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Aqua Teen Hunger Force


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They are Ignignokt and Err who are two-dimensional aliens voiced by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro respectively. They are both similar in appearance, but Ignignokt is larger and green, while Err is smaller and pink; both resemble blocky, Atari 2600-style pixel graphics. Ignignokt, as the leader of them, concocts various plans that never cease to annoy the Aqua Teens and Carl. When these plans don't work and he is endangered, he makes a hasty retreat. He makes reference to rock-and-roll music numerous times. Err is known for his trash talk. He regularly coerces Meatwad into going along with Ignignokt's schemes. He has said that the reason he acts the way he does is because he does not have a father and needs attention.
Carl Brutanananadilewski
The sarcastic next door neighbor of the Aqua Teens. He has a love for classic rock (specifically Ted Nugent, as seen in the episode Gee Whiz featuring Ted Nugent, as well as Loverboy and Foreigner, both referenced in the episode Revenge of the Mooninites, and believes "More Than a Feeling" is the world's greatest song), he also loves to order tons of hot wings, jalapeƱos, and beer, as well as the occasional ordering of Chinese Takeout. He has a strong passion for the New York Giants and has dozens of pornographic magazines in his bedroom. He generally dislikes the Aqua Teens and sees them as freaks. He is disgusted especially by Meatwad and annoyed by Shake, but still tolerates them even when they get on his nerves. He typically gets involved in scams concerning Meatwad or Shake, as in the episode Moon Master, and sometimes depends on Frylock for help. He has a false sense of pride in his decently cut lawn, car, and pool, all of which are often used by the trespassing Aqua Teens. On one occasion, Carl's pool was possessed and filled with elven blood, so he sold the house to heavy metal musician Glenn Danzig. He is visited by misfortune in almost every episode, and is occasionally seen completely dead. He is usually seen suffering horribly; i.e. having bug eggs hatching in his stomach, having his skin ripped off, having his fingers chopped off, shooting himself in the foot and bleeding for hours in his living room next to an apathetic Master Shake, being raped by the artificial dog Handbanana or being shot in the shoulder with a flaming arrow by Ted Nugent. He is apparently impotent, given the August 2007 implication in a highly-run commercial featuring him and the Force, but his impotence is, like many other aspects of the gang's history, merely a gag. It is shown that he and his father used to work in what is said to be insulation making when he was only 8, shown to be having a rather dilapidated house on Christmas possibly hinting that he grew up in poverty, where he gets a piece of carpet that is to be boiled and eaten, thus explaining his eating of carpets on occasion. He dropped out of high school in his senior year, 1982, because, according to their XM radio show, the school refused to play "I Want to Rock and Roll All Night" at his senior prom, but he was failing anyway. He once wrote an instrumental, "air guitar" song called "I wanna rock your body (to the break of dawn)"
Master Shake
Commonly "Shake," or occasionally "Cup", is a lazy, stingy, simple-minded, mean-spirited, illiterate, sadistic, and self-centered milkshake in the form of a white cup with a pink straw and two yellow kitchen gloves. He often gets enjoyment out of tormenting Meatwad, swimming in Carl's pool, and watching TV. His special power is that he is able to shoot pistachio milkshake onto the ground, suck liquids (up to 85 gallons) using his straw, and is very proficient with firearms and bows. Also, almost everything he throws to the ground after picking up (with the principal exception of tennis rackets) tends to explode, although none of the team seem to notice most of the time.
They are Oglethorpe and Emory who are two spiked aliens from Pluto. Oglethorpe is orange and fatter, while Emory is green and taller. They are named after two Atlanta-based universities. They are seen feuding with the Mooninites throughout the series. Oglethorpe sports a heavy German accent. He also speaks German. He claims to be a genius, but is actually just a buffoon with access to 'advanced technology'. He plans to conquer Earth, through such nonsensical plans as sending a Master Shake clone to "de-terraform" the Earth and stealing the Aqua Teens' cable through a Stargate. Emory appears to be far more intelligent and logical than Oglethorpe, but, being the soft-spoken sort, goes along with his hare-brained schemes.
