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is a gift of the Holy Spirit through which we show respect to the Lord through praise and worship.
Holy Spirit present in the Church and the world today
Sacraments, Magisterium, prayers
The word religion means
to "bind into a relationship."
three days (in Easter), sunset of Holy Thursday to sunset Good Friday, sunset Good Friday to sunset of Holy Saturday, sunset of Holy Saturday to sunset of Easter Sunday
is the greatest of all virtues.
Easter Season
fifty days from Easter to Pentecost Sunday., Final ten days celebrate the promise and gift of the Holy Spirit., Ascension Thursday occurs forty days after Easter., Pentecost Sunday- (fifty days after Easter)- celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit, the event in Salvation History that inaugurated the Church.
Original Sin
is "washed away" with the Sacrament of Baptism.
An ecumenical council
is a worldwide, official assembly of the bishops under the direction of the Pope.
One way to look at faith
is that it is a response to God's self-communication.
contains three aspects: creed, cult, code
Intellectual Proofs
by St. Thomas Aquinas-based on Aristotle
translates Greek word for Yahweh.
Four categories of miracles
healing miracle, exorcism, raising from the dead, and nature miracle.
A dove
is an image of the Holy Spirit that signifies the gift of peace that we receive when we are united to the Holy Spirit.
John the Baptist
is the cousin of Jesus.
The Father's mission
is creation.
In the revelation of the Trinity
Jesus revealed himself as God and gave us the Holy Spirit.
There are three stages
Historical Jesus (early life), Oral Tradition, Kragyma, Didoche
Islam Judaism and Christianity
are the major monotheistic religions.
Yahweh means
"I am"
make it possible for us to gain self mastery and to live a moral life with joy.
The Magisterium
is the Church's official teaching authority comprised of the pope and the bishops teaching with him.
means "gifts".
The single deposit of faith
is found in scripture and tradition.
is the living transmission of the Church's gospel message.
A creed
is a statement of faith.
A covenant
is an open-ended contract of love between God and humans.
begins on Ash Wednesday, prepares us for Easter, lasts six Sundays and forty weekdays, ends on Holy Thursday
God is not responsible
for moral evil and does not permit it.
Divine providence
is "God's loving and watchful guidance over his creatures."
is God's intimate union with his creation.
There have been
one ecumenical councils.
is not a cardinal virtue.
is the supreme model of Christian faith. She trusted the angel was bringing the message of God.
Original sin
is the condition into which all humans are born.
is not a heresy.
The Magisterium
is the official teaching of the Church.
is the day Catholics celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead.
The Holy Spirit
"spoke through the prophets."
Sacred Scripture and Tradition
are part of the One Deposit of Faith.
St. Thomas Aquinas developed
intellectual proof of God's existence.
Theological virtues
find their origin, motive, and end in God.
A covenant
is an open-ended contract of love between God and humans.
Ruah (breathe)
is the best image of Christ that symbolizes the Spirit's role as one who gives us life, also represented in God's action when giving life to Adam.
does not reveal that humans are basically evil.
There is evidence for the existence of Jesus
outside the New Testament.
The Catholic belief about God's relationship with creation
is that God created the world out of nothing and stays "involved" in it.
is not a monotheistic religion.
is not one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
According to the story of creation
God created the world in 7 days.
begins new liturgical year, Prepares for Christ's coming, begins in the end of November and lasts four Sundays.
Paschal Mystery
is the saving love of God revealed in the passion, death, and resurrection, and glorification of Jesus.
center of Liturgical year and of Christian Faith, celebrates our redemption in Christ and his promise to everlasting life, celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox and is a moveable feast
Jesus's temptation by Satan in the desert
helped him to identify with humanity, though he never gave in to his temptations or sinned, the opposite response of Adam.
govern our actions, order our passion, and guide our conduct.
is a gift of the Holy Spirit that strengthens us to follow our convictions.
is a right reserved for the bishops in communion with the Pope.
The virtue faith
puts us into a relationship with God, others, and ourselves.
refers to the Second Coming of Christ.
always conditionally loves and accepts people
was born in Bethlehem.
It is not correct to say that the Jewish People
are to blame for the death of Jesus.
The climax of salvation history
was the coming of God's Son, Jesus Christ.
