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first people to adopt Islam believed that they were descendants of Abraham
How did Judaism impact the development of Islam?
meat that has been killed and prepared in a way that makes it acceptable for Jews to eat
pork and shellfish
What foods are forbidden to Jews because they are considered unclean?
Conservative Jews
a group of Jews that fall between the Orthodox and Reform Jews
helped historians learn about the lives of many Jews during this time
What was teh significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
poems or songs of praise to God, many attributed to David
short expressions of Hebrew wisdom, many attributed to King Solomon
Orthodox Jews
Jews whi strictly follow Mosaic law
Reform Jews
Jews that choose not to follow many of the ancient laws
the third part of the Hebrew Bible
11 books of poetry, songs, lessons and history including the story of Daniel, Proverbs and Psalms
sundown on Froday and ends at nightfall on Saturday, the seventh day of the week
What is the Jewish Sabbath?
The concept of ??? is based on Jewish teachings to help the poor and needy.
the second part of the Hebrew Bible
8 books that describe the messages of Hebrew prophets
Jesus was a Jew and many of his teachings reflected Jewish ideas
How did Judaism impact the development of Christianity?
prophet during the Babylonian Captivity that was thrown into a den of lions and his faith in God kept the lions from killing him
to show the power of faith
Why do Jews tell the story of Daniel?
young boys looking for a lost goat
Who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947?
no, out of respect you do not touch the Torah
Can you hold the Torah?
guides the daily life such as: governs how people pray and celebrate holidays, such as forbiding Jews to work on holidays or the Sabbath, and the foods and rules for food preparation
What does Mosaic law govern?
prayers, commentaries, letters and passages from the Hebrew Bible
What did the Dead Sea Scrolls contain?
people use the ten commandments as a guide to how they should live
How are Jewish ideas reflected in our society?
Twenty-Third Psalm
one of the most famous Psalms that starts with "The Lord is my shepherd..."

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