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Patchwork Quilt


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Where did grandma get the cloth for the squares on her quilt?
Grandma uses left over scraps.
What do you think Grandma meant when she said, "Somtimes the old ways are forgotten"?
Sometimes people forget to keep up old family traditions.
Do you think Tanya will make another quilt some day? Why or why not?
Tanya will probably make another; she has learned the value of keeping sharing family memories.
What is the story mostly about?
This is about a girl who makes a patchwork qult with her family.
Pretend Tanya and Fernando Espino are working together on a quilt. What do you think the quilt would look like?
Possible Answer: It would have pictures of their community painted on the patches.
the space just below2 the roof of a house
clothes worn in order to look like someone or something else
looked at something for a long time
looked at closely and carefully
the design of colors, shapes, or lines arranged or repeated in some order.
bent or stretched
A tinkling or ringing sound
playful or naught
to cut with scissors in short, quick strokes
to cut or remove parts to make something neat or even
The quilt Grandma, Mama, and Tanya made will likely be
used by Tanya for many years
Tanya's family all cared for Grandma in different ways. She lived in a _________ family.
loving and caring family
Mama learned from Grandma that the qult could
tell the story of their family
Another good title for this story might be
The Quilt That Told a Story
texture (page 6)
the look and feel of something
plaid (page 6)
a patern of repeated stripes thast form squares
Grandma's eyes grew dark and distant: (page 11) IDIOM
Grandma started to think of long-ago times
absentmindedly (page 11)
without thinking about
masterpiece (page 11)
a very special or great piece of work
dreaded (page 15)
drafty (page 15)
uncommfortable becasue of air blowing in
numb (page 16)
unable to feel anything
Mischievous glare(page 16)
a playful look
What does Mrs. Laydon Want for Christmas?
What does Mrs. Laydon want for Christmas?

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