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Art and Arc Final


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outdoor instruments, invariably associated with kings and queens.
a changing beat
acting, dancing, singing. having involvement at ucla, bruin walk, finding what you are interested in
made of wood — from which the first half of their family name derives. produce their sounds by means of vibrating air columns in conical tubes
live laugh love
acting, improv, dancing. how different cultures can be similar. huka. persian and lebanese dance
resembles other drums — a skin (formerly of cowhide but today usually of plastic) is drawn tightly over a round frame (made of either brass or copper). the ability to "tune" it to specific pitches by tightening or loosening screws on its side. This strength means it can produce great power or a murmuring roll.
suspending disbelief
dancing, singing, narrative, acting. combo of all their different talents. inspired by frank dwyer and bulgarian dancing
The "leader" was usually the head of the first violins. But over the next few centuries composers injected more and more tempo [i.e. the speed] and dynamic [how soft or loud] variations in their music to express a wider, more extravagant range of emotions. During the nineteenth century, it grew from a necessary but journeyman task into a highly refined art form that was not without its dictatorial dimensions. ranged from heartthrobs to eccentrics, and were always celebrities in the middle of the public eye.
bulgarian bagpipe
made from goat
how and cold: interpretation of a pop song
poetry, music. popular upbeat song can be changed (mood) through instrumenttation. tried to make it more serious and have the insult come across clearer
music, dance. integrated three electronic songs together. sway the steretype of what raving is.
art...whats that?
acting, improv, visual, live music. parody on professor. "TA ADAM" plays guitar (really funny)
gregorian chant
large mideval cathedral monks began...
people think they know everything. they take charge and they are assertive
combine triple and duple meter, 7/8 measure
double-reed instruments.
The oboe and bassoon use a single reed folded into two opposing sections. Oboe and bassoon players devote much time to making their own reeds, each of which lasts no more than a few weeks.
baroque era, introduced chaconne, austian and german
sleazy frat boys
improv, theaster, music, comedy. mocking frat boys
Der Rosenkavaleir
The opera that shows all of the aspects of western love; sang in german
poetry, live music, singing. see how two completely different forms of art could come together. poe, by leonard copem
zelda. the end literally
live music, acting, and video. saxophone, sword, skit
barbara crougar
formulated rage+woman=power
urbing berlin
imagining: wrote white christmas
highest pride of brass
The flute, oboe, and bassoon;
woodwind instrument
icky icky love song
acting, dancing, instrument. piano and guitar, boy wants to fall in love
In 1759, this composer become Kappelmiester before working for the Prince Esterhazy.
(sung by our Joanna Foote) is a younger teenager perhaps about 16 years old.
hector berlioz and richard wagner
first romantic composers
the act 3 finale with its 3 main singers
The Flute
"all composers do is to use the upper register, loud and piercing." 1 Dvorák was just plain fond of the instrument; one reviewer of the premiere noted that it "sings some of the most lovely passages."
low woodwind instrument.. robery winter played this
The Piccolo
pitched an octave higher than the standard flute and produces a brilliant, sometimes shrill tone. It is a descendant of the wooden fife used in seventeenth-century military ensembles.
in 2/4 time=duple
double reed
oboe is different from the clarinet becasue..
Der Rosenkavalaier
3 acts, by strauss in 1911, age of enlightenment
marschallin (countess)
sung by Rebecca Sjövall and considered to be almost over the hill. (30 years old)
danced in lines, right left right lift left lift
relatively recent newcomer to the symphony orchestra, having been gradually introduced during the second half of the nineteenth century. Wagner even designed his own instrument to be used in his operas (what he called music dramas). When this instrument plays, the floor should shake.
cultural appropriation
What AA10 Concept occurs when one culture takes something from another and assumes it into their own culture without giving he original credir, as examplified by the Manwich commertial?
orchestra consisted of..
conductor, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion
Franz Joseph Heyden
(string quartet)austrian conposer around the same time as mozart, second of seventeen children
all looking for jobs- ready to work. accents, small ornaments, music was fast and eager to get going!
