun?
What fleet is responsible for the Atlantic region?
2ND fleet
How many AFFF transfer stations are on board?
What is the temperature output of the main condenser hot well?
90-100 degrees
What is the designation for an amphibious transport dock ship?
How much does the anchor weigh?
30 tons
How many CHT tanks are located on board?
What are the three types of radiacs that are used on the JFK?
AN/PDR-27, AN/PDR-43, AN/PDR-65
What is the output of the steam powered fire pump?
2000 GPM
State the repair lockers on the JFK?
1F, 1B, 1A, 2, 3, 4/5F, F/5A, 7F, 7B, 7A
How many main feed booster pumps are located in each MMR?
How many repair lockers are on board?
The USS Osmond Ingram DD 255 was the first ship named after the 1st enlisted man killed in WW I.
State the function of the DFT.
Preheats, deareates, and stores feed water.
What is the transmission time of an immediate (O) message?
30 minutes
How many fire pumps are located on board, how are they powered?
21; 17 electric, and 4 steam
How many attached lube oil pumps (ALOPS) are there per engine?
What is the pressure of the main condensate pump?
15-60 PSI
Which of the following is a way the boilers can be operated?
Automatic, remote, manual
What is the output of the main feed booster pump (MFBP)?
72-1200 PSI
How many main condensate pumps are located in each MMR?
How many CHT risers are on board?
State the 5 parts to a chain stopper.
Pelican hook, turnbuckle, shackle, 2 detachable links
How many modes does the NFTI have?
What are the five parts of the detachable link?
C-link, hair pin, taper pin, and 2 face plates
The purpose of the list control system is to keep the ship steady during flight operations.
Example of a situation that would fall under the emergency bill is?
State the basic steam cycle in proper order.
Generation,expansion, condensation, feed
In the early navy, ships of the line carried 64-100 guns.
The sticker/cover sheet for confidential material is blue.
In the early navy, sloops of war carried 10-20 guns.
Requirements, procurement, distribution, planning and government, DOD/navy, field levels are considered what?
Seven principles of naval logistics
What fleet covers the Mediterranean/European are?
6TH fleet
How many high capacity fog foam (HCFF)stations are on board?
What type of shoring is the strongest?
A vice admiral gets a gun salute of how many?
A rear admiral gets a gun salute of how many?
What is the WQC-2 (Gertrude)?
Provides communications between ship/ship, ship/sub, ship/sub/helicopter
The battle of Coral Sea was the first battle fought entirely by air forces, the surface navy never faced each other. What carrier was lost during this battle?
USS Lexington
How many storm lines does the ship have?
State the three levels of war.
Tactical, operational, strategic
State the three purposes of first aid.
Save lives, prevent further injuries, prevent infection
What does APC stand for?
Aqueous potassium carbonate
What is the transmission time of a flash (Z) message?
10 minutes or less
What is the color hard hat/vest the rig captain wears?
Which anchor is the preferred anchor?
What does the term NFTI mean?
Naval Firefighting Thermal Iamger
What phone number is called to report a fire/flooding on board?
How many draft blowers do we have?
What repair lockers are responsible for the main spaces?
4/5F, 4/5A
State the four systems that superheated main steam feed?
Main feed pump, SSTG's catapults, main engine
What does CDC module DNT stand for?
Detection and Tracking
What type of fir main system is on board?
Composite loop
What is the minimum distance the ship must be at sea before discharging CHT over board?
Which repair locker serves as the backup for DC central?
Repair 3
What is an LCC?
Repair 3
What is a LCC?
Amphibious command and control ship
What is the percentage of AFFF to water?
6% to 94%
What is the maximum operating pressure for a soft patch?
150 PSI
What color had does the POIC of the anchor wear?
The captains absentee pennant is what?
Third substitution
What radar is the primary surface search radar? What is its range?
AN/SPS-67; 2D, 20-30 NM
What is the name for the WQC-2 system?
What is the safe distance required for any thing that a line may pass through? (IE cleats, blocks, capstans)
6-7 feet
The main condenser, main condensate pump, main air ejectors, and the upper tank of the DFT make up the condensation phase.
How many CWIS mounts are there on board? How are they numbered?
3; 22, 23, 24
Which of the following is an example of an administrative bill?
Plan of the day
Which is not an example of an operational bill?
What is the range of the AN/SPS-48, and type of radar?
220 NM, 3D
What years did the voyage of the great white fleet take place?
Man ropes (monkey lines) are a safety device that motor whale boat crews use when manning up the boats.