A mad scientist who lives in an abandoned mental asylum on the perpetually rainy Jersey Shore. Dressed in a colorful outfit reminiscent of 1960s cartoon villains, complete with a glass space helmet that heats his hair (which he calls his "Hair-arium"), he starts many shows by presenting his latest creation with his catch phrase "Gentlemen, behold!" to his lone lab assistant Steve (and occasionally his Hispanic janitor Javier, and once even a swamp creature). His first nonsensical inventions shown include a giant rabbit robot called the "Rabbot" and a rainbow-making machine that functions as a powerful tractor beam (which he introduced only as "this thing"). Although in early episodes his inventions provided a point of focus for the episode, this ended midway through the first season, and after that point were simply comic non sequiturs. In Frylock's room, a photo of a younger person with brown hair and Frylock can be seen in the background; the Aqua Teen movie reveals several possible connections between these two characters. While Dr. Weird is an original character, the outside shots of his psychiatric hospital is actually a Nepalese Palace from the tv show Jonny Quest (episode 25).
Dr. Weird's assistant. Red haired, wearing a lab coat, and always pictured holding a test tube, He becomes aware of Dr. Weird's insanity over the course of the first two seasons of the series, but remains his assistant nonetheless. Over the course of the series, He has had his brain and spine removed, has been assaulted twice by animated corn, and has walked out on Dr. Weird's experiments numerous times. Since the Dr. Weird openings are no longer used, His plot development did not continue
A mostly peaceful, childishly simple-minded mass of compressed meat that was not approved for human consumption. He rolls and hops to get from one place to another, often picking up whatever dirt or debris happens to be in his way. He has also displayed shapeshifting abilities, and can morph into a hot dog, an igloo, a bridge, a "Samurai Lincoln" (intended to be Wayne Gretzky, or Tricky Dick as referred to in season 5), a walking spider-like form, a potted flower, a hand displaying the middle finger,a Hammer, and various other objects. He can also extend meaty appendages in order to manipulate objects. He is often the victim of Shake's abuse and practical jokes, though he has periodically treated Shake just as badly, convincing him to get multiple plastic surgeries from an auto mechanic and taking up anorexia. He usually sleeps on a grill or brushed nickel colander, but occasionally sleeps on a bed of sand. He is also known to make "dolls" out of household items, such as Dewey the paper towel roll, Vanessa the apple, Jeffy the garden hose, and Boxy Brown, a cardboard box decorated with the face of a generic blaxploitation protagonist. One episode reveals he is mentally disabled and in another he claims he is addicted to "hardcore crack". Another episode shows he has the capacity for genius, though the same reveals that his brain is a plastic toy. In the movie, it's revealed his brain is made out of spray-can cheese similar to Easy Cheese. In "Unremarkable Voyage", he claims that he doesn't defecate, saying "It's like the Thunderdome in here: only, two men enter, no man leaves." However in an earlier episode, "The" he claims eating holly leaves makes "the bathroom hurt so bad".
A floating red box of French fries sporting a "van dyke" beard, dental braces, and a blue mystic jewel embedded in his back containing the power of a thousand suns. He uses his fries to grip things and occasionally as a fry radar or 'Frydar.' He is also able to shoot all of his fries at a target simultaneously (referred to once as "The Defense of Idahocules" in commentary). He is scientifically-minded and conducts experiments in his room, which contains his library, supercomputer (which Shake purchased, but avoided actually paying for), cloner, and various other lab equipment. He is the most intellectual of the ATHF characters, and also attempts to provide the others with some sense of morality. His jewel gives him various powers, such as the ability to fly, and shoot lasers, fireballs, lightning, and even fire-extinguisher foam from his eyes. However, in the episode "Laser Lenses," it is revealed that special contact lenses are the source of his power to shoot lightning from his eyes. Shake often annoys him, who acts as a parent to Meatwad.
MC Pee Pants
He is a mentally insane, eight-foot spider who wears a shower cap and a diaper. He is known for his overly convoluted schemes, all of which use rap as a cover for his criminal tendencies. He is frequently killed, after which he is reincarnated by Satan in a new form with another convoluted scheme. Thus far he's been a cow (Sir Loin), an old man and briefly a vampire (Little Brittle), an earthworm, and, finally, a fly in the ATHF movie.
An eccentric, hunchback vampire with shoulder-length receding hair and green skin. He is the Aqua Teens' landlord, and it seems he dislikes them as much as Carl, calling them deadbeats, or referring to them only as "food". He has the ability to transform into a bat monster, a skill he uses for transportation. He loves robots, hates sports and wishes Carl would stop trying to sell his house. So far, he has only appeared in the sixth season of the show. He is responsible for the Aqua Teens' disappearance, having them cocooned by "military spiders" in a cave located in the Mojave Desert. This was in response to the Aqua Teens not paying their rent for October, however, Frylock refused to pay the rent because He refused to fix a gas leak in the house. He was killed by Carl with a bottle of garlic champagne at his 4,040th birthday party.

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