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Which scientific discipline had the most influence on wundtpavlov,freud,and piaget
waht was the primary research method used by W. Wundt
who studied inner sensations?
who studied observable behavoir?
an example of mental processing is?
and example of behvavioral action is?
descartes promoted the existence of derived ideas and ____ ideas?
Plato and Descartes wouild agree on which issue of behavior?
aristotle and john locke would agree on whcih issue of behvaior?
the first psych lab, where and who?
germany, wundt
in the history of psychology, which came first; study of mental process or observable behavior?
mental process
science of behavior and mental processes.
contemporary psychology
example of stability vs. change
child to adult, change of personality with friends or family
identify a study attempting to resolve the issue of nature v. nurtue
learn v innate
Aristotle v Plato//learned vs innate// who proposed which?
aristotle-learned, plato-innate
who proposed the idea that the mind is but a 'tabula rasa at birth, and experience explains all.
who highlighted the curvival advantages of environmentally adaptive traits?
which perspective would highlight the similarities of behvaior in iidentical twins/not found in faternal twins?
which perspective woudl encourage a parent to shape a child's behavior with rewards of praiseand affection?
heredity is an issue of which perspective as environment is an issue of which perspective?
hereditary-genetics; environmental-behavioral
the evolutionary and behavioral perspectives differ with respect to which one pair of the 4 major issues of psych.
nature v. nurture
which perspective is concerned with the powers and limits of human reasoning?
depression as a product of gland malfunction would be best explained by which perspective?
similarity of facial expressions throughout varios cultures is best explained by which perspective?
which perspective would explain mating preferences to issues of survivability
which perspective is most relevant to an understanding to the nature v nurture issue?
which perspective highlights the effects of blood chemistry on one's moods and thought process
which perspective highlights the unconcious conflicts as directing ones visible behvaior?
which perspective emphasizes the impact of learning on behavior?
which perspective emphasizes the importance of brian chemistry influencing ones feelings
which perspective is concerned with the way individuals interpret their own life experiences?
which perspective highlights group membership as a contributory factor of behvaior.
social cultural
what type of psychologist would be involved in the study of memory and language skills, or problem solving
what type of psychologist woudl measure customer satisfaction with a new product on sale?
what type of psychologist woudl provide therapy?
what type of psychologist woudl work in lab studies of animal behavior?
the practice of formulating testable hypothesis before conducting research is most liekly to reduce waht?
the scientific attitude of humility would most likely be undermined by what in particular?
what technique would help one increase the relaibility of ones findings.
what technique woudl help increase the representativeness of a population sample.
random sample
random sampling would benefit by helping one to aviod what basic problem of surveys?
an example of overgeneralization from vivid cases is
grade school teacher
an example of a naturalist observation.
no involvement
IQ and classroom success have what type of correlation?
any correlation coefficent
any # between -1 and 1
an example of a positive correlation
kids and parents IQ's
an example of a negative correlation.
low income and helath problems.
illusory correlation woudl most likely occur waht(work hard-neg results, no work positive results)
illusory correlation
full moon makes more babies
to what degree does a sequence of events influence the next
double blind affect attempts to eliminate what effeect
placebo effect
what technique woudl be used to reduce preexisting differences between 2 groups
random assignment
random assignment attempts to control factors that might influence which variable in the experiement
dependent variable
independent variable
whose affect if being studied
dependent variable
variable being measured
as the qualitity of the representativesness of ur sample increases ur standard deviations
as the # of trials decreases accuracy..
decreasing the # involved in the survery will likely ___ accuracy
increasing random sample is likely to ___ standard deviation
statistical significance indicates the..
absesnce of chance
what is the nature of the falce consenssus phenomenon
standing thining everything is facinating
what is the nature of the double blind procedure in an experiment
avoid bias
who wrote the importantn psych book in 1890
williams james
psychologists who study the degree to which genes influence our personality are work within the ____
a psychologist who explores how asian and north american definitions of attractiveness differ is working with in the ___ perspective
social cultural
a psychologist who conducts experiments solely intended to build pyscologys knowledge base is engaged in.
basic research
today psychology is the discipline that..
connects with a diversity of other fields
preview,read,think critically,review
definition of behvaior
any action we can observe and record
2 roots of psychology
philospophy and biology
the way the mind processes,stores, and retrieves info is the primary concern of the ___ perspective
relationship changeds in our thining over the life span and changes in moral a __ psychologist
changes in human behvaior in a work place is waht subfield
a moajor princile underlying the PRTR study method is that
people learn and remember material best when they actively process it.
introspection is based upon
self examination of mental processes
Def: nueroscience perspective
how the body and brain create emotions,memories,sensations
DEf:soc-cultural perspective
behavior in a work place
the medical treatment of psychological disorders
def:clinical pyschology
the study,assessmentmand treatment of troubled people
def:behvaioral genetics
how much genes and environment contribute to individual differences
def:behvaioral perspective
the mechanism by which observable responses are acquired and changed.
how peopel differ as prodcuts of different environments
def: cog perspective
how the mind processes,stores,retrieves info
def:basic research
adds to pyschologys knowledge base
def:applied research
the study of practical problems
def:evolutinoary perspective
how natural selection facors traits that promote the perpetuation of ones genes
def:psychodynamic perspective
the disguised effects of unfulfilled wishes and childhood dramas

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