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Human Sexual Behavior


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Complete celibacy
engaging neither in masturbation nor in interpersonal sexual contact.
Partial celibacy
not engaging in interpersonal sexual contact, but continuing to engage in masturbation
an ill-defined legal category for noncoital genital contacts such as oral-genital contacts and anal intercourse
nocturnal orgasm
Involuntary orgasm during sleep
oral stimulation of the vulva
stimulation of one's own genitals to create sexual pleasure
oral stimulation of the penis
oral stimulation of the anus
rubbing one's genitals against another's body or genitals
insertion of the penis into the vagina
a person whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional, and social orientation is toward members of the same sex
a homosexual, typically a homosexual male
a female homosexual
sexual orientation
sexual attraction to one's own sex (homosexual) or to the other sex (heterosexual)
attraction to both same and other-sex partners
gender nonconformity
a lack of comformity to stereotypic masculine and feminine behaviors
gay affirmative therapy
therapy to help homosexual clients cope with negative societal attitudes
combersion or sexual reorientation therapy
therapy to help homosexual men and women change their sexual orientation
irrational fears of homosexuality, the fear of the possibility of homosexuility in oneself, or self-loathing toward one's own homosexuality.
coming out
the process of becoming aware of and disclosing one's homosexual identity
presenting a false image of being heterosexual
a period of rapid physical changes in early adolescence during which the reproductive organs mature
pituitary hormones that stimulate activity in the gonads (testes and ovaries)
secondary sex characteristics
the physical characteristics other than the genitals that indicate sexual maturity, such as body hair, breasts, and deepened voice
living together and having a sexual relatinship without being married
domestic partnership
unmarried couples living in the same household in committed relationship
extramarital relationship
sexual interaction by a married person with someone other than his or her spouse
nonconsensual extramarital sex
engaging in an outside sexual relationship without the consent (or presumably the knowledge) of one's spouse
consensual extramarital sex
a sexual relationship that occurs outside the marriage bond with the consent of one's spouse
the echange of marital partners for sexual interaction
open marriage
a marriage in which spouses, with each other's permission, have intimate relationships with other people as well as the marital partner

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