bela bartok
The Takacs Quartet with Musikas featured the music of which composer
jelly roll morton
claimed to be the inventor of jazz
translation in art
live music, singing, acting. used foregn language. show how music and other forms of art can transcend cultural barriers. airport
single reed, least playing
Video, dance, live music. friends who became lovers. "love is a friendship set to music"
singing, acting, video. game show. guess definition of words. send a message not to give up.. that is what ".." means. the courage no to give up. to carry on
tim rice
global ethnomusicologist. studies normative and particular
poetry, music, costume. Jack caroac "on the road" beat poetry. poetry can be what you make it
Autumn Leaves
instrument, poetry, dance. art is all connected.
super devoych
ucla womens choir
composer of classical period, symphony, string quartet
aaron copeland
jew, never went west of mississippi, gay, wrote: rodeo
roughly twenty percent larger than the violin and developed much the same way. Because much of the time it plays the inner voices (that is, neither the more audible melody nor the bass), it has often seemed destined for obscurity. Yet it received far more attention in Romantic orchestras than in those of a century earlier.
a womens battlefield
According to example quotes from Elizabeth Aldrich's From the Ballroom to Hell, the ballroom dance floor was what for women?
partly conical partly cylindrical, this instrument is to the brass family what the violin is to the strings.
baseline that repeats in upper voices
arnold shoenberg
monumental 20th century composer "atonal revolution"
freaky kinky
improv, music, dancing. football players being crazy and kinky
shack towns finest
dancing, singing, costumes. boys dressed as girls, stuff in a box
chamber music
music played by small ensembles such as a string quartet with one player to a part.
rhythyms were additive, throat singing
Samuel Parker Jones, Said you could not dance and be a good
Who was the Moody of the South and what significance did he have on the history od Dance?
"transposing instruments"
clarinet;sound at different pitches than those notated in the score.
a kind of "vibrating" sound that adds intensity to the tone and has been common since the 1920s. Most string players today employ a steady and consistent one
why strings rather than woodwinds or some other grouping?
Strings are ideally suited to the expressive, intimate, balanced (and very human) nature of chamber music. Although certain wind and brass instruments had recently migrated from the outdoors into the salon, it would be some time before they would approach the violin, viola, or cello in flexibility and expressiveness.
woodwind like instrument from turkey
frank lloydright
architect designed a river flowing through it
you raise me up
singing, dancing, music. two boys dancing, one girl singing
a tradition that is learned but not taught.
aaron williams said cymbals are...
the long piece of metal tubing connecting the instrument to the reed
the last major woodwind to make its appearance. developed around 1720s to add another color in orchestras that played for operas. "transposing instruments" the mellow A and the more brilliant Bb are two types
stars and stripe structure
aabbc break c break c
Richard Strauss
wrote 16 operas between 1892-1941; wrote Der Rosenkavaleir
two aspects of western music
opera and string quartet
i got my education from
acting, live music, technology. commercial about att and arts and architecture class.
A drama set to music; the dominant form of Western music from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. first introduced around 1600 in Italy and has retained its popularity to the present day.
up until early 1950's, they took over and wanted to modernize the country. singing was the symbol of the country, and they taught singers how to sing in harmony
mezzo-soprano (warmer sound)
The English Horn
kind of an uncle to the oboe — is perhaps the lushest instrument in Dvorák's Romantic orchestra.
not part of journey to a performance
to lock up
pop culture
Arch-Romantic composers
Hector Berlioz [from France] and Richard Wagner [from Germany] were among the first composers to wield the baton as a major part of their musical activities.
leonard bernstein
west side story conductor
the youths dependence on technology today
improv, theater, technology. technology takes over peoples lives, there are healthier alternatives
blue steel
theater, improve, painting. simulate a typical class. painting of mr winter
very eastern of the world
womens soccer
poety, technology. inspiration: beleive, respect, intensity bRUINS.
ww1 and ww2
avant guard in the 20th century was a reaction to...
