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ABeka History 7 - Unit 1, Chap. 4 Checkup


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(43) Give three indications that God was with the Israelites as they traveled in the wilderness.
(1) Food came from the sky, (2) water gushed from a desert rock, and (3) the powerful Amalekites suffered defeat as God's power flowed through Moses' staff.
(43) What is a covenant?
A covenant is a solemn agreement.
(43) Describe Israel's covenant.
If Israel obeyed God, He would greatly bless it; if Israel did not obey God, the nation would be severely punished.
(43) What is a theocracy?
rule by God
(43) Describe Israel's theocracy.
Israel would be a nation under God's constant care, a nation blessed for doing good and punished for doing evil.
(43) What are the true principles of morality?
the basic rules of right and wrong, good and evil
(43) What is another name for the Ten Commandments?
the Decalogue
(43) How long did God sentence Israel to wander in the wilderness?
40 years
(43) During the conquest of Canaan, how did Israel disobey God?
They failed to drive the Canaanites out of the land.
(43) What was the consequence of Israel's disobedience in not driving the Canaanites out of the land?
As a new generation of Israelites settled in the land of plenty, they were exposed to the Canaanites' wicked culture and their religion of pleasure and lust.
(43) What warning did Joshua give before his death?
Unless Israel followed the ways of God, she would be punished
(46) What pattern or cycle occurred again and again in Israelite history after the death of Joshua?
The Israelites would disobey God and God would permit their enemies to oppress them. Then the people remembered God and cried out for His help. God answered their pleas by choosing leaders to guide them back to the ways of God and freedom.
(46) Who led the Israelites during their first 300 years in Canaan?
(46) Why did the Israelites want a human king?
They preferred a king like the other nations, a king they could see (everyone else has one....)
(46) How long did David rule?
40 years
(46) What were the boundaries of the nation of Israel during David's reign?
Euphrates River on the north; a stream called the Brook of Egypt in the south
(46) What did Solomon ask God for?
wisdom to govern Israel
(46) What did Solomon do with much of his wealth?
He put much wealth into large building projects.
(46) How were the Israelites slaves in their own land under their own government?
Solomon's building projects required many thousands of laborers. The Israelites were forced to work for the king and pay increasingly heavy taxes to support the lavish lifestyle of the royal family.
(46) What is the great legacy of Israel?
Israel was the first nation in world history to have a complete written account of its history.
(50) What empire conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel? When?
Assyrian empire; 700s B.C.
(50) What empire conquered the Southern Kingdom of Judah? When?
Chaldean empire; 500s B.C.
(50) Where was Phoenicia located?
along the Mediterranean Sea in northern Canaan
(50) What does the name "Phoenician" mean?
"blood-red people"
(50) Did the Phoenicians consider themselves to be one people? What was their main interest?
No. Business and commerce
(50) What was the most important thing the Phoenicians carried with them as they traded throughout the Mediterranean?
(50) How did the Hittites differ from the Phoenicians?
They were more interested in war and conquest than in trade
(50) What was the main purpose of Hittite conquest?
material wealth
(50) When did Hittite power begin to decline? Who finally conquered the Hittites? When?
1200 B.C.; the Assyrian Empire; 700s B.C.
(50) Describe the main tendency of civilzations in world history. How did this pattern fit in with God's plan?
toward very large empires. It helped prepare the world for the birth of Christ.

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