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word smart junior 2-4


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디 멘 션 2, n. the measurements of an object's length, width, and height 치수:ex) We misjudged the dimensions of the front door, and as a result we had to saw our new couch in half.; the overall extent or scope 범위:ex) the professor's in-depth discussion of variable quantum physics was well beyond the dimensions of my understanding.
디 민 이쉬 2, v. to reduce or decrease 줄다
딘 쥐 1, adj. dirty with grime or filth; dull and shabby 거무죽죽한:ex)After a good scrubbing, the dingy old lace curtains came out shining and white.
디 뤸 티브 2, n. an order issued by a central authority 지령
디 싸이 펄 2, n. a person who trains with a specific teacher and spreads their particular beliefs 제자; 문하생
디스 콜스 1, n. conversation or a formal, written discussion 담화;
디 스크뤠쉬 언 2, n. caution and self-restraint in behavior 신중:ex)Knowing that the floors in the house were old, the colonel showed discretion by making a lieutenant walk in front of him; freedom of choice 재량:ex)It is within your ~ to settle the matter.
디즈 멀 1, adj. depressing and miserable; gloomy 침울한; 음침한
디스 매이 2, n. a quick loss of confidence or courage in the face of difficulty or danger 당황:ex)The bull fighter's confidence turned to dismay when he realized that his shoelaces were tied together.
디 스펜스 2, v. to distribute in parts 분배하다 ; to deal out 나누어 주다 ex)The cool new plastic Pez head was able to dispense candy from both its mouth and eyes; to do without(usually followed by "with") ..없이 지내다:ex)The dictator dispensed with justice and had the prisoner sentenced to death without a trial.
디 스펄스 2, v. to scatter in different directions or to vanish and disappear 흩어지게 하다; 소산하다(흩어 없어지다):ex)The bright morning sunlight dispersed the fog that had been hanging over the bay.
디스 퍼 지쉬 언 3, n. the way a person usually feels, their mood OR an inclination or tendency 기질:ex) Wilhelm's bad-tempered disposition often made him punch any animal, vegetable, or mineral that crossed his path; 성향:ex)My sister is usually disposed toward green socks.
디 스텐드 2, v. to expand or swell due to some form of internal pressure 팽창하다:ex)After the Alka-Seltzer eating contest, the stomachs of both boys distended quite a bit.
디 스톨트 2, v. to bend or twist something out of its normal shape <얼굴 등을> 찌푸리다; <손발 등을> 뒤틀다
n. the molecule that is responsible for transmitting characteristics and traits in all life forms
도울 풀 1, adj. full of grief and sadness 수심에 잠긴:ex)The doleful family stopped by the cemetery.
더 민 연 2, n. the exercise of control over a specific area 지배권:ex)With the rebellion in the south successfully defeated, the emperor could once more claim dominion over the entire continent.; the area under control by a specific ruler 영토
다우얼 adj. silent and ill-tempered 뚱한; forbidding and harsh 엄한
n. a large amount of fear; utter terror or v. to greatly fear 두려워하다; 공포;
드리어 뤼 1, adj. dark and bleak 음울한; dull and boring 따분한
v. to soak thoroughly 흠뻑 물에 적시다:ex)After I was drenched in the rainstorm, I vowed to never again buy a five cent, paper umbrella.
드로운 v. to speak in a monotonous tone; to make a continuous, low humming noise :ex) My uncle would drone on about his experiences as a short order cook in the Gulf War until someone in the family changed the subject.
두 플리스 이 티 2, n. deliberate trickery or deception :ex)The man who impersonated the mayor and ordered that everyone pay him twenty dollars in city taxes, was arrested and convicted for duplicity.
다이 냄 익 2, adj. exciting and vigorous or rapidly changing; constantly active 활동적인;
이 불 련트 2, adj. high spirited, bubbly, and full of enthusiasm 생기발랄한
이 클렉 틱 2, adj. coming from a variety of different sources; choosing from a variety of sources 폭넓은:ex)The hammer boy's first album was an eclectic blend of Icelandic folk songs, Japanese heavy metal, and Brazilian samba music.
이잌 오 시스 텀 1, n. a term used to describe the interactions between all living things and their particular environments 생태계
엗 어 벌 adj. fit for eating
일 랩 얼 릿 2, adj. created with great attention to details; intricate or v. (일 랩 어 레이트 2), to explain ideas or thoughts in even greater detail than before 정교한; 상세히 설명하다
엘 리 건스 1, n. grace and cultured beauty in appearance or style 우아함
엘 러 먼트 1, n. one part of a whole or in chemistry, a substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler substance 요소; [화학] 원소
일 리이트 2, n. the very best or the highest group; what is thought to be the best or highest group or adj. made up of the very best; belonging to or made up of a small, prvileged group 정예(精銳); 엘리트
일 롱 게이트 2, v. to stretch out or lengthen 늘이다; 연장하다 :ex)Time seemed to elongate as I listened to the speaker drone on about her favorite type of garden beetle.