started in the seventeenth century, based on the core sound of string instruments;Viennese Classicism launched it; overpowering sounds produced by 100 or so musicians at the behest of an openly authoritarian conductor. The notion of up to 100 people playing together in absolute synchronicity foreshadowed the powerful diesel and electric motors that would soon take over the industrially developed world.occupies 750 square feet, or a rectangular space of about 40' x 19' in dimension. This is roughly the size of two regular two-car garages.
music contained long, spacious lines, smooth and flowing=broad logato. mountains, space, songs flying through the forest
the french horn
ust producing its rich, creamy tone can lead all too easily to a SPLAT heard by everyone in the audience. But it is also the instrument that, especially in groups of two to eight, can best create a sense of majesty and triumph — and as easily of a hero in mourning. As a family, the horns can create imposing waves of sound.
blank slate
video, skit, speaking, improv. boys acting out to be girls "gender identity". no bias, aproach life with a clean perspective
mark occonnor
played the FIDDLE, folk and classical
rudolf valentino
rhythym integration
dance, instrument, singing. drums, tap dancing, "anything you can do i can do better" tap and drum have some sort of thythym
woodwinds consist of...
flute, picollo, oboe, english horn, clarinet, basson
everything is a...
aaron williams
beat three, sneer drum
global drum project
indian, sabala, african talking drum
mona lisa
"she has a hot bum"
bros before hos
singing, live music, acting, improv. skit about liking the same girl
a lot of ornaments, style thatucla choir sang in!
a self contained, largely independent potion of a larger piece, such as a string quartet
agnes demet
french woman who came to america "dance in cowboy boots!"
4 movements
1 fast 2 slow 3 minuet (triple meter) 4 fast
north of bulgaria
serbia, montenegro
The Oboe
easily the most penetrating of the standard quartet of woodwinds. With their ability to carry over long distances, were originally part of ensembles that performed out of doors. The seventeenth-century French King Louis XIV took great pride in his "consort" [meaning a close-knit group]
intern world
acting, technology. spoof on what interns do. networking, exagerated office experience
instrument that has to do with the french revolution
Creating the proper position of the mouth, lips, and muscles around it is known by the French word
part of the whole
Live music, narration, drawing. art is made up of a bunch of smaller pieces; picture of a tree
the sn will set for you
dance, acting, narration. dance about the sugar ray song
duple meter, 1898-1920
play the loudest
lip singing musical
instrument, acting, singing. I'm yours, There she goes, she will be loved. boy and girl out out the songs
tahitian trio
tahitian dance, music, costumes. made their own costumes
three beats per measure
violin, viola, cello, double bass
became popular from black culture
agreement, reveal emotion, talk aobut relationships
highest instrument in orchestra
at pitch
The flute, oboe, and bassoon;
if i aint got you
music, acting, narration. facebook. "poke" shows how ridiculous facebook had become
acidic jew who grew up in us
master of reggae
4 movement plan
The Classical string quartet is generally built on a a fast opening movement, a slow movement, a minuet (a dance in moderate triple meter), and a quick finale (the last movement).
UCLA Philharmonia
Music Director/Conductor Neal Stulberg
south of bulgaria
turkey and greece
(sung by Peabody Southwell) is an adolescent male, perhaps around the age of a high school senior
the reason why its four instruments
One reason may be that the most complex Classical harmonies, known as seventh chords, contain four pitches (we'll demonstrate that). Moreover, the combination of two violins, viola, and cello provides the full range of a Classical orchestra (except for the double basses, which generally reinforce the cellos an octave below).
goal oriented, logical
body speak
dance, poetry, improv. three girls dancing, really good
chinese culture
as much meaning can be what is unsaid than what is said
tex mex girls
singing, dancing, acting. Como te duele musical
from yesterdays sorrows to today's celebration
speaking, video, music, dancing. armenian dance
french horn
most courageous, more pressurized
oboe and basson
have double reeds
concert master
generally things that you hit or shake or smack together. They have been around since the beginning of time since they define the very rhythms of life.
