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Religion Exam Pt. 1


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e part of mass during which we receive the body and blood of Christ is called _____
the essential part of the rite of Baptism is _____
pouring of water 3 times
By partaking of the eucharist, we partake in Jesus' _____
The eucharist is the sacrament of the _____ of christ
Body and Blood
Through the virtue of _____ we confidently know that God listens and responds to us.
all candidates for confirmation must _____
all of the above
Another name the church uses to describe the eucharist is _____
all of the above
in the scriptures we read about_____
people of prayer, overcoming obstacles to prayer, models of prayer
the part of mass during which we listen to the readings from the Scripture
Liturgy of the Word
Receiving Holy Communion cleanses us of all sin except _____ sin
At the end of time the Church will be _____
gathered in fulfillment of God's plan/ the shining Bride of Christ/ gathered as one flock.
When we celebrate the liturgy, we remind ourselves that ___
God is the center of our lives
God's covenant with __________ foreshadowed the gathering of all nations into one people
confirmation celebrates _____
the special gift of the Holy Spirit
_____, or the welcoming of people, is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian
Confirmation is received by a person _____
once in a lifetime
In the _____ we give praise and thanks to God the Father
Eucharistic prayer
the Word of God is the ____
Out of _____ God invites us to share in the life and love of the holy trinity
The _____ is the eucharist reserved in the tabernacle
Blessed Sacrament
The liturgical year is the cycle of _____ the Church celebrates each year.
seasons and feasts
the _____ ,or work, of the Holy Spirit is to make us sharer's in God's life.
Christian _____ is our entrance into the church
Moses' face-to-face meetings with God were moments of _____ prayer
The church is _________
God's design to share his divine life/ the sign and instrument of salvation/ our sign of communion with God and others= ALL OF THEM
the teaching authority of the church, entrusted to the pope and bishop by Christ, is known as the _____
Baptism, confirmation, and eucharist are the sacraments of _____
_____ is raising our minds and hearts up to God.
he three sacraments through which we are joined to christ and enter the church are baptism
confirmation and eucharist
when receiving the eucharist under one form, we___
receive the whole and entire Christ
Our first and basic call, or _____, is to love God, ourselves and others
The communion of holy people includes the faithful _____
on earth/ in purgatory/ in heaven- ALL OF THESE
in the liturgy of the eucharist, the consecration of the bread and wine take place in the _____
Eucharistic prayer
_____ strengthens our life in the church and Christ
members of the bread for the world work to _____
all of the above
The church is the _____
People of God/ Communion of Saints/ Body of Christ- ALL OF THESE
Jesus is present when the church celebrates the ____
all of the above
the part of mass during which the elements of wheat bread and grape wine are consecrated as _____
Liturgy of the eucharist
Baptism can be received by a person _____
only once in a lifetime
obstacles to becoming a person of prayer include _____
misunderstanding what prayer really is, becoming discouraged, being too busy and distraacted
Jesus is present with his Church in the _____ of the sacraments and other liturgies
Moses' life was _____ by his conversion with God
Prayer can be described as_____
spending time with God, raising our hearts and minds to God, and talking and listening to God
The church is _____ because it has it's origins in the life of the original Apostles chosen by Jesus
The bishop serves as ______ to his local church
teacher/ pastor/ AND sanctifier
Holy orders and matrimony are together called the sacraments of _____
Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Elijah were Old Testament _____
sacred signs called ______ makes aware of God's presence in our lives.
the work of creation, salvation, and sanctification are really the work of the _____
all of the above
Christ is present in the Eucharist under the appearances of _____
bread and wine
The cycle of feasts and seasons of the church's prayer is called the
liturgical year
Frequently receiving communion _____
strengthens us against temptation to sin
Jesus made Peter the visible foundation, or _____, on which he would build the church.
becoming a person of prayer takes _____
time, practice, and hard work
One sign that shows the new life that we receive in baptism is the _____
white garment
all candidates for confirmation must be prepared to assume the role of Christ's _____
The liturgy of the church is the _____
worship of God, work of the people of God, prayer life of the church.