엠 벧 2, v. to place something firmly within a surrounding mass 깊숙이 박다:ex)The explorer embedded the flagpole in the soil and proudly claimed this new land as part of France.
엠 브로이 덜 2, v. to decorate an object using needle work 수놓다:ex)The once plain rug was embroidered with fine pearls so that it would be beautiful enough for the princess' room.
엠 퍼 띠 1, n. the ability to understand another person's feelings or thoughts 감정이입 maybe,,but it's awkward..:ex)The teacher's empathy for Robert did not stop her from giving him a failing grade, but she did offer to help him study for the next test.
엠 퍁 익 2, adj. stressed with emphasis; forceful and striking 강조된; 두드러진:ex)Kruschev made his declaration emphatic by taking off his shoe and pounding it into a table as he spoke.
엠 율 레잍 1, v. to imitate someone in the hopes of equaling or exceeding their achievements ..를 표절하다, 모방하다:ex)Walt tried to emulate the astronauts on a space flight by living in his closet for almost three weeks.
엔 뎁 얼 2, n. a serious attempt or v. to attempt to do something 노력(하다):ex)After long months of sleepless nights, we succeeded in our endeavor to transmit psychic messages to Elvis Presley.
엔 게이 쥥 2, adj. likable and attractive; charming 매력있는
엔 핸스 2, v. increase <질을> 높이다
엔 슈얼 2, v. to make certain 확실하게 하다:ex)Father ensured that our luggage would not fly off the top of the car by wrapping eight steel cables around the suitcase.; to guarantee 보증하다
엔 타잍 얼 2, v. to give the right or privilege to somebody 권리를 주다:ex)The will clearly stated that the oldest sister was entitled to (inherit) her mother's entire collection of sad-faced clown.
안 트러 퍼 널 n. someone who starts his or her own business 기업가
이일 러 1, n. a period of time marked by certain conditions or events OR a unit of time, usually hundreds of millions of years long, used by scientists to describe major stages in Earth's development 시대, [지질] ..대(代):ex)the Victorian ~ 빅토리아 여왕 시대; the Mesozoic era중생대
이 벸 유 에잍 v. to leave or withdraw, usually from an area that is dangerous in some way (위험 지역 등에서) 소개(疎開)시키다(적의 공습이나 화재 따위에 의한 손해를 적게 하기 위하여 집중되어 있는 사람이나 시설 따위를 분산시킴.
¶지방으로 소개하다.
):ex)When the fire alarm sounded, the school was quickly evacuated.
이 보웈 2, v. to summon or call forth <죽은 사람의 영혼 등을> 불러내다(call up):ex) The high priest of Kronhorst spoke thte ancient chant that was supposed to evoke the spirit of the volcano god; to come to mind because of some type of stimulation or suggestion <감정기억 등을> 일깨우다:ex)Looking at the water lilies in the pond evoked memories of the Monet paintings I saw while in France.
익 제스 퍼 뤠잍 2, v. to irritate greatly; to make impatient or angry 성나게 하다;
잌 스클루 젼 2, n. the state of not being allowed to enter or to join 제외
익 젬트 2, adj. excused; free from obligation 면제된; to release from obligation 면제하다:ex)~ a man from military service
엑 절 션 2, n. strenuous effort or work 진력:ex)use[make, put forth] ~s 진력[노력]하다, 힘쓰다
엑 자일 1, n. a person forced to live outside their native country or v. to banish someone from his or her native land 망명(자); 추방하다
익 졸 비 턴트 2, adj. far beyond customary levels or bounds 터무니없는
익 저 틱 2, adj. from a foreign land or excitingly unusual and strange 이국적인; 외래의
익 스팬스 2, n. a wide, open area :ex)an ~ of water[snow] 넓디 넓은 수면[설원]; the boundless ~ of the Pacific 한없이 넓은 태평양
엨 스플리 티브 1, n. a curse or vulgar word; profanity 비속어
엨 스퀴 짙 1, adj. having a beautiful and intricate design 절묘한; intense 격렬한:ex) ~ pain[pleasure] 격렬한 고통[쾌감]
엨 스팅ㅋ트 2, adj. no longer alive anywhere on Earth 멸종된;
엨 스트리 케잍 1, v. to get out of a situation; to remove or set free 탈출하다[시키다]:ex)Once the Mortons got the slide projector out, I knew it was time to extricate myself from their dinner party.
익 주 버 런트 2, adj. overflowing with joy and happiness 주체하지 못할정도로 행복한:ex)The child was exuberant after receiving the Christmas gift she wanted most.

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