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World Cultures Midterm


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Maji Maji Rebellion
1905, natives from oppressed german colonies rebelled but were crushed
used to ward off bad spirits
the way of life of a certain group of people including their beliefs and traditions
Ashanti Resistance
1873 defeated by british after many years of fighting
source of nile
lake victoria
lesson of Not Enough Pineapples
If the rule of the culture is to exchange, you can't demand a gift or refuse a gift.
the process of learning one's culture
country first to dominate atlantic slave trade
Okonkwo's son
Things Fall Apart author
Chinua Achebe
used to attract good spirits
Berlin Conference rules
1. make a formal, public announcement 2. effectively occupy the territory (roads, railroads) 3. extend control from coast to interior 4. negotiate a treaty with the local peoples, constituting a claim
Berlin Conference dates
egyptian writing system
key reason for decline of slave trade
industrial revolution
name of african who led Amistad insurrection
Sengbe Pieh
why does Okonkwo have to exile himself from tribe?
his gun exploded at Ogbuefi Ezeudu [an important elder]'s funeral, killing the man's 16 year old son
name of Okonkwo's tribe
the anticipation of another's message through insightful guesswork
Kingdom of Ghana
founded 500 AD, ended 1076 AD, caravans and mosques
lesson of No Watermelon At All
In a society where food is shared or gifted as part of social life, you may not buy it with money.
year of Amistad insurrection
name of Ibo ancestral spirits
Okonkwo's favorite daughter who he wishes was a son
modest surplus economy
No one ever goes hungry, just the right amount
lesson of Too Many Bananas
Never refuse a gift and never fail to return a gift [regift]. If you can't use it, give it away.
W.E.B Du Bois
sent delegates from all African movements to pan-african congress that called for rights to vote, education, and eventually independence
Mansa Musa
emperor of Mali who made pilgrimage in 1324 and brought scholars to Mali from Mecca
Sir Henry Morton Stanley
British journalist/adventurer living in USA hired to find David Livingstone, explored Africa, encouraged annexation of Congo region
Vasco De Gama
portuguese explorer who sailed around african peninsula
limited purpose money
Type of money that cannot be easily distributed and is not portable.
Jared Diamond main ideas
orientation of continent: east-west, domestication, immunity to disease
large surplus economy
Typical of modern industrial nations
shere christian missionaries can build their church in things fall apart
evil forest
Organization of rebels in Nigeria attacking Shell oil facilities
subsistence economy
no surplus, live off what you make
Djenne mosque
built in Mali from sand around wooden beams in 1300s
Eating Christmas in the Kalahari theme/lesson
!Kung Bushmen's practice is not to brag when they succeed but to play it down, modesty
name of Okonkwo's friend
main character Things Fall Apart
kula ring
System of exchanging objects in two different circles in South Pacific islands
• Animals, plants, trees, and other physical objects possess within them an unseen spirit or soul that gives them life
typical behavior
Several ways of behaving are more or less acceptable. One is more common.
Magic word or object used to attract good spirits
white mans burden
Term describing the European notion that it was their duty to civilize Africa.
alternative behavior
Several ways of behaving are acceptable. None is considered better than the others.
boy from neighboring village who lives with Okonkwo for 3 years before Okonkwo has to kill him
Benin Empire
15th to 17th century kingdom ruled by oba that can trace to today
compulsory behavior
the culture provides only one accepted way of doing things
restricted behavior
Certain ways of behaving are acceptable only for some members of society, but not for the society as a whole.
Okonkwo's lazy father who he is disappointed in
Ganda Accommodation
King Mutesa went along with making Ganda a christian community
Ethiopian resistance
defeated italians w/ help of emperor Menelik II
Things that societies forbid their members from practicing
only two uncolonized countries during scramble
ethiopia and liberia
David Livingstone
most important missionary and explorer of Africa in Victorian period, Scottish, went back and forth from Africa over 30 years, abolitionist, 1871 disappeared but was living among Africans, found by Sir Henry Morton Stanley
ceremony in which native americans burn their wealth to stimulate the economy
Belgian king who created his own personal colony in Congo region
King Leopold
Witch doctor or medicine man or women with the power to practice magic
cultural group in rwanda preferred by germans and belgians
six suggestions
Beware of stereotypes, See the common humanity in people, Recognize a different scale of values, Develop human empathy, Discern interrelationships between language and culture, Study cultures for their intrinsic worth
preferred behavior
Several ways of behaving are acceptable. One is more highly regarded than the rest.
What event causes church to be burned down?
Enoch unmasks an egwugwu
where homosapiens first evolved in east africa
great rift valley
Muhammad born
570 AD
Literary movement led by Leopold Senghor and Aime Cesaire
yap stone
Indians traditional currency

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