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Modern World History Ch. 28

This is just about all of it. There are a few things on the study guide that i didn't include, so you might want to look those up. Like life in the trenches and other stuff similar to that. AND DON'T FORGET TO DO THE EXTRA CREDIT PORTION OF THE STUDY GUIDE


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a society without class distinctions or private property. Heavily influenced by Marx and Lenin
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
the heir to the Austrian-Hungary throne. He was assasinated in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip
Leon Trotsky
the communist leader who used force and education to foster loyalty to communism during the civil war between the Reds and the Whites
the glorification of war and military
a set of final conditions that must be accepted in order to avoid severe consequences
Christmas Day
The soldiers met in no mans land and played soccer
a loose alliance
Gavrillo Princip
The member of the Black Hand who assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, the spark that started WWI
Alexander Kerensky
a moderate socialist who served as the provisional government's minister of justice and later prime minister, He also belonged to the executive committee of the Petrograd Soviet
the compulory call-up of civilians for military service. Adopted by everyone but Great Britain. Its basically like the draft
Gregori Rasputin
the mystic healer that Nicholas II depended upon. He was killed by two relatives of the czar in 1916. They killed him to save the monarchy
the gathering and transport of military troops and fighting equipment in preparation for war
Triple alliance
Austria Hungary, Germany, and Italy
The Black Hand
the Serbian group resonponsible for the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand
Triple Entente
lose alliance between Russia, France, and Great Britain
William II
assured the Austrian Hungarians that Germany would give its full support to any actions Austra Hungary might make against Serbia
battle of attrition
a battle in which each side tries to wear down the other side with constant attacks. It was used on the eastern front and resulted in massive casualties
Petrograd Soviet
workers and peasents belonging to different socialist groups. It was the model for other soviets throughout Russia
the site in which hundreds of thousands of men and women protested against the czar. THe soldiers then join them and the czar left
the battle where the Germans introduced poison gas
The Schlieffen Plan
the german's plan to go into France and take Paris within six weeks and then turn around and fight with Russia on the Eastern front. It failed because British, Belgium, and French troops put up more of a fight than the Germans thought they would
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
the leader of the Bolsheviks. He overthrew the Provisional Government and influenced communism greatly
provisional government
a temporary government set up while waiting for elections
1st Marne
at this battle, the French pushed the Germans back 50 miles from Paris by really will fortifying the Paris walls
The Eastern Front
the front that was more mobile

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