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7th Grade SS Final Part 2


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label: rocy mountains, great lakes, atlantic, pacific, great plains, appalachin mtns, coastal plains, mississippi rvr, gulf of mexico, missouri rvr, ohio rvr


Climate Regions

How does geography affect how & where people live?
shelter, clothing, food, water, resources
Describe how a person's culture is made up of many different elements
all the elements of a culture you have a way to survive
what the Iroquois called themselves
Land Bridge Theory
an idea that people from early civilizations crossed the borders from continent to continent by walking - all the land was one large continent
to move from one country or place to another
extended family
family that has ALL the relatives living under one roof
advanced culture
america south of the us
patriarchial society
society where the cheif's next generation takes power
Govt of Iroquois
League of Iroquois
Religion of Iroquois
respect & worship the chief
What is the way the earliest native americans came to north america
land bridge theory
how did geography influece the development of each native american culture
the geography & natural resources influence the native american culture by growing squash, beans & corn, building houses, fish
how would maya, aztec and inca societies be considered highly developed civilizations in americas?
maya:heiroglypics, 365 day calendar, astronomy & math - aztec:books, calendars - incas:farming, engineering
eastern hemisphere
the half of the earth to the east of the prime meridian (atlantic ocean including europs, asia & africa)
western hemisphere
the half of the globe on the west of the prime meridian that includes noth and south american
person who works at a religious settlement
economic theory that a nations strength came from supplies and expanding its trade
group of people settled in a distant land who are ruled by their native land
the crusade
wars over holy lands - holy wars, where soilders brought goods back
need for an all water route to asia
to save travel time to india to trade goods with the indians
new technologies
magnetic compass, astrolabe, carvels
the 3 "G's"
effects of explorations:

new diseases
measles, polio, typhoid fever, small pox
effects of exploration:

changes in balance of power, economically & politically
europe was run by tyrants

euro come & go
effects of exploration:

economic theory that nations strength came from supplies & expanding it's trade
similarities between europeans & native americans
worshipped god
how they get food
differences between europeans & native americans
euro: guns. monarchy w./ king, slavery, technologies, weapons, taking over land

indians: bow & arrows, no guns, chief govt, no taking over land, no slavery, canoes & foot
how did the european view the world change after the voyages of exploration
had more land, products were increased, new foods - potatoes, corn tomatoes, they also learned from each other
what were the - effects of eurpoean contact with the native americans
- : fought & more likely to lose because they did not have guns and euros had large navy, native american more apt to get diseases - death, took each others supplies, NA lost land, NA culture slowly disappeared, NA became slaves
to bring in goods & materials from another country
to ship out goods to another country for profit
cash crop
a crop that is produced to make a profit
triangular trade
trade route that forms a triangle between europe - 13 colonies - aftrica - central america
group of english protestants who settled in massachusets to practice their religion freely
protestant reformers who settled in PA to practice their religion freely, religin tolerance - christian can practice
two sides sided with each other to survive
Give examples of how interdependence was shown in colonial communities
economically-specific jobs to help others, everybody buys from each other

politically-democracy-people rule new england and VA

socially-people need each other to survive
why were waterways important to colonial life?
quickest mode of transportation and sounds of power
to refuse to but certain goods or services
a sudden radical or complete change
an assembly that constitutes the supreme legislative body od a country
colonist who stayed loyal to great britain during the revolution
colonist who supported the american revolution
forcing of govt on people wills, changing of peoples behavior thru force
not all colonist were patriots!
1/3 patriot
1/3 loyalist
1/3 neutral
how did the actions of both the british and americans become more violent over time?
want victory-
win by any means
both sides belived they were pushed into violence
law making organization
person who betrays their country
turning point
a point at which a significant change occurs
nation in which votes elect a representative (democracy)
ideas on how to do things
Geoge Washington
commander in chief - general of continental army
Benjamin Franklin
inventor and member of Continental Congress
Marquis de Lafayette
Frenchmen who helped the US defeat Britain
Baron von Steuben
Prussian who taught patriots to fight
Thomas Jefferson
member on Continental Congress
opening of the war
Lenington & Concord
First Continental Congress
1774 delegated from 12 colonies gathered to discuss vetoing the Intolerable Acts
Second Continental Congress
olive branch petition with King George, also some delagates contributed to Declaration of Independence
Declaration Of Independence
declaration that declared the 13 colonies independent from Britian
Battle of Saratoga
the turning point of the american revolution for the patriots
entrance of France on American side
americans started to win because of navy, supplies, troops
battle of Yorktown
last battle where 13 colonies won
treaty of paris
this was the treat that ended the american revolution, declared us independent nation from britian
what is the reason for making the declaration fo independence
to declare basic rights, to prove british wrongs, to declare the us independent natikon
where did the colonial leaders get the idea to make such a document
european philosophers
what does the document say
britian reppeals intolerable acts, us is declared a free nation, basic rights are made for everybody in the 13 colonies, proved british wrongs
what impact did the document have
it had a big impact on the world - british govt was overthrown, us declared independence from the strongest country at the time
what philisophical ideals was this document based on
government by man to protect human rights, each man is born with equal rights
what role did leadership play in american victory over the british
run away to fight another day and get european help
what role did geography okay in the american victory over the british
in the back country the UK was afraid of snipers - hit & run tactics
what role did commitment play in the american victory over the british
"we hand together or we hang separately"
what role did foreign aid plan in the american victory over the british
spain, france, nethelands, poland, prussia
in what ways did NY state play a vital role in the american victory over the british
turning point - Saratoga
what were the + effects of the european contact with the native americans?
+:traded goods, learned from the europeans, made allies, new technologies, learned to plant tobacco and trap fur

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