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funny animal jokes



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what pet is all ways lying around the house
what are cats favorite cars
what dogs have in common with trees
any bloodhound
what kind of dog does count dracula prefer
what is an important aid in good grooming for a pet mice
what vegetable is best for ur favorite animal
a scratch pad
what is another name for a cats home
i'm fur-ious
what do angry cats say
ask it what 1-1 is and see if it says nothing
how can u tell if a cat can count
a sourpuss
what kind of cat likes to eat lemons
a hot dog
what do u call a dog in the sun
a watch dog
what kind of dogs are full of ticks
a perch
what kind of fish can u find in a birdcage
when it's a waggin'
when is a dogs tail not a dogs tail
a boxer, of course
what dog stands the best chance of winning the heavyweight title
it's meow-sic to their ears
why don't cats complain to other cats when they sing
a gigglepuss
what do u get when u cross a cat with a hyena
a shampoodle
what dog loves bubble baths
feather's day
what is the holiday birds observe the most
what is a felines best position
pooched eggs and barcon
what do dogs like for breakfast
in a barking lot
where do dogs like to keep their cars
a first-aid-kit
what do u call a cat who's joined the red cross
the spidermonkey
who is the superhero of the jungle
santa claws
who is a famouse cat at christmas
with southern horsepitality
how does a kentucky horse greet another horse
croakers and milk
what do u feed frogs
sirius, the dog star
which heavenly body did the space cat seriously try to avoid

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