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Personality Theory Test


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Personality is best defined as and individual's
characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and acting
Prior to his use of free association, Freud had encouraged patients to retreive their forgotten memories by means of
Which of the following techniques was Freud most likely to use in an attempt to discoverthe hidden conflicts underlying his patients symptoms?
Free association
In suggesting that the mind is like an iceburg, Freud was most clearly emphasizing the importance of the
According to Freud, our repressed impulses express themselves in
Daily Habits
Our work
Troubling Symptoms
(all of the above)
According to Freud, understanding how the id, ego, and superego interact is essential to grasping the nature of:
motivational conflict
According to Freud's theory, the behavior of a newborn is controlled by:
The pleasure principle is to the ___ as the reality priciple is to the ____.
According to Freud's theory, the ego:
is the executive part of the personality
The superego is the part of the personality that:
generates feelings of guilt
Although Carl wnats to interact sexually with his girlfriend, he also wants to avoid pre-marital sex. Freud would have suggested that both desires might be partially satisfied by Carl's:
According to Freud, the most important erogenous zone during earliest infancy consists of the:
According to Freud, children develop unconscious sexual desires for the parent of the opposite sex during the _____stage.
A boy's sexual desires for his mother and feelings of hostility toward his father constitute what Freud called:
The Oedipus complex
Sccording to Freud, our general identity develops most rapidly during the _____ stage:
Freud suggested that in the process of development ppl pass through a ____ stage before they enter a(an) ____ stage.
Freud emphasized that unresolved childhood conflicts often lead to:
Freud suggested that adults with an anal fixation often show signs of:
compulsive neatness
Psychoanalytic theory suggests that the ego disguises threatening impulses and reduces anxiety by means of:
Defense Mechanism
The defense mechanism that underlies all others is:
Although Gloria has detailed memories of her high school experiences, she can remember very little about the boyfriedn who abruptly brok off teh marriage engagement. According to psychoanalytic theory, it appears that Gloria is using the defense mechanis
coping with anxiety by retreating to behavior patterns characteristic of an earlier, more infantile stage of development is called:
For several moths after he lost the job he held for 20 yrs, Mr. Ullomi frequently lost his temper and took excessively long afternoon nap. His behavior is most clearly an example of:
Which defense mechanism involves the conscious expression of feelings that are the opposite of unconscious feelings?
Reaction formation
As her parents became increasingly more abusive toward her, Winifred began, with apparent sincerity, to emphatically express her great admiration for her parents. Winifred's behavior illustrates most clearly the defense mechanism of:
reaction formation
Projection refers to the process by which ppl:
disguise unacceptable, unconscious impulses by attributing them to others.
Displacement refers to the process by which ppl:
redirect aggressive or sexual impulses toward less threatening targets
Roberta thinks her bro. became a psychotherapist simply bc this provided a socially acceptale way for him to satisfy his excessive curiosity for other ppls lives. Roberta most clearly suspects that her bro's therapeutic practice is a:
The Thematic Apperception Test requires ppl to respond to:
ambiguous pictures
Alica was asked to describe what she saw in 10 ambiguous inkblots. Alice was most likely responding to a ____ test.
Which neo-Freudian theorist emphasized that personality development is strongly influenced y feelings of inferiority?
Both Karen Horney and Alfred Alder placed greater emphasis that did Freud on the role of ___ in personality development.
Genetic predispositions
Carl Jung empasized the importance of ___ in personality functioning.
the collective unconscious
Christie recently had a vivid dream that was strikingly similar to an ancient and unfamliar religious myth. The coincidence would have been of particular interest to:
Which of the following Freudian ideas is most clearly contradicted by contemporary psychological theory and research?
Painful experiences are commonly repressed
Which theory has been severely criticsed for offering after-the-fact explanations w/out advancing testable predictions?
psychoanalytic theory
Ellen is consistently optomistic, talkative, and impulsive. Each of these characteristics most clearly represents a:
According to Maslow, the psychological need that arises after all other needs have been ment is the need for:
Carl Rogers emphasized the imprtance of:
Unconditional Positive regard
In order to asses a client's presonal growth, Carl Rogers measured the correspondence between ___ and ___.
Ideal self
Actual self
Ppl with High self-esteem are less likely than those with low seld esteem to:
succumb to conformity pressures
the tendency to accept a more personal responsibility for one's successes than for one's failures best illustrates:
self-serving bias
Collectivism is most likely to be emphasized in ___ cultures.
Which theorists have been criticizied for underestimating the human predispotion to engage in destructive and evil behaviors?
Humanistic theorists
Which perspective on human personality emphasizes reiprocal determinism?
The perception that one can storngly inflence the outcome and destiny of one's own personal life exemplifies:
An internal locus of control
Compared to those with an internal locus of control, ppl who perceive an internal locus of control are:
likely to be academically successful.
Researchers have observed that the experience of repeated uncontrollable traumatic events contributes to:
learned helplessness
In order to identify a relatively small number of the most basic personality traits, trait theorists have used:
Factor analysis
Martin is optomistic, impulsive, excitatble, and restless. In terms of Eysenck's basic personality dimensions he would be classified as:
the "Big Five" is hte term used to describe the basic:
trait dimensions
A person who is independent and imaginative most clearly ranks high on the Big Five trait demension known as:
Extraverts experience___levels of brain arousal than introverts, and emotionally stable ppl experience____ levels of automative nervous system arousal that those who are emotionally unstable.
lower; lower
Which of the following is true of hte Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory?
It is an emperically derived test.
Trait theorists are most often criticized for:
overestimating the consistancy of behavior from one situation to another.
Which perspective on personality emphasizes the importance of our capacity for healthy growth and self-realization.

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