Jesus instituted the eucharist at the _____
Last Supper
The pope is the _____
bishop of Rome/ successor of Saint Peter/ vicar of Christ on earth- ALL OF THESE
The principle celebrant of every sacrament is _____
Popular _____ are acts of individuals or communal prayers that helps us express our life in Christ
Baptism can be celebrated with _____
people of all ages
_____ guarantees the official teaching of the pope or pope and bishops about faith and morals is w/o error
_______ received the law of the Covenant on Mount Sinai.
One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic are the four _____
marks of the church
By virtue of their ordination _____ act in the person of Christ when they preside at the eucharist
Baptism seals us with a spiritual character that marks us _____ as belonging to Christ
We can pray_____.
anytime and anyplace, publicly and privately, and silent and aloud.
The gift of our sharing in God's life is ___
The Holy Spirit makes us sharer's in God's life by_____
all of the above
The sacrament of _____ seals the sacramental graces of Baptism
The eucharist is a _____
all of the above
Like the prayer of Jesus, the prayer of Christians is primarily addressed to _____.
God the Father
Living our life in response to the Holy Spirit is called_____
Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick are the sacraments of _____
Jesus is really, truly, and substantially _____ when we celebrate the eucharist
The three major expressions of _____ are vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplation
Christian Prayer
The events of Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension are called the _____
Paschal Mystery
use our imagination/ strengthen our will to follow Jesus/ and silently express what is in our heart and mind.
the connection of all popes and bishops back to Peter and the first Apostles is called _____
apostolic succession
The head of the Body of Christ , the church, is _____
Jesus Christ
Through the virtue of _____ we begin our prayer with God.
The celebration of the sacraments ______
all of the above
at the last supper, Jesus linked the meal with his _____
death on the cross
Abraham is our Father of Faith because he relied _____
solely on God's Promise.
The expression of prayer which is simply being with God is _____
the pope or the pope and bishops have full _____ over the universal church
teaching authority
The city whose name means "foundation of God" or "city of peace" is
Jesus gave the ministry and responsibility of being the leader of the whole church to _____
The church is on a _____ as the people of God until the end of time.
An image of the church that compares it to the functioning of the human body is the _____.
Body of Christ
the _____ nourishes us with Christ's Body and Blood for our transformation in Christ
the church uses the greek word "______" or memory to help us understand the eucharist
The visible church on earth is made up of_____
laypeople/ ordained ministers/ religious communities- ALL OF THESE
Because God is with us every moment of our lives, prayer is described as_____
omnipresence, and communion
_____ is spoken aloud or quietly within our hearts.
Vocal Prayer
The church has developed a rich diversity of ways, or _____, of celebrating the liturgy
The _____ announced that God would make a new and everlasting covenant with all his people.
the sacrament of baptism can be performed by _____
all of the above
we give praise and thanks to our Father as the source of all _____
The blessings of creation and salvation
the ordinary minister of confirmation is the _____
The words and actions the Church uses to celebrate the sacraments are called
the 3 sacraments of initiation contain the idea of a _____
all of the above
if a person is baptized in a christian church other than the catholic church, that person is _____
is truly baptized into Christ
Our _____ is a sign that our life as children of God is alive in the communion with the Holy Trinity
the prayer of the church is nourished and strengthened through the _____
hope, faith love/ Scriptures/ sacraments and liturgy
Christ is present in the liturgy _____
all of the above
The church is _____ because in baptism we are called to share in the life of God.
Music invites people to _______ participate in the liturgy
Sacraments are _____ become sharers in the life of God.
all of the above
Singing _____ continues to be an integral part of the prayer life of Christians today
Catholics are obliged to receive Holy Communion_____
once a year
An image of the church that describes the indwelling of the Spirit in the Church is the _____.
Temple of the Holy Spirit
_____ is the beginning of a new life in Christ
In the liturgy Christ is presently most importantly in the _____
Throughout His life on earth, Jesus prayed to God the Father as "_____"
The simples, yet most powerful Christian prayer is to say_____
The work of the Church to restore unity among all Christians is _____
From the earliest days of the church, the followers of Christ have expressed prayer through _____.
The Blessed Virgin Mary is a ____ of prayer for all Christians.

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