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Shorty08 chapter 9


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Policies and procedures
Specific period of time in which you are expected to prove youre ability to perform the job.
Probationary period
Meetings and activities to acquaint you with the employers purpose and organization.
Job orientation
To deped on a group that depends on you achieving the highest level of human relationships in the world of work.
Highest level of productivity.
Full potential
The first few weeks and moths on a new job .
Orientation period
Interested and entusiastic about the expieriance you are expressing.
Positive attitude
Favorable result or a hoped-for ending.
Being capable.
"looking the part" by wearing appropriate clothes and using appropriate grooming techniques for a job, as well as a job interview.
Personal appearance
To view a job as drudgery or as a responsibility that must be filled; frequently complaining, being critical, having carless work habits, and being indifferent to the needs of others.
negative attitude
people who help others project a desired image.
Image consultants
When a employee must miss work for a reason that is acceptable to the employer.
Legitimate absence
handbooks detailing the use or rrepair of eqipment or descibing procedures to be folloed on th job.
Rest periods that employers provide so the employees can take time out from the work day to relax, have refreshment, handle personal needs, or socialize with co-workers.
Scheduled breaks
Level of enthusiasm

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