What is the highest of the priority designator (PD)?
What is the length of the JFK?
What is another name for bulkhead ready spares?
Ready Service Spares (RSS)
What form is the report of discrepancy (ROD)?
SF 364
How many modules make up CDC?
What supply division is the post office?
Gun salutes are fired at intervals of 5 seconds and always in odd numbers.
Where is the probe for the AN/PDR-67 located?
The mast
What is the outlet temperature of the main air injectors?
160 degrees
What is the classification of the SSTG's?
4010 amps, 2500 KW, 450 V, 60 cycle, 3 phase
In the early navy, frigates carried 28-44 guns.
What color hat does the stokeman and breakman wear?
What is the range of the NATO sea sparrow missle system (NSSMS)?
9 NM
How many electric lube oil pumps (ELOPS) are used per engine?
What is the CWIS's effective rnage?
2000 yds
The X-40-J is also known as the salt and pepper reel.
State the watch stations in the main console of the MMR.
If two or more of the same part have been ordered within a 6 month period, the navy usually will begin to stock it onboard.
The pivot point of the ship is the fantail.
Where can the APC system be found?
The galley
What is the APC (rnage guard) system used for?
To put out grease fires in the deep fat fryers
How many boilers are located on board?
What type of life raft does the JFK carry?
What radar is the secondary air search radar?
How many MOPP levels are there?
State the three types of shoring.
What fleet covers the Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea (Middle East) region?
5th fleet
How many potable water tanks are on board?
What does EWARP stand for?
Emergency Water Activated Repair Patch.
The AN/SPS-48 is the secondary F/C radar.
What color is the 11th shot of anchor chain painted?
What is the nomenclature of the mobile crash crane (Tilly)?
Who is the DCA?
LCDR Lindfors
What is the capacity of concentrate each AFFF transfer station holds?
3626 gallons
What is the range of the AN/SPS-64
20-30 NM
How many stoppers does the JFK have?
What sound powered phone circuit is the radio & signal circuit?
What is the lowest priority designator (PD)?
How many potable water pumps are there?
How many A/C plants are there?
Who is the JFK's security manager?
ENS Anderson
How many main feed pumps per main space?
What flag is flown representing flight operations?
How many gallong of potable water can teh ship hold?
370,000 gallons
How many life rafts are on board, how many per side?
246; 130 Starboard, 116 Port
What phone number is called when EMCON is set?
Main steam is rated at 1500 PSI.
What kind of anchors does the JFK have?
Navy standard stockless
The cover sheet/sticker for material classified as top secret is orange.
How much does a detachable link weigh?
410 pounds
What is the output temperature of the main condensate pump?
90-100 degrees
The temperature of the DFT the MFBP and the MFP is 250 degrees.
What are teh marking on the phone and distance line?
Green, red, yellow, blue, white, and green
What phone number is called to report a medical emergency?
Who is the CHENG/DCO?
CDR Allejo
What ws the first ship named after more than one person?
USS The Sullivans.
(5 brothers who died at the battle of Guadal Canal)
What instument is used to measure the ships list?
Who is the command DAPA for the JFK?
AOC Battle
How many CCA/decon areas are there?
How many SSTG's are on board, where are they located?
6; 2 in 1 MMR, 2 in 3 MMR, 2 in AMR
What is the desired distance of ships during UNREP?
140-180 feet
State the three braking systems for the anchor.
Hydraulic, manual, nitrogen
How much does an anchor chain link wigh?
367 lbs
What temperature will the fusible link melt and activate the APC system?
360 degrees
How many evaporators (EVAPS) are on board, and where are they located?
5; 2 in 4 MMR, 2 in 2 MMR, 1 in AMR
21 gun salutes are fired on what holidays?
Washington's birthday, Memorial Day, July 4th
How long is the messenger line?
800 ft
the AN/PDR-65 radiacs are located on the bridge and DCC.
What is the time limit for submitting a CASREP?
24-48 hrs
The carrier Yorktown was lost at the battle of Midway?
How many force draft blowers per main space?
Where is the MK-19 gyrocompass located?
aft IC
The "A" boiler is lit off first.
When are the 8 O'clock reports taken? Inport/underway
1700 underway, 1900 inport
What are the modules that make up CDC?
Rock assignment, GQ station, watch station, man over board station, and abandon ship station are found on what?
Watch, quarter and station bill
What message lists personell assigned, NEC's, supplies on hand, equipment status?
Status of Resources and Traning System (SORTS)
When is the two man rule to be utilized?
