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Intercultural Communication


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In Morocco, it is polite to compliment the host and his children, wash up before dinner, and talk during dinner.
False! Praising a child is considered bad luck. A water basin will be provided in an expensive bowl for you, and talking during dinner disrupts the the enjoyment of the meal.
What are the distinguishing characteristics of cultures?
Cultures are learned, shared with other members of in-groups, multifaced (include religion, language, world views), dynamic, and overlap with cultures.
What the advantages to learning how to communicate cross-culturally?
1. Everyone travels making intercultural communication common.
2. We must learn to co-exist with other cultures.
3. Developing an intercultural identity leads to personal growth.
What are cultural universals?
Activities that are enacted in nearly all cultures, in different ways.
How many cultures is any given individual likely to belong to?
Eight different cultures
What is the mutability premise?
The cultural belief that education improves peopleÂ’s lives
When should individualists do when interacting with collectivists?
be patient and willing to spend time getting to know others
What should collectivists do when interacting with individualists?
pay attention to written contracts and consider them binding
What is cultural shock?
anxiety resulting from losing familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse
True or False: Despite cultural variations, nearly all cultures view aging as something undesirable
True or False: The mutability premise assumes that human behavior is shaped by environmental factors.
True or False: According to the draw-back-to-leap model, mild periods of stress followed by withdrawal can be productive in overcoming culture shock.
What does culture affect?
Culture affects perception, role identity, goals, and attitudes toward human nature and the self.
What is the rationality premise?
People are capable of logical judgment
What is the perfectibility premise?
People can become better through effort and control.
What kind of relationships do invidualists feel most comfortable with?
horizontal role relationships
What is the main barrier to cross-cultural communication?
prejudices and stereotypes
What are stereotypes?
Generalized second-hand beliefs we use to make sense of world
What are prejudices?
Negative social attitudes held by members of one group toward a member of another
What is another barrier of communication?
Assuming similarity exists when in fact none does
What are not barriers of communication if mananged effectively?
Periods of anxiety and tension
What is ethnocentricity?
Dismissing other cultures as inferior
What factors affect successful interaction and adaptation?
1. Easier to adapt to cultures that are close to us.
2. People who are open, resilient and confident adapt well.
3. The more you are willing to communicate with other cultures.
What is the most obvious cultural difference?
Males and females
What % of the world has internet access?
What is culture?
an intergrated system of learned patterns of behaviors, ideas, and products
Why is intercultural communication difficult?
1. ethnocentrism
2. we assume are beliefs and values are similar to others
3. prejudice - hostile attitude to a person or group we dont understand
4. stereotypes - assumptions based on ethnicity and race
5. comfort with things that are familiar

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