bulgarian music
only women do the singing, gypsies and roma people do the drumming, everyone dances, only men play the instruments
brass consists of
trumpet, french horn, tuba,
dj cool hurk
originartor of rap
drumming, hand clapping, from africa but characteristic of the bulgarian music
high culture
sophie and marshallin
classic rock
base drum, high hat, snare
kfc commercial
metaphor for the entire play because west is meeting the east
Because its high range makes it a natural melody instrument, and because its tone is brilliant and penetrating, it is the most glamorous of the string instruments.
singing in the rain
tap dancing, music, singing. tap dancer, good outfits
"Robert and the winters"
Improv, Live music, poetry. Music predtending to be Mr. Winter
The Triangle
became associated with Western music in the seventeenth century when Turkish military bands first became popular. These small ensembles that featured cymbals, triangle, bass drum (the largest marching drum), and oboe-like instruments would lead their troops into conquered cities. The sound of these bands became so popular that many composers incorporated the style into their music.
The Double Bass
being roughly double the size of the cello. Its thick strings sound like they could shake buildings. People who play this (including many jazz players) are generally taller than average, since it requires long reaches from both arms. often sit on tall stools that allow them to hold their instruments in a more stable position.
boasts an equally surprising wide range. Their woody tone cuts through even busy textures.
the art of YouTube
skit, dance. sneezing panda, nobosyds perfect, danced with u tube
life's manual
dance, music, acting, video. US!
classical composer
druid theater
rural ireland, not many choices in men, so lucky if the came around, brough old irish culture
chinuly artist uses...
Micheal Nictarus
said that what is important for improv is to talk about issues and human comentary
reed on the bottom
string quartet
the most prestigious genre of private music in Viennese classicism;an ensemble consisting of two violins, 1 viola, and one cello; chamber music; most important is its abiity to represent deep conversation
step dancing
dance, poetry, powerpoint. slaves way of communicating. used their boots. maya angelous poem about being a female african american
1660s rendering subjects with intrepid realism
the Enlightenment
essentially the 18th century), a far-flung philosophical movement grounded in the optimistic belief that reasonable people could get together and resolve the perpetual problems of human existence
at the beginning
singing, acting, instrument. on a trip in italy, fell in love. pictures of italy in the backround. "ill be there when the world stops turning"
cameron carpinter
first started out with harry potter, young organist from juliart
blue dragon
shang high
the oldest. References to this instrument in ancient cultures such as the Babylonians date back to at least 1500 B.C. The Old Testament of the Bible is filled with more than a dozen references to this instrument. The Greeks and Romans made regular use of them.
opera's cheif competition;began around the dawn of the twentieth century.
a particular series of intervals or chords that ends a phrase, section, or piece of music
The Trombone
it is the only wind or brass instrument that controls its pitch by means of a slide rather than valves.
tuba, double bass
lowest in foundation
take some time and save a life.
photos, poetry, music. african photos with piano
UCLA Bulgarian Folk Ensemble
directed by Prof. Tim Rice (who is also the Director of the new Herb Alpert School of Music). These students and their native Bulgarian mentor are widely known for their idiomatic and passionate rendition of both vocal and instrumental music as well as folk dance. We will be learning to sing a Bulgarian song and all of us will participate on the stage in some authentic folk dances.
LA transportation group pros and cons
video, improv, theater. got hit by a bus, international students
one note held the entire time while another, more complicated voice is played on top
more than twice the size of the viola. When these instruments play a passage in unison, the stage should almost seem to shudder. A few centuries ago it was played entirely by men because the between-the-legs playing position was considered un-ladylike.
According to Richard Leppert in his book Art and The Committed Eye, what is the principal mean through which we learn to manuever through space and time?
the heart and soul of the evolving orchestra. Modern bowed string instruments consist of a wooden frame with four strings stretched between the end of the fingerboard (where they are attached by tuning pins); tand the tailpiece. THEIR GOAL IS TO PLAY ABSOLUTELY TOGETHER, YET WITH A GREAT DEAL OF EXPRESSION.
text/story of the opera. means "little book" in italian
narration, acting, music. couple, girl goes to study abroad, "officailly misses her"
in 7/8 meter, called additive meter. near macedonia . many mountains

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