Transporting CMS, entering magazines, lighting off the boilers
The cover sheet/sticker for material that is classified secret is red.
What are the modes for the NFTI?
Pan & chop
State how water temperature affects sonar.
Temp increases, speed increases. Temp decreases, speed decreases.
How many gallons of water is each person on the ship alloted per day?
35 gallons
What comes with a life raft?
Water, fishing kit, food, medical equipment, flares
The indicator/transmitter for the rodmeter (pitsword) is located in the fwd IC shop.
What fueling station only receives DFM?
How many cargo stations does the JFK have?
What fleet covers the Pacific/Indian ocean area?
3rd/7th fleet
What repair locker is used for flight deck emergencies?
Repair 7B
How many pressure points are located on the body?
What sound powered phone circuit is used by the CO to communicate with DCC?
Command and contol, logistics, planning, operations, naval warfare, and intelligence make up what?
Six areas of naval doctrine
When are E-4 evals due?
15 June
What temperature does HALON 1301 begin to decompose?
900 degrees
What supply devision is disbursing?
What color is the 12th shot of anchor chain painted?
Waht flag is the HERO condition flag?
What deck on board is considered the DC deck?
The 2nd deck
What day shapes are flown for restricted manuvers?
Waht is the speed of the JFK?
>30 knots
What is the designation of an amphibious assult ship?
How long does a 45lb CO2 bottle last if used continuously?
45 seconds
Who is the ADCA?
Whos is the fire marshall?
LT Honeycutt
How many steam driven lube oile pumps (SLOPS) are located on the main engine?
What is the name for link 11?
What type of boilers are on board, who manufactured them?
Mod "d" type, Babcock & Wilcox
How many NSSMS mounts are onboard and how are they numbered?
3; 1,2,3
How many gallons of water does each evap produce daily?
90,000 gallons
The anchor weighs 60,000 lbs.
How many shots are in an anchor chain?
What does CMEO stand for?
Command Managed Equal Opportunity
How many CHT pumps are on board?
How many types of man over board recovery systems are there, and what are they?
3; helicoper, rhib, shipboard
What flag represents refuleing or ammunition handling?
What is the primary damage control sound powered circuit?
What is the name for the link 4A?
What is the most important log kept in the main spaces?
The bell log
What is the color hard hat/vest the signal man/phone talker wear?
What HCFF's provide coverage to the main spaces?
HCFF 5-11
How far away from land must the ship be in order to make potable water?
12 NM
Which boiler gets lit off first?
Waht does DFM stand for? What is its NATO symbol?
Diesel fuel marine, F76
What is the function of the super heater?
Raises the temperature of steam into superheated steam
What is the secondary surface search radar?
What is form NAVPERS 1626/7?
Report and disposition of offense (report chit)
what navigational lights are shown at night, for a ship at sea not under command?
Red over red
Who is the secretary of defense?
Rober Gates
Who is the secretary of the navy?
Donald Winter
Types of discharge.
Honorable, other than honorable, dishonorable
Who is the CMEO on board JFK?
What is the AFFF sound powered phone circuit?
What sound powered circuit is used by the look out stations?
When are E-6 evals due?
15 November
When are E-5 evals due?
15 March
The APC system (range guard) can be activated 4 ways, what are they?
Defusable link, remote pull pin,local pull pin, APC bottle activation
When are E-3 and below evals due?
15 July
What does COSAL stand for?
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
What does MOPP stand for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
What soes MOV stand for?
Material Obligation Validation
What does DRMO stand for?
Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
An admiral gets a gun salute of how many?
How many gallons of AFFF concentrate can each HCFF station hold?
What is the target aquisition radar for the NSSMS?
Where is the main thrust bearing located?
Behind the main reduction gear
What does the term BDFA stand for?
Basic Daily Food Allowance
Which supply division is stocl control?
State the three types of heat transfer.
Conduction, convection, radiation
What does the term sonar stand for?
Sound navigaton and ranging
How else can you tell how many shots of chain have been released if the paint has been worn away?
Number of wire wrappings
What is teh navigational draft of the JFK?
40 ft
The link 14 is known as what?
What is the CWIS's rate of fire?
4500 rounds per minute
State the two ways the boilers can be treated?
Batch, continuous
What radar is the primary air search radar? What is it's range and what information does it give?
AN/SPS-49; 256 NM, 2D bearing and range
The link 16 is know as what?
What color hat does teh maulman wear?
The cargo stations are stations 13 and 25.
How many mooring lines does the ship have?

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