Kerygma refers to
the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
When we say that Jesus is consubstantial with the Father
we are saying he has the same nature as God; Jesus is God..
The Gospels
are our primary source of knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Every human being
is unique made in God's image.
Fear of the Lord
is also called wonder and awe.
is the best image of the Holy Spirit that emphasize's the Spirit's gift of enabling us to be the light of the world, leading us to Christ.
The son's mission
is salvation.
God's attribute of omnipotence
means that God's power is unlimited.
The Blessed Trinity
is the origin, motive, and objective of the theological virtues.
"I believe in God the Father Almighty...."
is an example of a creed.
Gospels Revelation and Letters
are found in the New Testament.
Christmas Season
begins with Christmas, a feast that proclaims Emmanuel, season ends with the feast of the Lord's Baptism
The alpha and omega symbol
is the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet, representing that Jesus, is the beginning and the end.
is a habitual and firm disposition to do good.
According to Catholic tradition
devils do exist.
The Holy Spirit's mission
is Sanctification.
Moral virtues
are also known as Cardinal virtues.
"God is Salvation"
is Jesus.
The Magisterium
is the right and power given by Jesus to Peter and the Apostles to teach in his name.
The relationship between the Father and Son is
that that the Son is begotten of the Father.
God created you
because He loves you.
is the central truth of revelation that is necessary for Catholics to believe.
is a compendium (gathering) of official Catholic teaching that is reliable and comprehensive
The stories of creation found in Genesis
are myths and they reveal to us what God wants us to know about Himself, the world, and us.
is God's free gift of self-communication.
Jesus chose 12 apostles because
there were 12 tribes of Israel.
is the virtue that helps us accept what the Catholic Church teaches.
is the term used for God becoming human in Jesus.
Humans have freedom
because God is all-knowing (omniscient).
The place where Jesus was crucified
was less than a day's journey from Jerusalem.
day Jesus was born
is an appearance or manifestation of God to humans.
is a holy person who lives in union with God through the grace of Jesus Christ.
is responsible for the death if Jesus.
is the Aramaic term Jesus used when he spoke of God as Father.
Ordinary Time 1
Between Christmas and Lent, Gospels are in sequence: Matthew (Cycle A), Mark (B), and John (C)
Ordinary Time 2
begins after Easter until Advent and a new liturgical year
The virtue charity
empowers us to love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God.
means Messiah
The doctrine the Virgin Birth
refers to the fact that Mary was a virgin when she miraculously conceived Jesus by power of the Holy Spirit.
is the belief that there is only one God.
are false teachings.
is celebrated 50 days after the Resurrection.
Holy Spirit present in the Old Testament
Noah's Ark, Moses, creation
The Pope and Bishops
have the authority to teach and interpret the Catholic doctrine.
The Trinity means
that there are three distinct persons in one God.
The stages in the formation of the gospels
include the perios of the historical Jesus, the stage of oral tradition, and the period when the gospels were committed to writing.
An agnostic
is one who claims God's existence cannot be known.
"God from God Light from Light True God from true in being with the Father"
is described by saying it's a hypostatic union.
Jesus was not one of the only three men crucified by
the Roman authorities.
Salvation History
refers to God's saving activity in history.
Salvation History
is the Story of God's saving activity in history.
It is not possible for human beings to understand
fully the mystery of the Trinity.
is the virtue that leads us to desire heaven.
Son of Man
is a title Jesus used for himself. It recalls the Parausia.
is not a theological virtue.
The four gospels
are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
A creed
is a statement of faith.
The relationship between the persons of the Persons of the Trinity
is that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Son and the Father.
Our dignity of humans comes
from being created in God's likeness and image.
is God's free self-communication.
The traits that make us truly human
are dependent on how we act, not our physical appearances.
Jesus was baptized
in the Jordan River.
If you struggle with questions of faith
you are not going to lose your faith all together.
The virtue faith
enables us to believe in God and all that God has revealed to us.
is used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit because it can represent both dead and alive.
God became incarnate
to save us from sin, to be an example for us, and to show us how to live like he does.
The Incarnation and the Resurrection
are distinctive Christian dogmas.
Holy Spirit present in the New Testament
Jesus' baptism, Mary conceiving Jesus, Jesus' public preaching life
Jesus died
around the age of 33.
are not found in the New Testament.

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